There’s no doubt about it, getting in more leads for your fitness business can be a real problem and stress, and why in this article I am going to walk you through the 3 steps to separating yourself from your competition, and having clients come to you.


But… also tackling the real problem which is how could you getting 10 leads or more a day become one of your biggest nightmares.


You’re probably thinking, if you get more leads coming through that means more clients singing up and more money…


Now if your working hard to start and launch your online business, or you’ve started but your really trying to grow it your probably already feeling fed up and overwhelmed.


The reason I know this is I went through this myself… Running 2 personal training businesses and starting to build the online business it’s I felt like I was spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere.  If your following the mainstream advice and your list isn’t going, your client numbers and sales are slow and you want to at least get to the point where you can have the income from your online business so you can finally be working on what you really want it give you the security and lifestyle you want.


First up let me cover how you can start attracting in new leads, for the Full-Episode Click HERE To Get Access.  Importantly I’m also going to give you the 2 reasons why getting more leads could crush your business, and how to get around those problems.


Now this wasn’t the first time, but this morning I just got off an application call and the trainer was irritated, and was thinking of just giving up totally on her online fitness business.


The solution was after a quick chat, even she could see that there were just a few problems that needed to be fixed. And this is what I want to take you through now…


If you’ve been trying a bunch of things already and it hasn’t worked, and when you’ve tried finding out what to do to grow your following and list and then more clients there are 101 things you’ve been told from the gurus and PT schools, though I want to give you the fast start guide so you can use these 3 steps from today… and I’m convinced if you follow them, you’re going to see your business grow.


I know it’s a bold promise…


How To Have Online Personal Training Clients Coming To You.


The first step is a combination of what is your niche, or the exact types of clients you want to be signing on and what is it about you and your uniqueness that makes them get interested in yes, you are the person, the solution, the one that will solve the problem you are calling out.


You need to create a message, and this message is the underlying theme of why you do what you do and how.  It’s the theme that weaves through all your content, videos, articles, website and even social media posts.


What I’m taking you through here is a “Message-Market-Media Match”.  This first step you are crafting together what your message is


It could be:

  • I help you lose weight without counting calories or deprivation dieting.
  • I get you stronger faster with technical specific programming.
  • I will get you leaner by using custom to your body coaching.


There’s a never ending scenario of what your message is, and I’ve produced hours of coaching just on this, as this is the very first week of what I take my members through – but you need to do this right now.


You simply need to answer “why is someone going to take interest in you, choose you over your competitors.”


Once you have the message and you have clearly identified who your niche and target market is, you just need to choose how are you going to deliver that message.  This is where you need to combine what is your strength and what you enjoy doing.  And where is your market.


So make to make this really easy to understand lets use an example…


Your target market is post natal mothers, and your uniqueness is you give the custom made to them plans truly understanding what their bodies and lives are going through, so its easy for them to follow.  And you will be using facebook as the platform and video as the media.


Your next step is to produce on a consistent basis, and I would recommend at least 3 times a week, a piece of content that talks directly about their problems and gives them real help to use and get results.


The step from here is putting them through your sales funnel, and this starts with your ‘lead magnet’ – which is the piece of value you can create that can be a diet, guide, workout… What ever you think is best needed to give your target market a quick result they are wanting.


Now the lead magnet job is not just to get them to opt in – its about giving them real results through an easy to consume and use piece of value.


To make this really work you need to do the research before you go out and produce your content and lead magnet to be sure you are talking directly to your market, and you are able to clear away your competition.  To make sure that your niche see’s you as who is going to give them the solution they need.


If your running a face to face business already, and you either want to grow your online so you can transition and just do that.  Or if you want to grow your face to face and online together so you can be doing both there are 2 must have steps to be in place.


So then, how can you getting more leads be your biggest nightmare…?


How To Handle 10+ New Leads Per Day


You’re thinking this sound wrong, and the more leads you get the more clients you get, but it can actually go backwards.


Though getting boat loads of more leads in can take you from already feeling overwhelmed with what your trying to do to build your business to overflowing and stressing 10x more.


Let me explain:


Getting another 10 leads a day isn’t going to help if you…


  1. Don’t know how to have a system in place that can turn them into clients without sucking all your time




  1. If you don’t have the system to get them the best results and deliver to them what’s needed.


Now with this second point I see so many health professionals try and use the same system of coaching they do with face to face clients to the online clients… and it cant work. It’s a totally different animal with how you deal and coach with clients.


Let’s be honest:


  • Can you handle another 10 clients IF they signed up with you?
  • What’s the proven steps in place you have for new clients to start their transformation IF they sign?
  • Can you handle 10’s, 100’s or even 1000’s of new customers, where the system is in place and the ‘drip feeding’ of coaching works to ensure their best results?



To give you the real answer of the steps to have that together, ill pop a link below to the episode that covers how to create your signature system.


If you want more leads…


  • Do you have natural set of steps to sign them up, without sucking up all your time?
  • Or what about a sales page, that’s proven to convert to all the leads aren’t wasted.  And they can buy from you?


If you don’t, then you need to have in place the delivery and sales process so you can focus on the work you enjoy most, and have the comfort of knowing your business is growing.


The truth is:

You can see from the steps above that getting leads is the easy part.  This can be set up quickly and turned on ‘auto-pilot’.

Avoid the overwork, overstress and frustration that I’ve gone through when you just jump in and don’t have the business or systems set up properly.

If you get 10x more leads, is this just going to be 10x more work for you, or even worse 10x more unhappy clients.  If you’re a good trainer or coach, you have the skills and experience. It’s just a matter of packing this up in the process and system so you can deliver it to the amount of customers that has your business thriving.


Trust me, getting leads is the easy part… every one can run a facebook ad, and drive traffic to their content and lead magnet for sign ups.


This is why if your serious about taking the right steps and quickly grow your online by knowing the steps then Click HERE for the full guide to attracting in new clients to delivering results and designing your business to give you what you want. So you can have the impact, earn what you are worth and have the freedom and lifestyle you want, all while doing what you love.

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