So many people told me not to do this…


They said Im just going to LOSE thousands of dollars.


But we’re doing it anyway, because this is going to be fun!


In just 2-quick steps you can join the craziest competition I’ve ever run.


The winner is going to be flown here to Bali.


From where ever you are in the world you are. I will fly you here to join me in Bali.  Pay for your accomodation, AND…


Personally coaching you for 2-days as an intensive.


So, flights, accomodation and 2-days of the private intensive is included for the winner.


The reason I’m doing this is simple…


For us personal trainers and coaches theres a big problem that so many don’t talk about.


And thats the ‘old’ personal training business model is DEAD!


Your selling your most precious asset which is your – time.


You can only see a limited amount of clients each day.  Which means you can only earn so much.


PLUS… When ever you want to go on holidays, take time off, or travel and live around the world you can’t…  Your stuck.


So if you want to build a business that:


Gives you more freedom so you can live the life you want.


You can charge what your with and earn he money you want.


You can help as many people with your passion for health and fitness and doing the work you love.


It’s time to change to the new fitness business model!


And this is where I want to bring together the serious and committed coaches and trainers, as were stronger if we work together.


As the truth is…


I have the upper hand working with coaches from all around the world – we get to see whats working and can know whats going tow work for you!


You get the upper hand by being a part of the carl and the community that gives you the support you can’t get any where else.


You get the answers to the questions you have, so your not stuck trying to do all the 101 different things.


And you can build the business that you really want.


That’s why i invite you to join us in the coaches cartel.


And to celebrate the launch we are running a competition you are not going to want to miss


To go in the running, follow these 2-simple steps.




Subscribe to the show and leave an iTunes review.





Go to


Click on pinned post and share that ONE FACEBOOK POST (you see everything when you join the free group)


Go follow the 2-steps, and be sure to keep an eye out in an upcoming episode where we announce the winner.

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