Calling all Personal Trainers:

If You’re Still Looking To Discover The Secret To Creating Massive Impact and Massive Profit By Building An Online Fitness Business… Then keep reading.

As the fact is if you’re like most personal trainers… You’re stuck in the “time-for-money” trap…

Simply put: if you’re not in the gym, or coaching your 1:1 clients – you’re losing money.

And that’s why in 2014 I quit the gym.

See, from the outside looking in, I was a ‘successful’ Personal Trainer.

But it was all a lie.

I had a full-book of clients. I was charging a premium rate and had a team of trainers working for me…

But I was dying on the inside, because for 8 years I was following the wrong model.

If you’re like most personal trainers working right now you’ll know exactly how I felt.

In fact, you’re probably feeling the same way right now

I remember that day because it was one of the scariest days of my life. And one of the most exciting.

It was the usual 4:30am wake up to see my 6am client (that cancelled last minute).

Finally by 7pm I finished with my last client, and I jumped in the car to race home in time to give my baby daughter the bottle and put her to bed.

But, by the time I gotten home she was already asleep. I missed out spending time with her that day.

I felt guilty.

Like a loser.

A bad provider.

A bad partner.

A bad father.

That was the point where I got so uncomfortable that it all changed. I was tired of the STRESS. I was tired of the FEAR. I was tired of the GUILT. So, I decided to finally start building the business that I dreamt of.

Because I HAD to fix this. I was going to figure this out or die trying.

Now… I truly believe this is the best article walking you through how to start and grow your ultimate personal training and online fitness business.

Sounds c**ky doesn’t it?

Well its because I’m a big believer that “the proof is in the pudding”

Now… If you’re thinking this sounds like B.S. ?? or just “too good to be true”…


That’s why I’m going to show you EXACTLY what the other coaches are doing around the world.

And it’s why I want you to see what the coaches using these same methods have to say.




Seen enough proof that this stuff works…?

All of these coaches started with a Strategy Session… if you want to reserve your 1:1 Strategy Session, Click Here.

Now… Let me walk you through why I believe this is the most important article you can read to build your business in 2019…

Right Now You’re going to discover:

1. How to break out of the “OLD PT Model” and build a fitness business that has you working with the clients you love and earning the money you want.

2. The exact steps the other coaches are using to go from zero, and signing on their first 10-15 high end clients.
3. The secret behind why you DON’T need a website, fancy funnel or even Facebook Ads to get started.
4. Why your social media follower count means jack-shit, and you’re simply making excuses about “market saturation”.
5. An exact step-by-step blueprint of how to build a $24,000-$30,000/month fitness business in 2019.

Josh’s Introduction… And WHY You Need To Read This:

If you’re in the business of building bodies, chances are you’re a sucker for some science.

Science is heavily grounded in stats.

Thus, here’s a stat you’ll just love:

80% of face to face Personal Trainers will be completely out of a job within 2-3 years time.

(The first problem with that statistic is it’s referring to the fact that you do indeed, have a JOB. Not a business. There is a difference. But we’ll get to that in a second. )

The Game is changing, my friends. And this time its a big one…

This is not 2012, friends. Oh, no.

This past week, we shared the following Blueprint to a large group of our Coaches Cartel members. The result was them dubbing it the “Holy Grail For Coaches in 2019”.

I cringe and raise an eyebrow just hearing that…but I kind of love how it sounds like bullshit already. One of my favourite pastimes is proving haters wrong with cold-hard facts.

Assuming you go results with your clients and live somewhere other than beneath a large stone/rock/barbell…

You have almost certainly seen the power of growing your online fitness business…

BUT… if you’re like most personal trainers and coaches you’ve tried…

❌ Posting on Instagram multiple times a day.
❌ Trying to get Facebooks Ads to work.
❌ Shooting YouTube videos.
❌ Building a Facebook page or group.
❌ Running challenges.
❌ Building out Sales Funnels or a website.

Not exactly working out for you, hey?

You’re still reading, after all.

Thing is, these name-brand cereal box tactics are built on a haphazard and BROKEN model.

There’s GOOD and BAD news.

The good news is that if you’ve been trying all of these different methods to building your fitness business, and it’s NOT working — it’s not your fault.

Most of the stuff people are peddling is the stuff that used to work… but doesn’t any more.

The bad news? It’s your responsibility to adapt.

Case Study: Daniel.

Check out Daniel – a fantastic trainer who was bouncing around from “thing to thing” like I just outlined above. Realizing that knowledge isn’t always power, he came into the Coaches Cartel to establish an iron-clad action based blueprint. We narrowed down his focus, resulting in him doing LESS than he was before.

The result?

He went from earning $200/week to $12.5K in 5 hours of his first launch.

The world is ever-changing. If you expect the world to bend to your self-absorbed delusion of entitlement because “I’m a good coach” or whatever else you tell yourself at night – you are dead in the water.

Let’s examine just a few of these changes;

—Facebook ads have recently gone up over 300% in cost

—Facebook’s organic reach (which means something entirely different to what it did a year ago) has dropped in HALF. Depending on the size of your page, only 1% to 4% of your followers will ever see posts you make.

—Instagram business account organic reach has dropped to 2.2% and will soon be 0%

—Many are saying “email is dead” due to open rates falling through the floor. While I do not agree that email is “dead”, it DOES play a role. people are more difficult to reach. Especially if you’re boring.

—Technology, apps and resources are rapidly developing. This means potential clients of YOURS are more readily turning to a low-cost automated option in favor of personal training.

Data is king. Numbers are king. These are the facts. The only question remaining is: what are you supposed to do about it?

The world will spin, change, grow, toil and burn with or without you. To deny this is to waive a white flag of surrender to your current “comfortable” situation. Either find a different industry, or be left behind.

Josh…why the hell are you so serious?


Money, freedom, success… These are legitimate motivators and nothing to be ashamed of.

However, if you’re a skilled professional in the health and fitness industry, you have a sworn DUTY to help as many people as possible. You have the ability to impact the globe in a positive manner. Look at the news. Look around you. Observe the state of our society.

I have the opportunity and ability to live anywhere in the world at any time. From what I see, western culture has it wrong. We are losing the battle of disease, obesity, happiness, quality of life, and global destruction.

By being in this industry, you are on the front lines.

If I seem serious, it’s because I am.

Build a goddamn business that’s WORTH something, while engineering the life you want and deserve as a result.

Moving on…

Not a single one of the coaches in the Coaches Cartel, Chris or myself focus on linear tactics like I’ve outlined above.

Yet, we’re still able to produce the best results in this wild-west of a business coaching industry because we have accepted the changes, and have developed strategies to PLAY THE GAME. Not fight it.

3 Principles That Govern Your Fitness Business Success:

1 – The way you attract leads and convert them toward services/ products needs to be turned on its head.

A traditional sales funnel is dead. Period. Especially if you don’t have the ability to summon hundreds of thousands of followers.

Now, more than ever, building context is paramount. A potential client needs to see YOU as the coach they need over every other carbon copy. Connection-based marketing.

We see trainers coming to us that have spent unholy sums of money and months on a mission to build the “ultimate” program and sales funnel. Yet, have exactly zero clients participating.

Nobody cares.

See, humans HATE to be sold. Yet, we LOVE to buy.

The key lies in making someone actually give a shit, while building trust. This is precisely why we’ve moved to the “You’re Everywhere” marketing method.

Competition in this space is vast in volume, yet paltry in quality. You MUST separate yourself to become the “top of mind” fitness deity to potential clients.

As it happens, this has zero to do with “tech” or how pimped out your sales funnel is.

More on this later.

Case Study: Chase

Meet Chase…

On the surface, he “appeared” successful when coming to us.

As a gym owner, he was training clients and running a small online training roster. However, his niche was all over the place, had no time in the day for LIFE, wasn’t earning the money he SHOULD with the time spent, and was failing to connect with his ideal market.

After 4 weeks of system building and positioning, Chase completely transformed his business to noty only add 20 online clients to his bottom line – but also re-allocate his time and responsibilities to make his business work FOR HIM. Months later, he’s on his way to hit the $1Million mark.

His business has transformed, but what’s more is he’s now engaged to the love of his life, loving his life, with the lifestyle freedom and impact on his IDEAL market to go along with it.


2- Nobody cares about your training programs or diet templates. They care about results.

Technology is and will continue to rapidly change the way we live. Access to the world’s information is vast and nearly unlimited. This includes how to do a goddamn bicep curl. Attention and time are the new currencies of the world.

