Coaches… You want more freedom, and ultimately more… income — yeah?

Well, of course you do… who would ever say they have enough money?

Then how come so many personal trainers struggle to get clients… much less more free time.

A quick scroll through instagram shows plenty of “online personal trainers”.  And looking at the coaching business from above it’s easy to see that the market is saturated.

If you’re like most personal trainers working right now you’ll know exactly how I felt when starting.

In fact, you’re probably feeling the same way right now…

I was trying to juggle doing all the “social media stuff” and working with my clients

There was the feeling of always being “ON”… unable to unplug and be with my family… I felt guilty all the time.

And I felt stuck. Every-time I take a step forward It seems like I take two steps back… and it is frustrating. Because I knew I was a good trainer.

So why is it so hard to get past this invisible ceiling I keep hitting? Is it really supposed to be this hard???

Thats what I was thinking back in 2014.

I was struggling as a coach. I was struggling as a father. I was struggling as a husband.

I was in the trap.

This is what we call the ‘Time-For-Money’ trap.  You’re selling your most precious asset… YOUR time.

Anytime you want to have time off, spend time with your family, go on holidays (touch wood; ever get sick) you’re losing money.  Because you’re not in the gym training clients.

This is a scary place to be.  As it gave me and my family ZERO financial security for the long term.

And this is when I asked the question that changed everything;

“How much longer can I keep doing this?”

“Can I keep doing this in 2, 5, 10+ years?”

The answers was: NO.

My family was depending on me. I’d gone on long enough putting in ridiculous hours and pieces of my soul into my passion, without being able to live the life I truly craved.

So thats when I took on my first mentor James, which opened my eyes to how the online world works.

But, don’t get me wrong… I got burnt by plenty of “business coaches” before that.

You could be like me when I first started.

Totally onfused with the 100’s of different things you could be doing right now to build your business.

You could be shooting videos, running Facebook Ads, writing blog posts, posting on Instagram… ‘Hoping’ it brings in new clients.

Today, I can confidently say it is the best decision I’ve ever made.

My first taste of successful online training was having 12 new clients sign into my 1-1 Body Transformation Program.

I had over $6,000 of income each month. Which may not be a lot to you. But back then, its changed everything.

So… in addition to the business coaching I was now doing, I started showing some coaches what I had discovered too…

And it worked for them just like it had for me.

It was amazing. I felt like I could really help my people – coaches like me. So I started a training program just for coaches to help them do what I did…

The BIG GOAL is to give coaches more meaning, more money and more freedom.

All the successful coaches have 3 basic frameworks in place, and its all you need to focus on right now;

— Attract new leads (who are willing to pay you what you’re worth).

— Convert leads into clients (with a process you can trust)

— Deliver your clients great results (and you also get your life back).

We help coaches just like you install these frameworks into their business in this training program.

We called it the “coaches cartel”. (And you’re invited)

The reason for this long post is that if you’re feeling like I was…

If you’re a good coach who has been doing this for a while but feel like you may be STUCK in a bad model…

Then I want to invite you to what we call a “Strategy Session”.

The goal of your strategy session is simple;  We go through what is working and what’s not working. Figure out the roadblocks. Figure out where you WANT to go… like what your DREAM coaching business looks like.

Then we create YOUR strategy plan.

Then if you want our help IMPLEMENTING your scale plan in your coaching business – we’ll tell you how that would work. If not… no big deal. You will have gotten some great value and a plan to work on yourself.

Fair enough?

If all that sounds good to you… and you would like to set up a Strategy Session with us… then the next step is simple. Take a minute and tell us about your coaching business here:

After the form… you will have the chance to save your spot at a time that best works for you.

Here’s the catch: We will go over your form before the call so that we’re ready to put your plan together! (So the more you tell us the better prepared we will be on the call)

Looking forward chatting soon.  Chris.


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