It’s all a lie…


Your personal training business model that you are working so hard at, and is the foundation of your future and success is a dying model. There’s a better and easier way…

If you’re frustrated from trying everything you’ve been told to from your PT certifications, and following the ‘guru’ advice,, and it’s not working,  its not your fault.


And you have to ask yourself –


“am I going down the wrong path – do I need to change?”…


..and the answer is, Yes.

The industry is changing and the benefit is, I can give you an inside sneak peak on what’s working and what’s not working from a world-wide scale as each day I’m watching the results from trainers, coaches and health professionals all grow their ultimate business.

One of the biggest problems with the traditional business model us personal trainers were told to follow is the “time-for-money” trap we immediately fall into.  We have a direct ceiling on the success we can achieve with the model because we can only see a certain clients of hours in a day, as there’s a limited amount of hours in a day.

The second biggest problem is that if you’re not getting a strong grasp on using the power of online to grow your business, and bring in new clients.  You will be soon left behind.  And this is for not only online personal training, but also face to face coaching, and gym memberships.


The main quote I used in my book “Your First 100 Clients” by Tony Robbins says “Don’t sell your time for money. It’s the worst trade in the world.”

But… There is a simple fix for you.


What you need is to have the concrete foundation of a business model that gives you the ability to reap the rewards from the online business you want, but more importantly to give you the ability to serve your customers.


This is one of the most overlooked aspects, where trainers and health professionals just glide on past thinking they need to focus more on other things.


Lets use the example of the traditional business model for personal trainers…


You sign on 1on1 clients into 30 or 60min sessions, you work 5 days a week, and can realistically fit in 6 to 7 clients, and that’s not even taking into the fact that you have the back end work that you need to do, but let me come back to that in a second.


You can see 30 to 40 hours work of clients with face-to-face time, and then you’re hit with a problem.  Once your charging what you’re worth, which in most cases there is a limit of your hourly charge, you then have hit the success ceiling.


This is exactly where I was at in Dubai… I was working 6 days a week, doing on average 50 hours of face-to-face training and consulting, charging a premium rate and I couldn’t go beyond.  Now I already had trainers working for me, and absolutely that’s a business in which you want to pursue can grow.


So what’s needed is a big shift… you need to change models in which you are working and serving under so that you can:


  • Help more people and have a greater positive impact.
  • Earn the money you want by being able to give greater value and help more people.
  • Have the freedom and lifestyle you want, and be doing what you love at the same time.


If you’re ready to make that shift then its critical that you set yourself up under the right model to have the clear steps you need to take to achieve what you want. And it literally is that simple.


Let’s look at some of the most popular options that can suit you.


Also at the same time, im setting you up to easily follow through the steps in a future episode so that you can sign on the customers and clients each day when you have set up the ‘engine’ that’s growing your business on auto-pilot.


The Transition To Being An Online Personal Trainer:

Lets start with online personal training, as this is an easy transition to make from in-person coach.  The biggest difference in which you need to tackle with the change from face-to-face coaching to online coaching, is the lack of personal contact.


This is where you need to be able to gather the right information, track and then educate and communicate whats needed for the client to follow through with.  The common way health professionals think of online personal training, means you have to have a ‘red velvet rope’ to allow only the people that are the right fit.


This is why I say “customer satisfaction, starts with customer acquisition”.  How happy your clients will be is up to how good their results are, how easy and quick it is to achieve that.  This means that there is a certain level on their behalf of comprehension to make that happen.


And with the common way health professionals think of online personal training, be limited contact through email, maybe a skype or call at intervals, and you give them a diet and training plan.  We can make the easy assumption that the average person wanting to get in shape, wont be able to easily follow through and use what you have.


Online personal training is a great fit for the higher end client, that’s why I only have a very small amount of clients I deal with, and they are usually trainers or health professionals themselves, bikini, fitness or physique athletes and entrepreneurs that are very switched on and self motivated. They all commonly have the traits that they can follow a workout program with ease, they are highly motivated and all they need is just the plan to follow.


This is great, but this is really a small portion of the health and fitness world…


Then we have the group coaching that be be small semi-private style where people sign onto a coaching program at once, and are run through it together, this bridges the gap between highly customised to a cookie cutter program that could be a one off purchase.


This then easily moves over into a bigger model that is the membership site.  This can be easily set up into an evergreen style where you deliver the needed information and coaching, to have someone take the no confusion steps to getting the results they initially came to you for.


Now the importance of all of this, is only made when you piece together what it is you need to have and how they work together.  This is why your ‘sales funnel’ and having the right offers, at the right time, to the right people are so important.


The beauty of all of this coming together for you, is you can quickly evolve your business model to have multiple streams of income for you. There’s no need to limit yourself once you breakthrough the initial start.


A common business model that a lot of 150-Accelerator members have opted to create is a 4 tier structure, that has a front end program, a membership, high level coaching and nutrition products and supplement sales.


This is really where you’re business is thriving, and your maximising how much you can help your customers as well as create profit that doesn’t depend on you having to be at the gym seeing clients face to face.


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