Think about where your attention lies for most of the day…likely in one of the screens upon which you’re reading these words.

The missing piece is human connection.

Drafting up a a workout and/or diet plan to send off via PDF in an email, or even a basic membership site is dying out. The value and connection simply isn’t there. Throwing in “coaching calls” adds insult to injury and moves you further away from a BUSINESS and closer to a JOB.

Remember: I’m writing this from the position of building a legitimately scalable business, not simply making 10K/month working from your laptop or gym floor.

Gone are the golden days of launching an e-book for $7-$47 to make your millions. That space was dominated and put to bed.

Nobody gives a shit about information anymore. This little venture called Google is the gateway to all the information they’ll ever need. Websites giving away training plans, cookie cutter diets and recipes for $6/month are countless in number.

And there you have it… 974 MILLION answers to what your potential clients have at their finger tips. And much of it is free.

So you building an online coaching business is NOT about just producing more information.

  •  Tracking calories and activity has been made simple via smart watches and apps.
  •  Restaurant menus are transitioning into detailed databases comprised of the calorie and macronutrient content of each plate.
  •  Soon, on-the-go blood or saliva sample gadgets will be accessible to all, indicating which way to pivot for the day on a nutritional level.
  •  Shopping carts will flag unhealthy items to deter you from purchasing anything other than what’s on your nutritional regimen. They’ll be fitted with RFID tags and barcode scanners to feature nutrition assistant applications that will calculate not only the overall number of calories, but the sugar and fat content of your purchases as well.
  •  Apps and watches send motivational messages throughout the day to encourage compliance and consistency toward your goal.
  •  Training program websites will be taken a step further by implementing data mining technology to prescribe individualized plans based on thousands of touch-points.

In other words – the world is doing it’s very best to make YOU obsolete.

However, legitimate results from using these platforms and technologies is, as yet, minimal at best. Attention is lost. Motivations die. Shiny object syndrome sabotages any hope of consistency. Respect for the process isn’t established. Nobody actually CARES enough.

The human quest is for transformation and connection. This is where you, the quality coach, enter stage left.

Nay, this is not all doom and gloom. This is important data we can use to arm you with the weapons needed to thrive in 2019.

3- Get The Hell Out Of The “OLD” PT Model.

Yes. The 45-60 minute training session exchanged for a variable sum of currency. The model upon which you have been conditioned. The very thing that Tony Robins states is “the worst possible trade in the world.”

Time for money.

Which, pray tell, is more valuable to you?

With the above model, time diminishes as currency amasses. This should not ever need be the case. In fact, as you reach a certain level in business, your “free” time should increase in an upwards curve to match rising profits.


Let’s review what lies ahead of you, or what you may already be living:

NOTE: For those of you who just finished an 8-12 hour day (or several in a row) training clients on the gym floor, and are now zombified on your couch – this is *especially* for you exhausted heroes.

There Are 2 Phases That Most Coaches Are Stuck In Right Now…

Phase 1:

You’re Just Starting Out… “I’m gonna change the world, get shredded, and get rich.”

Cert, insurance, big box job, biceps and abs; you have everything you need.

GOALS. You totally have them. Let’s search up #HUSTLE on Instagram and follow as many motivational, boxed-quote pretty picture pages as you possibly can. You surround yourself with imaginary greatness, and change your iPhone lock screen to something like “GET SHIT DONE” in particularly bold font.

You know what? You’re gonna open a gym in ONE year.

Then, you’ll buy a house. A big house. After that, you’ll buy mom a car to say “thank you” for birthing you, but mostly to show her that you’re actually doing something in life and don’t need a “real job”. You do the numbers and it turns out you need less than you thought – about $130,00/year.

Only problem is… You’re drowning in a sea of information and conflicting ideas into HOW you can actually build your dream fitness business.


You’re In Phase 2:

You’ve been in the fitness game for a while, and you’re burnt… “What have I done?…”

Your significant other complains about never seeing you. You tell yourself that’s the way it has to be right now while you’re #hustling.

Mom is worried and the rest of the family feels distant.

You’re making “good” money, and live in the nice part of town.

Yet, that’s where you’ll always live, you realise. For a long time. Travel is just too stressful at this point.

Now, the money in your bank account doesn’t really matter because you’re working 6am-12pm, 5pm-9:30pm every single day.

You can’t remember last time you we’re able to “switch off” and actually relax.

The realisation that you are in charge of 30+ souls, most of whom aren’t your “IDEAL” client begins to set in. You’ve become a friend, psychologist, trainer, and babysitter all rolled into one tightly less-than-muscle-bound package.

You’re making 6 figures per year. You hate it.

There’s no time to pursue hobbies, family and life…

Training is a CHORE.

The abs that were supposed to make you famous, have vanished.

That podcast and Youtube channel? Who has time for that shit? You struggle to get a couple blog posts up per month.

You’re exhausted, stressed, and trapped.

The limit hits. You realize that this is the way it is. You cannot afford to complain.

You have a family and spouse to provide for, and you refuse to let them down.

So, you do the math, which points to the fact that you’ll need to keep up this schedule for about 30 more years before retirement is possible.

The flame of passion that was once blinding, begins to dwindle to a weak smoulder.

“What have I done?”, you say. You’ve come to dread training people.

THAT, is scary.

If this sounds familiar… It’s time to…

Redefine Your Business Model:

Recurring revenue and predictable income is the name of the game. Set up one system, master it, move on to the next.

To make sense of what we are talking about, let’s break down the actual numbers of what’s typically involved in different business models.

First, the traditional Personal Training model you’ve been conditioned into subscribing to:

The Old PT Model:





Tier #1/1: Face to Face Training (Renting Space)

Hourly Rate: $70/hr
Number Of Clients: 15
Number Of Sessions/Week: 25
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 10-20
Monthly Revenue: $7000

Gym Rental Fee: $300/week ($1200/month)

Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:

The NEW PT Model:

Tier #1/3:
1-on-1 Online Coaching

Monthly Rate: $350
Number Of Clients: 30
Number Of 20min Skype Sessions/Week: 7-8 (2.5hrs)
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 10-15
Monthly Revenue: $10,500 /Month

Annual Income:
= $126,000

**You can work from anywhere in the world to coach your clients**

Tier #2/3
Semi Private
Face-To-Face Training

Rate Per Session: $40
Clients Per Session: 4
Number Of Sessions Per Week Per Group: 3
Number Of Groups: 5
Number Of Hours Worked: 15-18
Monthly Revenue: $10,400

Annual Income:

Tier #3/3: “The Holy Grail”

Online 1:1 Coaching — Monthly Rate: $400
Number Of Clients: 30
Online 2: Group Coaching Education Program— Monthly Rate: $150
Number Of Members: 75
Monthly Revenue: $23,250

Annual Income:


Whew… That’s a lot of numbers to digest.

Put simply, you can see how diversifying your skills and services not only has the potential to boost your income, it also allows you to leverage yourself.

With on-on-one online training, you are still capped by the number of people you can handle in a given month. This is fine – at least you can do it from literally anywhere in the world.

That issue is addressed when implementing the group and/or membership model. Things are run on a monthly recurring model, and done so in a way that would allow you to have hundreds of people paying for your services every month, if you so chose to grow it to such a place.

Again, you have the freedom to do this where and how you like.

Case Study: Samuli

A kid from Finland with a dream. Samuli came to us starting from square one. No clients. No platform. No influence. Just the knowledge, skills and desire to truly help people. Within a couple of months of joining using the strategies in this exact article, he had signed on 40 online clients, doing a $140,000 launch. Instead of going the traditional route like his peers, Samuli came to us with a desire to help MORE than a handful of clients face-to-face. Now, Samuli is on track to hit multiple six figures with his ONLINE COACHING business in 2019.

The 2019 BLUEPRINT To Go From $0 to $24,000 /month With Online Personal Training.

Right now it’s time to walk through to give you a business plan that you can…

1) Develop. launch, run and scale a legitimate coaching business that produces RESULTS

2) Inject the option of having complete location independence

3) Avoid being in your laptop for 10-12 hours per day

4) Hit $24,000/month ($288,000 annually) within 12 months

5) Improve your quality of life, relationships, and happiness


Within the Coaches Cartel, Chris and I take every member through the first year, split up into 90 day phasic blocks. Akin to how you might periodize a client’s training program.

The first 90 days into your quest for women/men/riches/glory/fame/freedom/whatever-gets-you-going is solely dedicated to constructing the framework upon which an actual BUSINESS functions.

Any task or process that occurs more than ONCE in a business, MUST have a system built around it.

Here are the main areas of concern in your business. Each needs to be optimized:

  • Attraction
  • Incubation
  • Conversion
  • Delivery/retention
  • Scale

By the end of this initial 90 day virgin quest, you shall have built a truly scalable framework alongside basic systems in the above areas to allow for such scale.

Disclaimer: those who shy away from the concept of “going all in”, “commitment” and working thine self to the proverbial bone – please exit this article immediately and go about your way. You will not find a single magic bean, secret, tactic, or “cool trick”to shortcut your way to the fantasy land of delusional riches.


WEEKS 1-5…Exercising your right to not directly sell a damn thing until you’ve proven yourself worthy.

10-15 online coaching clients
$400/month – 3 month contract
$4000-$6000 in monthly revenue

I dare you to burst out of the gate right now with a grand announcement that you’re an online personal trainer with the best damn training program this world ever did see.

Exactly zero people (not even your mother) are going to give a shit.

You have a distinct shortage in platform followers. No email list. No network. Beastly algorithms constructed to dismember your hopes and dreams.

Starting from scratch sucks if you suck at it.

Attempting to play in the insta-tard arena of peddling $150 “customized” programs doing more harm than good to thousands of people is NOT YOUR GAME.

Dan Kennedy, one of the best markers ever said…

“If you cant be the #1 lowest price leader in your market, there is no strategic advantage in being the #2 lowest price leader.”

I omnisciently guarantee you scroll through Instagram and see these ‘fitness influencers’ with millions of followers and think…

“I’m a better coach than them”.

Download their programs. I freaking dare you. Straight hot garbage with a flaming bag of excriment on top. Mediocre at best. An elementary school student with a Personal Trainer Certification textbook could put it to shame.

Here’s what you’re missing: these fitness influencers have hundreds upon thousands upon millions of followers. Built in a different, wild age where algorithms loved you and followings were developed off soft-core porn and recycled inspirational quotes.

Yes, some of them are rolling in cash. I know many as personal friends and have first-hand access to their businesses.

Yet, with change afoot, they are beginning to understand the need to change with it.

So, you can choose to complain and grovel about not having their followers and create excuses to make yourself feel better. Or you could, you know, suck it up and do something about it.

Chris and I put out a survey. Or a poll. Whatever you want to call it. Complex enough to demand an acceptable level of intelligence to participate.

4,000 trainers and coaches responded. Within, we uncovered a few unsurprising themes.

One stands above all…

They were attempting to copying their competitors. The “influencers” that had the massive followings. Which as we’ve established, aren’t competitors at all.

Case Study: Aaron

Our client Aaron is a shining example of how to not screw this up

With only 600 followers, he has 101 clients a part of his personal training business.

This proves its NOT about just getting more followers.

That was a couple of months ago…now, Aaron has diversified into online launches while having a team of coaches all working underneath him to manage his clients.

This should be overwhelmingly good news to you.

Instead of playing the high-volume, low value game; we are playing the low-volume, high value game.

The only thing on your distractive, overly media conditioned mind should be getting your first round of REAL paying online clients. Play the game. Short and long. One step at a time.

Before you get all enamoured in the fantasy of making millions, let’s get you to $24,000/month, first.

Here’s exactly how to play.

STEP 1: Niche, Target Market, USP, Why you don’t suck.

Basics always come first, and I’d bet all-in on the fact that you’ve skipped this step.

Yes, yes. I know. Boring shit, right?


Nailing this is the foundation upon which we build everything. Every single fucking thing. From the psychology, to brand culture, to marketing strategies, to content creation, to program construction.

Any assassin worth his exorbitant black-market rate does his research on a target until he dreams about them.

You’re the assassin. Your clients are the target. Know them better than you know yourself.

The Coaches Cartel dives into a full masterclass to deconstruct every facet of the above. Because basics are important.

STEP 2: Content Syndication Plan + System.

Social media is a funny subject to me. Most Personal Trainers haven’t the slightest clue as to WHY they’re supposed to create content.

It’s just “what one does”.

Go create content 2-3 times per day. Write something. Shoot a video or whatever. Use your story. Post a picture. Somehow manage multiple accounts while still working with real clients.

You roll out of bed in the morning to ponder what you might post that day. Perhaps it’s a quality piece of content. Great. There’s a start. Get to posting. Do that every day.

Just post content in the hopes of getting noticed and gaining a following like your insta-famous idols.

Build that following with the hopes that one day you may be able to make money off of them.

Sound familiar?

Fine if you’re not concerned about anything other than monopoly money, losing your soul and gaining a “sponsor” for the next 3 years. . Positively nonsensical if you endeavour to create a legitimate business.

Content production and distribution is a strategic tool to be understood and respected. Context is paramount.

YOUR context is focussed around the next 30 days: successfully converting your first round of one-on-one online coaching clients. Knowing this, we need to orchestrate a 30 day plan.

Every day of topics and headlines leading up to your first launch will be planned strategically.

I couldn’t care less about your follower count. I care about the quality of value you’re putting out into the world, and how many sales you make at the end of the month.

Inside the Cartel, we use the Social Media 3.0 Planner to map this. Not only the topics, but the timing and ratio of videos, livestreams, picture posts, story posts, articles, and any other medium you may be implementing.

Once solidified, now comes the weekly outlining and scheduling process using our “Sprint Planner”. Fleshing out the main points, scripts and outlines for the week ahead.

Come every morning, it should take no longer than 30-40 minutes to complete and schedule your content for release across the entire day.

How you use each content distribution platform (Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc) is of equal importance. Commanding you to henceforth post 2-3 times per day on instagram means sweet fuck-all. naturally, you need a masterclass on the inner-workings of social media and content production itself. We’ll save that for my next article, as it’s a very deep rabbit hole, indeed.


Certainly not a library of “look at how pretty I am” bullshit. Nay.

An intelligent business content plan has 7 main goals:

3.Brand Building
4.Relationship Building

Notice only ONE of the 7 involves you asking for anything. Now notice how I said you aren’t attempting to sell a damn thing for 3.5 weeks.

Connection. Telling your story. Being reliable. Knowing your shit. Displaying your skills. Actually helping people. Planting the itch to actually care about what you have to say…

Once you’ve nailed your understanding of WHY you’re creating content, it’s time to split your personal brand into 3 main categories.

Something like:


This provides the beginnings of a framework from which we can build content.

Lack of inspiration is extremely normal. It’s expected. You can only go so long talking about protein shakes and squats before you want to poke your eyes out and cover your ears. Best way to combat this? Build yourself a rotating system that automatically keeps content fresh, relevant and interesting for your audience – while being a piece of cake (and actually fun) for you to execute.

Each month needs to be roughly planned out for large pieces of major content (blogs, youtube videos, pillar posts etc).

Every Sunday of the month you are going to plan out every single day of the week ahead.

Every piece of content. Videos, articles, pictures, podcasts – whatever it might be. Next, look at the content you need to create for the week, and plan out the topics, headlines, and outlines for each.

With each post, rotate through the following content CLASSIFICATIONS below with each of the 3 categories above:

This is a general framework to ensure you are providing value. Teach something. Wether it’s an exercise, a workout, a lesson, a product, a mood, a habit, a recipe, etc – it doesn’t matter. As long as you’re teaching something. With this post, be sure to provide a video explanation (you talking) or demonstration in your story as well, and highlight the fact that you have a new post – this is most often how people who follow you will end up seeing your post and move to engage with it (do this for all new posts).

Open up a conversation or discussion on a topic that relates to what your brand focusses on. This can be controversial, a myth that needs busting, or something of the like. Ask a question or speak about something that sparks conversation. Prompt people to comment their opinions and share with friends.

These posts have a call to action. They are content based, but highlighting something that you sell or have to offer that will provide your audience with further value. A prompt to sign up for your email list, buy your program, invest in coaching, turn on post notifications, or follow you on other platforms.

Here is where you need to be able to relate to people. Try to connect with your audience on some level by being relatable. Real life stuff. It’s not all sunshine and rainbows all the time, so this could be something that you personally struggle with and explain how you’re pushing through it. Likewise, it can be sharing an interest or love of yours that other people might also relate to/enjoy.

Possibly one of the most valuable post classifications, as it gives you a chance to shout out other influencers whom you value and admire. Highlighting someone else’s page in the description box and tagging them in your post is a fantastic way of paying it forward. Eventually, these people may return the love, or simply feature the post you just made in their story – thanking you for the shoutout, which immediately gives you more exposure.

Gratitude is an important daily habit to implement anyways – this is simply a well structured way to do it.

Share something that very few know about you. A struggle. A screw up. A realization. A story from your past. This is your chance to be real and have a teaching point based on your past mistakes or experiences. Remember – people invest in real people…not just products.

Give a sneak peak into the backstage of your life or content creation process every once in a while. This adds another level of transparency and reliability to your brand and message. Travel, photo shoots, meals, parties, brainstorming sessions, work highlights of you in action. It all works.

This can be a well placed quote on your own photo, and inspirational message from the heart, or something just a little bit more “human”. Massive Instagram and Facebook pages have been built purely off of industry specific inspirational and/or thought provoking quotes. The thing is – it still works. While you’re not going to be building a generic quote page (there’s enough of those), this is still an excellent way to provide positivity and value to your audience that will cause them to engage.

Paradoxically this could be an opportunity to get a bit more aggressive and “make some noise” with something controversial. As long as you’re not fake. We can smell fake a mile off. Don’t be fake.


’Tis a wild, game, friends. Yet so beautiful. If you intend to play in this space, you’d best prepare yourself for the world of dynamic work ahead of you. It’s not enough to simply post transformation pictures (yet those are so very, VERY important).

The art and science of value and content creation is a never-ending process. The more you do, the better you become. Develop your voice, brand and purpose to play the long game. You may not be world-famous in a year, but you WILL be making money.

Respect that.

The goal within this first month is to establish your initial content system itself. As you master one channel, move to the next. Do not expect to explode in followers overnight. This will build with time and the most important ingredient of all: consistency.

General advice: Choose 2 main content platforms to begin your quest. Most often this will be Instagram, Facebook or Linked-in (yes, Linked-in is useful for our purposes.)

-Establish schedule and system for creating content
-Master your understanding of the chosen platforms
-Over-deliver world class content
-Understand and integrate the 7 main goals of your content throughout your plan (can’t talk about bicep curls and protein shakes every damn day.)
-Nail down the 3 main categories of your brand
-Rotate through different content classifications for each category

Case Study: Adam

Adam is a shining example of someone who dove straight into the power of knowing your niche, positioning, and quality content. See, Adam is/was a professional poker player, yet the “life” started taking its toll. Having been involved and enthralled in fitness for some time to help the long-houred nature of online poker, he decided to do a complete 180 and enter the world of online fitness business.

Utilizing our targeted content strategies, Adam was able to pin-point his niche extremely effectively (poker players). We set his niche, developed a content plan, distributed it, crafted a coaching offer, built the sales systems, and with his first launch sold $12.5K in coaching. All within a few weeks. He knew his niche and followed the plan we put in place.

Zero prior knowledge with online business or content production.

Now, Adam has skyrocketed to the forefront of his niche, making that first launch look like peanuts 😉


I don’t care how great your content may be, it’s naive to believe posting consistently for 30 days on social media is going to mystically compel 15 souls to trust you with transformation.

With the fact bombs I dropped earlier, you already know that playing the organic-traffic game from scratch is a fool’s errand. Thus, you need to establish a systemized method of content distribution beyond what the algorithms will allow organically.

**Little nifty tip: if your content sucks, you’re dead in the water. Nail down your quality – then, and only then, may you spread it to the masses.

Wether targeting locally or globally, this is a pay-to-play game. Well, mostly. If you’re willing to bust some ass and talk to real human beings in a targeted manner (can’t hide behind your keyboard for long, posers), there ARE methods of organic content distribution.

It’s time to take your bad-ass content and social proof to the global arena. Albeit, in a extremely targeted and delicate fashion.

As I said before, humans positively loathe being sold. Yet, we love to buy – if we’re convinced it’s entirely our decision from a place of excitement vs anxiety and pressure.

Your job is to not be boring, shitty, fake or annoying. An extremely difficult task for some to pull off.

Selling t-shirts and watches on an ecommerce platform is a beautifully linear process. Build the brand. Pump ads. Drive traffic to your store. Convert. I’ve been there and done it many times.

The Personal Training game is emotionally and psychologically charged, topped with a hefty dose of conditioned doubt in the minds of every potential customer. Thus, following a traditional sales funnel system is a no-go.

The golden age of 2007-2012 is long gone; where Facebook and instagram adverting was “new and shiny” to the public. Attention spans have dwindled. The competition for ATTENTION is more fierce than ever.

Dumping dollars into a single-phase advertising campaign would look something like this:

“Hi! My name’s Josh Hamilton. I’m the best at what I do. Just LOOK at all my success I’ve had with people just like you. See? Now click on this link and kindly buy my shit.”

This is what we call a “big fat egotistically confused money pit”.

Do this instead:

We use a simple system called “The Snake”. Not to be confused with snake-oil salesmanship.

Your brand is not unlike the body of a snake. Each scale upon the skin represents a piece of content in the network. Each links together, forming a flexible and pliable skin. Which each new growth phase, old skin is shed to make way for a bigger, better brand strategy.

Here’s where the metaphor takes a bit of a nose dive. A snake coils itself around a victim to the point of asphyxiation, fracturing of bones, with the inevitable eventuality of eating said victim whole.

While I like that metaphor, what you are doing isn’t quite as dark.

Your snake coils around potential leads in a targeted manner to mine just enough attention from which they might actually absorb some of the value you’re trying to provide.

While you might look scary on the inside, you’re simply a snake who’s here to help.

Get it?

If not, just forget the damn metaphor and follow the instructions. Reaching audiences other than your own futile excuse for an instagram following can be achieved in a few ways. Let’s cover some viable methods, and top the cake off with the The Snake…

Little nifty note: Just start DOING more stuff. Use one or all of these. I don’t care. As long as you don’t fall into the majority of action deficient complainers.



Facebook Group Distribution Partnerships

For the sake of brevity, and your ability to use Google (or hop on a call with me…hint, hint), I’ll keep to the principles.

Facebook groups exist to unify people of a similar demographic or set of interests. When run properly, it produces a community of engagement housed in a “safe place”, which breeds a higher level of perceived trust.

Your ideal client is hanging out in one of these Facebook Groups. Or a few of them.

Take a step back. Do some market research. Uncover where your niche is hanging out in other people’s Facebook Groups across the world. Groups that are not in direct competition to you. Thus, attempting to weasel your way in to another personal trainer’s network is a no-go.

Instead, think outside of the box. If your niche was distinctly male CEOs, executives or high-performing business owners, there is a vast network of Facebook golf clubs, yacht clubs, gentleman’s clubs and all manner of alike communities.

Basically, it’s a collection of rich, old fat dudes who want to not look like shit on their yachts in Monaco to pick up 25 year olds. They haven’t the slightest inclination of how to get into shape past 40-50. While they may be sharks in their chosen field, you reign supreme in their quest to thwart the dreaded dad-bod.

While that’s yet another mildly extreme example – it works. One of our clients, Chase, targeted exactly those groups and milked the hell out of it.

Take this principle and create a list of 10-15 potential Facebook Groups for you to approach.

There needs to be a relatively high level of engagement, with a membership count of between 1000-20,000. Not big enough to get lost in the noise. Small enough to be worth your time.

Next step is to reach out to the administrators of said groups with a proposal.

The goal is to gain their permission for you to post some of your best content (which has already been created and tested, you’re simply distributing it) inside their Facebook Group a few times per week.

Content. No pitches. No calls to action. Just value.

See, within these groups (when matching our criteria), every time you post with the blessing of the administrator, each member receives a direct notification to their phones or laptop. You know exactly who is seeing your content, when, and where. This is paramount for data collection.

Let’s say you get the permission of 6 groups, each with an average of 10,000 members.

That’s up to 60,000 people who have never heard of you before, all being regularly exposed to your content, getting notifications about it, in a place they already trust.

That’s 60,000 potential leads in a magical world. Realistically, you’re looking at about 20,000-30,000 engaged users.

Content freaking distribution.

This is indeed said simply, yet successful execution demands both patience and skill.

For this to work, it needs to be a “win” for the group you’re approaching.

Finally, putting yourself in front of more people is nifty – but the point is what you do with those people to take it to the next level (see the next section titled “Lead Incubation”).

Instagram Engagement Groups

For this to work, you need to have friends. Or at least a small network of like-minded people all interested in working together.

I bid you good luck in your search.

In A Nutshell:

  • Group of industry related (or not) people all housed in an Instagram Group chat
  • Each time you post on your page, notify said group
  • Each member of the group will then click through to your new post and like, comment, etc within an hour. With enough activity, this massively boosts your chances of Instagram’s algorithm deeming your content worthy of exposure.
  • Only works if EVERYONE participates and works together to support the group as a whole.

This is something we do inside the Coaches Cartel. You’re automatically invited into the engagement group. Works like wildfire.

Guest Posts
On instagram, Facebook, guest livestreams, guest blog posts on worthy platforms, etc.

Guest IG Story Features

Nifty hack to work together with another person to boost each-other’s following for free. Significantly more effective if you pay a substantially larger page to feature you on their story live, or for a pre-determined number of 15s segments.

Re-Posts/Shout Outs

Paid shout-outs and re-posts have been, and still are, all the rage. However, with the algorithms ever out of your favour, this is becoming more and more expensive.

The Snake™

**Note: since I’m already approaching 9000 words – you will not find a detailed guide on how to use Facebook or other paid advertising for fitness businesses here. That, my friends, will combine the juicy follow-up piece.

If you could somehow invest $50-$100 into a venture and have it grow to $3000 in 14 days, would you do it?

Of course you would.

Well, now you CAN. $50-$100 is the average advertising budget needed to bring in $2000-$3000 worth of paying online clients using a simple system, while not boring your audience to death.

“The Snake” is that system.

Here’s the state of your market in a nutshell:

5% will possibly be ready to buy now
50% will possibly buy in 30-90 days
Other 45% won’t give you the time of day

We are focussing on the middle 50% of people who might invest “soonish”.

First, take 1-3 of your best performing pieces of content and artfully transform them into Facebook ads. We are now paying for people to see your content. Slipping a single foot into some big-boy pants. This is Phase 1. Cold traffic.

The goal of these virgin ads is to offer straight wicked content (teach) and gently suggest something easy to say “yes” to. A simple reminder to engage with a comment, sharing, tagging a friend, or hitting like/love, for example.

To actually bring these ads to life, we need to create a Facebook Audience. The details of which are obviously beyond the scope of this post, more appropriately covered in a separate piece specifically geared toward the fitness industry.

Every time you create a video (there will be many), add it to your Audience.

The next videos to create are more “offer” based. Containing a call to action for your target to either join your Facebook Group (covered in the next section), receive something for free, start a conversation, join a challenge group, etc. The specifics of which type of action is entirely dependent on your niche and business model.

This is where we begin to convert people from a “cold” lead into a “warm” lead. Soon, they’ll have the “hots” for you.

Ideally, we only want people who have watched at least 75% of your first ads to be seeing any future “offer” videos. This is determined by monitoring your ad conversions.

Once you have 2-3 Phase 1 content ads ready, it’s time to launch them.

After 7 days, gauge their performance and other pivot, or launch your phase 2 and 3 ads.


  1. Convert some of your most powerful content pieces into Phase 1 ads
  2. Create a highly relevant Audience using various tools and resources
  3. Create Phase 2 and 3 ads (also content) with a soft call to action, bringing them closer to you and furthering your relationship. Turning a cold lead into a warm, aware body.
  4. Launch your Phase 1 ads. After 7 days, review their performance and follow up by releasing Phase 2-3 ads ONLY to those who have ingested at least 50-75% of your Phase 1 pieces.
  5. Continue to monitor your ads, adjusting for variables.
  6. Every week, develop 1-2 NEW Phase 1 content pieces to broadcast to your audience.
  7. Keep tweaking, adjusting and levelling up your content to compile a legion of highly relevant leads.

The above “Snake” works like wildfire. Beautiful in it’s simplicity. Yet – where are we actually sending these leads? What happens after they respond to your call to action, yet aren’t quite ready to hop on a call?

Sales? Profits?

Not so fast.

If it’s too soon, then you need a place to incubate these newly intrigued humans. Yes, humans. This isn’t a B2C or B2B business. It’s a H2H business. Human to Human. Treat is as such, no matter the scale of your venture.

STEP 4: Lead Incubation Chambers:

Running a few ads out of the gate charged with excellent content will immediately cause onlookers to fall to their knees, begging to work with you.

The Snake needs to be set up early to gain momentum. It compounds in effectiveness the longer you have it implemented. In the first couple of weeks of your content onslaught, there WILL be 3-5 humans keen to hop on a call to work with you. Some cash. Bravo. To build a blazing business, you need kindling; trust and authority.

These people are still highly unlikely to flex their “caring” muscles toward you. Thus, we need to take them for dinner, buy them a few cocktails, engage in meaningful conversation, and dance. Especially dance.

See, Instagram and Facebook pages are fantastic for building awareness. Getting short-lived, platform specific attention. What you need is a way to develop a closer relationship. To build trust. Further establish yourself as the Coach your client has been waiting for.


Facebook Group Incubation Chamber…Done Properly.

Implementation of a Facebook Group for your business can either be a monumental waste of time, or the most powerful tool at your disposal when launching something from nothing with under $100 in advertising.

The trick is to not suck.

If building a Facebook Group, it needs to be treated as the focal point of your brand. The mothership. A central location in which all semi-interested parties can be warmed into happy investors. Not simply a placeholder.

To achieve this, systems are again paramount.

Within, you’ll be shooting daily Facebook Live videos, interactive polls, Q&A periods, feature longer-form content not seen anywhere else, while giving away actionable tools and resources.

As a closed group, this requires a potential lead to ask to be there. Indicating they give a damn or two about what you have to say. Plus, you circumnavigate that pesky algorithm squashing your organic reach potential. Each time you post within your group, every member receives a notification to their chosen devices.

We now have a controlled means of knowing exactly who is seeing your content, where, and why.

The key, again: not be boring. To achieve this, a weekly cycle of pre-scheduled content and engagement pieces need to be in the hopper. Monday though Sunday can be split up into themes, promoting the LEADS (yes, anyone inside of your Facebook group is indeed, a lead) to come out of their hiding places and ASK YOU SHIT.

With an ask, comes an answer. With an answer, comes value. With value, comes an action.

8-10 minute comprehensive videos, longer-form articles, and more complete breakdown of topics should be within. Offering a nifty little lead magnet just for joining your group is an excellent idea. A free 7-10 day diet kick-start guide, for example.

Content on your public Instagram and Facebook pages now has a purpose: to funnel people into this Facebook group from which you are better equipped to flirt with and fulfill their every inquiry.

A living, breathing, legitimate community built upon over-delivering immense value, while establishing a deeper bond.

Within a month, shoot to have around 300-500 qualified, engaged members in your group utilizing paid and organic content distribution methods.

Over the course of a year, it’s possible to build an incubation chamber of thousands of humans.

Email List

“Email is dead”, the headlines read. True, if you write with the personality of a dehydrated prune 1-3 times per week.

Indeed, email open rates are at an all-time low. Change is afoot, and capturing attention is more difficult than ever. This simply means you need to have a more frequent value-based strategy to construct a worth-while subscription.

As creatures of habit, human interaction will demand more frequent, consistent emails. Feature real case studies and transformations. Link back to content in your Facebook group. Put thought and strategy into your approach by constructing 7-11 day email sequences that come in waves of themes.

Facbook Groups are built upon the same concept as an email list, this is simply another layer you need to take advantage of.

More on this later.

Instagram Stories

While email may very well be dying, Instagram Stories can be a weapon of mass conversion.

Used properly, your IG stories are a fantastic medium to bring your ever-growing audience “behind the scenes” for a more raw look into who the hell you really are. Sharing your daily process, yet also regularly providing additional content-based value following a framework of steps.

Progressing a few weeks down the line, it’s ALSO a deadly sales weapon.

By following a few key steps to Story management, you’ll go from sharing yawn-worthy food pics to delivering legitimate value.


1. Introduce the problem, promise or hook
2. Tell a story
3. Inject some branding
4. Plant the seed
5. Teach point #1
6. Teach point #2
7. Teach point #3
8. Wrap up
9. Call to action (Join FB group, click link in bio, add more value, etc)


1.Introduce the problem, promise or hook
2.Tell a story
3.“There’s an A and a B”
4.Which one are you? (using a poll)
5.Social proof
6.Call to action (call, sales page, etc)

The point is to put actual thought into this valuable tool and maximize it’s worth.

STEP 5: Relationship Development

The market is always right. Relate and connect to the market, you win every singe time.

With the above steps, it’s not enough to occasionally dip your toes in. Consistency is the entire game, front to back. Developing a meaningful relationship from which you intend to summon great action requires time and care.

Nail the process of filling your incubation chambers, then nail the consistent over-delivery of value, connection, and reliability every damn day.

Do not simply speak. Teach. Do not tell. Show. Walk the walk. Talk the talk. Help those shooed in the darkness of misinformation. Back up your lessons with case studies, testimonials, personal stories and real-world scenarios.

Every single day from Monday to Sunday needs to be scheduled and planned in advance.

Reply to comments. Answer their questions.

Case Study: Callum

The wonder-kid. I just want to take a moment to highlight the power of focus and hustle. As a University student, Callum was short on time. With that time, however, he came on-board the Coaches Cartel with a LASER specific focus on building a business he could grow and manage while furthering his education…

Well, he did just that. In his first launch, Callum sold $39,000 worth of coaching. A ridiculous number that MOST people call B.S. on. Completely understand that…but, it happened. With the little time he had each day, Callum sat down to smash through his launch plan in a manner of 4 weeks to get a flow of leads booked in for calls to be sold into his online coaching program. Utilizing our “9 box” call system, he was easily able to hit a 90% close rate – completely avoiding the age-old objection of “I can’t afford it”.

Callum knew his value, owned it, worked harder than anyone in the room, and reaped the rewards. Weeks later, he took his very first vacation WHILE STILL earning money.


STEP 6: Coaching Program Construction: Plan. Tools. Help.

Nifty Little Note:
If you’re a trainer who simply spreads pseudo science and bullshit – get out. If you’ve not trained a single person before and/or produced results – get out.

Look, no amount of marketing or Facebook Ad wizardry can help if your product/service is shit. This point should be obvious. Wether that comes from the results you produce, the coaching and communication process, user experience, organization, lack of education – your game needs to be on point to survive in this online coaching space.


All of your training up to now has led you to this key component: what in the name of Zeus are you actually delivering to prospective clients that justifies the rates you’re charging for high end 1-on-1 online coaching.

First of all – nobody gives a shit about the bells and whistles. Clients come to your for a result. Therefor, you are selling the tropical island. Not the plane that delivers them to said island.
The magic lies in delivering the highest possible level of results and client experience, while spending the smallest amount of physical time possible doing so.

This means (drumroll, please): systems. Specifically, in all of the following areas. Either figure it out for yourself, do some Google magic, or apply to be part of the Coaches Cartel to be handed a complete business in a box.


Before diving into the intricacies of how to effectively train clients online, we first need to ensure you are being PAID for your services in a structured, reliable manner. The system you use here is going to come down to preference, and suitability for the size of your operation.

In the short term, PayPal is often the most simple and frictionless payment fulfilment option for most. The client does not need a Paypal account in order to set up payment with you, and you can easily manage recurring monthly billing plans, one-time up front payments, or anything in between. For the long term, moving to Stripe is a smart move as it allows for a far more comprehensive billing and financial tracking ecosystem upon which you can grow and scale alongside your business.

Credit card payments are seamlessly taken over the phone and put directly into your system of choice. As well, processing fees are often less painful when doing a larger volume of transactions.


For High Ticket One-on-One Online Coaching, we always recommend selling packages up-front whenever possible. The exact dollar figure is dependent entirely upon what your chosen market can handle. The initial length of these packages should be at least 12 weeks (3 months).

Selling longer 6-12 month packages is entirely possible, but we’ll use the 3 month as an example here. For a 3 month online training agreement, your rate could range anywhere between $1000-$3000, depending on the nature of the client and coaching material. After this initial 3 month period is completed, clients can either be sold into another package, or simply automatically rolled into a recurring monthly billing period.


The assessment process is THE most important aspect to nail down 100% if you are to ensure results for your clients. The problem is, this usually takes an ungodly amount of time to get through in a traditional setting. Multiple phone calls, questions, back-and-forth emails, the list goes on.

Here, we are going to create an automated and standardized online assessment form that allows YOU to paint a perfect picture of what THEY need, and how to craft your plan of attack in the months to come. If you’ve done your job correctly with brand positioning, marketing, and chosen your clients wisely, the MAJORITY of assessment forms you receive will look very similar. Your niche is your niche. Your skills are your skills. The more specific the clientele, the easier your job as a coach becomes.

You should NOT be dealing with a combination of ammeter athletes, obese men, soccer moms, ad the odd physique prep client. That is a logistical disaster right out of the gate.

Getting laser specific will position yourself in the marketplace isn’t JUST for branding purposes – it’s to make your life MUCH easier in the back-end of your online coaching business. With your ideal client in mind, you’ll be able to craft an online assessment form that best covers what YOU need to know to periodize the next 3 months of their experience with you. Think critically about what YOU need to know about them instead of coming up with an arbitrary assortment of questions that “seem” useful.

Creating Your Assessment Form:

Use a form builder like Wufoo. You can customize the aesthetic, and it’s free to use for your purposes moving forward. Each time someone signs up to your coaching program, you’ll send them a link to fill out the standardized assessment form.

Once they’ve completed the form, it will automatically be sent to your email associated with the form account. We recommend setting up a SEPARATE gmail or email address specifically for check-ins and assessment forms.

Compartmentalization in this manner will make your life much easier as we progress through your online training business and the phases to come. Remember, the high end on-on-one online model is just the FIRST in many tiers of business to come. The more we systemize now, the less we have to do later, and the faster you’ll be able to progress.


Create the billing and assessment processes first. As this is all you need to begin selling clients onto your program with a delayed start date. Then you’ll need to comprehensively build out the following systems to deliver the results you promise.

In a follow-up piece, I’ll break down key considerations for each.

For now – just know you need to have the following covered.

1.Program Design System
2.Nutrition Design System
3.Supplementation Recommendation System
4.Progress, Compliance, Activity Tracking Systems
5.Welcome Package Construction
6.Ongoing Communication System
7.Check-in System
8.Program Update System
9.Client Retention and Renewal System
10.Client Referral System

Yeah…this ain’t no joke, kids. If you’re getting into this game, you’ll need to learn how to play in there Major Leagues if you intend to last longer than a few months.

Using an app like Trainerize or MyPT Hub can do the trick for beginners, yet becomes exceedingly limited as you level-up your skills and business.

STEP 7: Our very own Zero-To-Launch™:

At the beginning of your Quest for women and riches, almost ZERO people gave the slightest care about what you had to say. Now, 3.5-4 weeks later, you will have purposely created a pool of niche-specific individuals who have all bee eating out of your hands. They know you, like you, and possibly even trust you.

This bodes well for you, my friend. Very well.

This new dawn of attention means you’re now in an advantageous position to actually ASK for something. Until now, it’s been give, give, give.

Gary Vaynerchuck’s book “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” follows this very same principle. Who would have known it actually, um, works?

Do good. Be good. Show up. Over deliver.

Principles Of World Class Selling Without Having To Sell

The goal: before a single lead ever picks up the phone to get on a call with you, they should already be 99% sold.

Doing things the right way, prospective clients should be armed with the knowledge of:

Exactly what your coaching program is all about, WHY it will work for them, and WHAT the exact results are going to be.

Ample social proof and exhibition of your abilities to achieve said result.

WHO the program is for, and exactly who it is NOT for. Create a disparity and divide, shoving away anyone who isn’t completely serious.

An investment of both time and real currency are required to work with you. The sum of this investment should either be stated outright, or alluded to. Pay to play.


My recommendation is to drip-release a series of 3-5 PILLAR posts in the lead-up to your launch week that covers every single aspect above in extreme detail. No guess work. No grey areas.

With this prior knowledge, your job changes from being a salesperson, to simply interviewing leads to see if they’re GOOD ENOUGH to join your coaching program. They need to meet YOUR criteria.

This is a transition of power, and transforms sales from being sleazy and yucky, into an absolute pleasure for both parties.

Gone are the days of ending a 10,000 word sales page, or relying on some complex four page sales script designed to negatively pressure someone into buying.

Screw that.

You both know why you’re on the call. The only factors that need be discussed is where they can send their money, and what date is set to begin the journey.

We achieve this by using 4 KEY tools to engineer a seamless launch period that extends across the course of a single week.

15 sales in 7 days should be your goal.

By covering the above, instead of booking 80 calls where 60 of them are a complete waste of time, we need only 20-30 torch your desired conversion targets.

Conversion: Leads – Calls – Sales

In essence, all we need here is a method of transitioning those within your Lead Incubation chambers onto a call.

This means a simple landing page with a sales video, excellent sales copy, and a button to book in a call via your calendar.

For your landing page, use Clickfunnels.

For your call bookings, use Calendly.

To actually convert leads into calls, we use a combination of the following 5 tools:

1) Snake Sales System

Exactly as outlined above – yet now we are targeting those already within your Lead Incubation chambers directly with ads that prompt them to hit your landing page, and hop on board a call. Re-targeting at it’s finest, to people who know exactly who you are. Again, expect to be spending $50-$100 total.

2) Money Map:

This is a combination of 4 attraction areas of your business that all combine to turn strangers AND warm leads into booked calls.

Every platform of your attraction model all leads to your incubation chambers. Incubation Chambers all point toward booking people in for a call, or providing more value every single damn day until they are ready to work with you.

Learn how to combine all of your content efforts into an inescapable spider web full of personality, value, information, and ethics.

Everything leads to one place: you – the Messiah of their desired results.

3) Munsey Money Maker

This framework ads yet another layer to the above two strategies. Here, we’ll be directly leveraging a lead magnet to bolster your launch email list, an 11 day email sequence, a 3 step video sales funnel, 3 phases of re-targeted Facebook ads, organic social media posts, Livestreams, and story posts – all leading to the sales page you’ve created for your launch.

This will be for first taste of “Ninja Shit”. And boy, does it work.

4) Four Day Fast Cash Series

A time-tested sequence of content pieces and emails that work in unison over a 4 day time period to turn warm, engaged prospects into booked calls. This will be used in combination wit the above strategies, or ANY time you need a quick influx of new clientle.

Instead of just relying on email lists, we’ll apply this to your Incubation Chambers of all varieties, including your organic content and Instagram/Facebook Stories.

5) GOYAH (Get Off Your Ass And Hustle)

Track and keep on top of anyone engaging with your content, asking questions, posting inquiries, giving praise, etc. Anything. Literally start private conversations and ask what’s going on in their lives. Get them to lay-out their struggles. Then, simply ask one question: “Do you want some help with that?”

If it’s a yes – book in a damn call and help the shit out of them. Use a 1-2 step call system that outlines all of their struggles and issues. Craft a plan of attack. Then sell them based on blowing out their brains with the level of value you bring to the call. Make them believe “this is it”. This time, it will work.

At the end of the day, if you only do step #5 in this sequence, there is ZERO reason why you cannot sell 10 clients in 4-5 weeks. That is of course, if people like you, your content is world class, your intentions are pure, you get results, and you put in the damn work to get to this point.

Go ahead and try to message people right now to join your new coaching program out of thin-air…get ready for crickets. Do the work for 4 weeks, witness the difference.


In a follow-up piece, I’ll dive into the art of the sale, without having to sell. How to overcome bullshit objections, and how not to be a dick.

This needs to be fun for everyone. Sales is easy, if you’re good at it.

You’ll never be good at it until you give up the negative thoughts associated with “sales” itself.

For now, know this: get people on to calls. Help them. Talk to them. OWN your value. OWN your tone. OWN the conversation. You are there to positively impact the prospect’s life in a major way.

Get on as many damn calls as it takes. Believe in yourself. Otherwise, how is anyone supposed to believe in you?

In life and business, you either rise to the challenge, or die.

I choose to rise. Do you?

If you do, you will have just completed your first successful launch.

15 clients each paying you an average of $400/month for premium, world-class coaching.

That’s an additional $6000 to your bottom line, and you’ve invested a grand total of $100-$200 of that into marketing.

With these new clients, go out of your damn mind to over-deliver and WOW them. Each and every client needs to be overwhelmed with joy that they chose YOU. Spend the next few days putting each client through your programming systems to ensure each person is serviced properly.

PHASE 2: Your First Taste Of Leverage (DAY 30-90)

Congratulations on your first launch. Pat yourself on the back for about 20 minutes.

Once you’re done, realize you’ve just begun.

Time to move from having a job, to building an actual business.

Leverage is the magic word every entrepreneur dreams about. Help more people, make more money, spend less time doing it. Progressively.

First steps toward achieving this may very well come in the form of my FAVORITE modality for delivering online coaching.


Look, membership sites are notoriously atrocious for achieving actual results. As a coach’s coach, I don’t give a flying pig how much money a business model can make me if it doesn’t FIRST pass the results test.

Not enough skin in the game. No way of tracking results. Very little support. No structured direction.

No results – no bueno.

Thus, Online Group Coaching (OGC) can be viewed as the middle child of high end 1-on1 coaching and low end membership sites.

Instead of a cess pool of information, OGC is a progressive, structured, educational platform that operates more as a course.

Each person in your group needs to fall under the same general umbrella. Male specific. Female specific. A unified goal across the group itself. You can’t be coaching 50 year old males and 24 year old females in the same blanket program.

Outline of Online Group Coaching System:

  1. 50 people per group
  2. $150/month on a recurring model – minimum 6 months commitment.
  3. Built out into a 6-12 month DEVELOPMENT course
  4. Education built on progression model
  5. Training built on progression model that’s niche specific
  6. Progress tracking + accountability
  7. Community building
  8. Direct coaching support


=$7500/month in revenue
-Average 4-5 hours of direct work per week


Fact: MOST general population clientele who are injury free and possess a modicum of training experience will benefit from ANY training program, as long as they get up off their ass and stop eating like a toddler.

OGC plays upon that fact.

The information and coaching itself will be delivered via membership site platform…yet in a non-traditional manner.


Inside the membership site, each member will be following the same or similar training program throughout this process, drip-fed to them every new phase, or every 2 weeks on average. This maintains an element of “carrot on a stick”, being delivered something new on a regular basis. Us humans are a fickle bunch of monsters.

Every person has their own profile, and can print-off that week’s training logs for use in the gym.

Upload 4-12 weeks of training ahead of time, and your work here is done…for all 50 people.


This is where we teach people how to fish. Give them the tools they need to succeed. Tutorials and calculators covering the ins and outs of nutrition and how to set up their OWN protocols. Empower and educate your clients behind the real mechanisms of change. Empower a people, deliver change – watch them band around you like soldiers.

Build a progression system of drip-fed content across all 6 months. An actual course. Starting from the most basic, to the most advanced concepts, based on your own individual audience.

Continually progress their knowledge and results – never lose a client.

AREA 3: Result Tracking

Every 2-4 weeks, each member will be able to log their progress based on pre-determined metrics you ask for inside a section of the membership site. Each client’s log will be sent to you in a central location, displayed on a line graph, exhibiting the trend of results for each individual.

Within 2 minutes you can see exactly how each member is progressing, as well as notes they may have left.

No more emails, individual progress reports, or text messages. This is OGC. not high-end coaching. Every member knows this going in.

In the Coaches Cartel, we have all of these systems built by our in-house designers specific to your needs. Do NOT waste time attempting to sort this technology yourself. It’s a fool’s errand.


Armed with the progress information above, now comes the time to actually coach. You are NOT emailing and texting 50 people. Nay. This needs to be done in a community setting. Everyone learns, progresses and communicates together.

A simple structure is to have a member-only Facebook Group. Alternatively, host a forum directly on your membership site.

Your ONLY job as a coach is to assess people’s progress, and offer help within the group. Post up at the beginning of each day instructing members to field their questions in the thread below.

Once per day, go through and answer. I prefer to do this in video format – batch answering everyone’s questions with time-stamps. Takes all of 20 minutes.


You now have a coaching and education system that essentially runs itself, netting you $7500/month, requiring 4-5 hours of upkeep per week. For now…(foreshadowing like a snob, here).


STEP 1: Keep doing what you’re doing

Announcing the launch of your OGC program should happen around day 60-70.

Within this time, you’ll have been following all systems outlined above every single day…

That’s somewhere between 120-200 new pieces of content.

Nobody actually does this, and is exactly why consistency is key.

Two months from now, what do you logically think is going to happen to your following and brand equity on your social platforms with 120 new instagram posts and impressions?

Not to mention, your Facebook Group Incubation Chamber will have hit about 1000 leads at this point.

Further still, you have a high-level coaching program completely filled out. Your positioning in the marketplace will be completely different. Enhanced.

Thus, just keep doing what you’ve been doing for the first 30 days, all the way through to day 60-70.

Step 2: prepare to reap the fruits of your labours engineer the easiest launch of your life.

The lead-up to an OGC launch will look nearly identical to your high-end coaching launch. Yet, three main factors make this a cake-walk compared to your first.

1.It’s a $150 up-front sale. Meaning no sales calls are needed. We’ll be setting up a 3-step sales funnel, direct to a sales page, direct to checkout. Each new member is automatically integrated into your OGC platform.

2.Again, it’s a $150 freaking sale. The difference of investment between this and your $1200 high-end coaching program is gigantic. Thus, triggering a psychological response from those who have been following you from day one. See, most people won’t be able to afford your high-end services, which is exactly what you want. Upon announcing this OGC program, about 10-20 leads in your Incubation Chambers will immediately come on board.

3.You’re now making money. $6000 per month, to be exact. This puts you in a position of power vs desperation, and opens doors for us to now use. Namely: intermediate level paid advertising.

Armed with your increased follower count, thriving lead incubation chambers, badass content, newly stablished cashflow, and elevated brand equity – you’re now in a position to benefit from THE HYDRA.

The same tools from your first launch will be applied here, with the addition of a HYDRA campaign.

This is a wonderfully mythical name for a specific paid advertising strategy that builds your following, pays for people to see your content, fills your lead chambers, drives leads to your sales funnel/page, and makes sales for you.

Utilizing the same rules as your “baby ads” (75% ingestion of content is mandatory for anyone to be sent another ad in your sequence), we’re now building a machine.

Instead of just 2 ads, we’ll be engineering a sequence of 6 different Facebook ads that span across a 10-14 day time period to take someone who’s never heard of you before, wooing them, winning them, and finally selling them into your OCG platform.

Not only will sales be made for you, we now have a structured and scalable method of expanding your follower and lead base in a progressive manner.

The best part? To hit 50 sales, your total ad spend will be somewhere around $300-$500 for the month, coming from he PROFITS you’ve already generated from high end coaching.

An example framework could look something like this:

Ad 1: Content
Ad 2: Content
Ad 3: Content + Follow your platforms + Join Facebook Group (now, even if they don’t buy this time, each person is heavily embedded within your web of influence. A sale 6 months from now is still a sale.)
Ad 4: Content + Lead Magnet
Ad 5: Case Study
Ad 6: Case Study + Send to sales funnel

Step 3: Service, Impact, Profit

Congrats, you’ve completed your second launch. The combined revenue of your high-end and OGC programs is now $13,500/month, with a grand total of $500-$1000 invested in marketing to make it happen, ALL taken from profits you’ve generated along the way…

Nail down your delivery systems, perfect your processes, iron out any bugs. Go forth and conquer.


But, wait. This article is about making $24K+ per month.
What you’ve just done over this 90 day period is not simply to create two coaching programs. No, no.

You’ve now engineered a living, breathing BUSINESS. Content systems and schedules. Lead incubation chambers. Two separate sales funnels. Two separate conversion systems. Two separate paid advertising campaigns. Organic content distribution methods. Systemized coaching delivery. Time management techniques. Enhanced market positioning and elevated authority.

You’ve created a duplicatable business model.

A natural next step, would be to simply duplicate the processes above in a “clone” like fashion, becoming more targeted and efficient with each passing day.

Your OGC program is a business in a box. An education system that can be cloned and launched again and again to other groups of 50 members.

I prefer to do this instead of having one massive group of 200 people. Far easier to track, and maintains an element of exclusivity.

In one version of your story 6 months down the line, your business should look like such:

15 high end coaching clients x $400/month = $6000 revenue

4 OGC programs of 50 people running at once = $30,000 revenue

Marketing costs per month: $2000

TOTAL = $34,000 profit
HOURS = 25-40

Be running 4 OGC programs whilst maintaining your high-end clientele. Engineer the weeks how you like. Craft your ideal lifestyle. Work your ass off. Enjoy the ride.

Hire a hungry, trustworthy rookie coach underneath you to manage communication and upkeep of the OGC forums, summoning you if and when you are needed. Pay them $3K/month for the task.

You’ve now reduced your workload by at least 20 hours for the week, and are now free to focus on the quality of education you’re providing, and further scale your business.

Also, $31,000K per month income.

Imagine, 6 months from now, where your brand, following, and lead chambers will be…

Doors will begin to open to new opportunities to scale and adapt your new business.

Or, refer to the “Holy Grail” business model at the beginning of this blueprint under *Pro-Tip 2: Redefine Your Business Model.

Here are some exact examples of coaches that moved to the NEW model:



No, not everybody can achieve these results.

It’s just not going to happen.

The reason lies in human nature. See, nobody drinks blood from the skulls of their enemies anymore…

If that’s too harsh for you, it basically means most humans are complacent, lazy and comfortable. Not to mention entitled.

Very ver are willing to TRULY commit. To go all in. To get punched in the mouth repeatedly, spit out the blood, and keep going.

This works if you DO THE WORK. It’s truly the only limiting factor between you and the life you want for yourself. Take it from me. Take it from the Coaches Cartel Members. Take it from Chris. Take it from anyone doing anything REAL, i don’t care. As long as you understand the person starting back at you in the mirror is your only true competition.

A decision needs to be made. A line drawn in the sand.

This is NOT an easy path. Yet, you’re choosing to follow it.

Question: What do the following quests have in common?

A. Starting and growing a business.

B. Prepping for 12-24 weeks to bathe in spray tan and step on a stage in your underwear to be judged objectively by complete strangers.

C. Simply dieting to achieve legitimate un-fat status once and for all.

Answer: all of the above are, in fact, choices.

*Choice (noun)*
The act or an instance of choosing or selecting. The opportunity or power of choosing.

Power. Of. Choosing.

Riddle me this mind-melter: what, in this doomed world, would possess a human to voluntarily CHOOSE one of the above quests – only to insufferably complain about how “hard” it is?

A properly obnoxious enigma. Made worse yet by mandatory pre-existing acknowledgement of unrelenting “hard” awaiting every sweet good-morning.

Such quests are heavily researched. Premeditated. Oft’ chosen with particularly zealous intent.

To lament about literally anything within said CHOSEN Quest is categorically unintelligent. Stupid.

Annoying, actually. Especially to your coach.

Look, nobody is forcing you to build a business. Nobody harbours the amount of “cares” you do about competition prep. I can nearly guarantee you’ve not been locked in an isolation chamber designed to achieve maximal sexification with suffering.

More importantly, choosing the above Quests DOES NOT in any fathomable way make you a hero. Not even once.

The ability to DO ANYTHING of your own volition is a privilege some on this Earth would commit Class A felonies for a single chance.

You have two choices. Period.

Keep doing the same thing… and get the same results.


2. Make the simple changes, and commit to building the fitness business that gives you the freedom you want.

Nobody has a gun to your head. Choose.

Just in case you’re still skeptical… You’re still not 100% convinced that this is EXACTLY what you need to do… See what these coaches have achieved by following the same steps.

The BIG GOAL is to give coaches more meaning, more money and more freedom.

All the successful coaches have 3 basic frameworks in place, and it’s all you need to focus on right now;

— Attract new leads (who are willing to pay you what you’re worth).

— Convert leads into clients (with a process you can trust)

— Deliver your clients great results (and you also get your life back).

We help coaches just like you install these frameworks into their business in this training program.

We called it the “coaches cartel”. (And you’re invited)

The reason for this long post is that if you’re feeling like I was…

If you’re a good coach who has been doing this for a while but feel like you may be STUCK in a bad model…

Then I want to invite you to what we call a “Strategy Session”.

The goal of your strategy session is simple; We go through what is working and what’s not working. Figure out the roadblocks. Figure out where you WANT to go… like what your DREAM coaching business looks like.

Then we create YOUR strategy plan.

Then if you want our help IMPLEMENTING your scale plan in your coaching business – we’ll tell you how that would work. If not… no big deal. You will have gotten some great value and a plan to work on yourself.

Fair enough?

If all that sounds good to you… and you would like to set up a Strategy Session with us… then the next step is simple. Take a minute and tell us about your coaching business here:

After the form… you will have the chance to save your spot at a time that best works for you.

Here’s the catch: We will go over your form before the call so that we’re ready to put your plan together! (So the more you tell us the better prepared we will be on the call)

Looking forward chatting soon.

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