This is a true story, as not that long ago on sunny day, late one afternoon.  


Two Fitness Professionals who had both graduated from the same courses ran into each other.  When they started out they were both filled with dreams of  becoming rich and creating  a great life, transforming the bodies and lives of their clients.


However there was only one difference that separated them. And which created the huge difference that is now so obvious between their lives, their incomes and how happy they were on this day.


Ricky was a successful personal trainer. He had a team  of trainers working for him, he was charging a premium rate for his coaching and was being noticed as a leading entrepreneur.  He was training his clients like the typical Personal  Trainer. His days starting with his 6am client to about 11am.  Then having a big gap in the day when  he would  come back  to train clients  from 4pm to 8pm.


Ricky had followed the advice his teachers had given him in his certification courses.  He was making nearly $100,000 a year, a goal he had set only 2 years before. However  when he hit his income goal, he didn’t feel successful. Working 6 days a week and being in the gym from 6am to 6pm had him feeling like he was close to burning out.  Rickys  wife was fully supportive of  him and his fitness business, but with their 1 year old daughter.  They both knew that Ricky was missing out on a lot of their daughters important moments.


Deep down Ricky was angry, frustrated and fed up.  He had worked harder and harder to build his fitness business, and it felt like his life was getting unhappier and unhappier.  Something had to change, and he didn’t know what.


Like many Personal Trainers, Ricky initially assumed that the more certifications he got, the better he got at getting his clients results, the greater his business would grow.


Then there’s the other Fit Pro, Maxwell.


‘Max’ has 3 kids and earlier today had plenty of time for school drop off.  Him and his wife stopped by their favourite cafe to sit and enjoy a morning coffee, having plenty of time before he had to start his work.  His work for the day only lasted a few hours, and was perfectly timed between school drop off, and when he would go train himself at 2pm.  After he trained, he had no more work to do, and he didn’t  even pick up  his phone. He could truly enjoy the afternoon at the beach with his family.


Max’s business had the exact same amount of team members as Ricky’s.  Ricky had 7 Personal Trainers that worked underneath him, where Max had 7 team members that were all virtual and lived around the world.  Whereby Ricky was earning nearly $100,000 a year with 60-70 hours of work each week.  Max was earning well over a million dollars a year and working 30-40 hours a week.


Yeah,  read that twice if you need too.  Max was earning over 10x more than Ricky working nearly half the amount of hours.  However this great divide between these two coaches was growing larger by each and every passing day.


Ricky was struggling to keep his clients.  They weren’t that motivated and interested in getting into the gym multiple times  a week to see him. Their cost was roughly $600-$800 to be  training with Ricky. And he felt like his clients were going over to Max.  Even worse it was getting harder for Ricky to sign on new clients.


Ricky had a website and social media accounts, constantly posting out content, videos and selfies. But felt like it was getting less and less effective. He was pouring all his spare time between training clients into trying to grow his business. There was no way he could join the dots of all the time and effort he was putting in, and the lacklustre amount of clients he could say he was getting from it.


Max has a few different options whereby his clients are all around the world.  Most of his clients get their training, nutrition and accountability through online coaching. But Max also has face-to-face options that cater to the clients that needs that in person touch. 


Both Ricky and Maxwell had the same ideas of what ‘success’ looks like.


They both wanted to earn enough money so that they didn’t have financial stress.  They both wanted to be able to buy the things that would enrich their lives.  They both wanted to impact and changes lives with their passion for health and fitness. They both wanted to live a life that was on their own terms.  They ultimately gave them the freedom they wanted.


So how did these two ambitious Fit Pro’s end up in such different places.


Ricky had the constant up’s and downs that so many fitness coaches have.  These ups and downs are usually caused by some clients cancelling, other travelling and others not being able to attend their sessions.  He couldn’t never know exactly how much money he would end up with each month. However his expenses were always there and stress of whether he would just scrape by or end up with money left over with taking a toll on him.


Max’s month to month income was very different.  He could predict within a small window just how much money he would end up in his bank account. Each month he was able to add to his profits, which was a big difference that separated him from the typical fit pro.  His business gave him a profit each and every month. And it gave him the financial security that Max gave him so much of his freedom.


There’s a good chance that you reading this now, you want to help more people.  Me personally, I want to wake up each and every day knowing that I’m making a positive impact on the world. As one of the big differences between Ricky and Max was the amount of people they each were able to help.  Whereby Ricky had a typical client roster of about 25-45 clients. Max on the other hand had over 200 paying clients.  Just like Max, you too can make some small changes that can exponentially transform the amount of people you can impact.


Finally there’s the big, pink elephant in the room that we have to talk about when it comes the difference between the ‘successful’ fitness professionals, and the ones that just get by.


You, me and the extreme vast majority of all entrepreneurs and business owners got into this, because we wanted more freedom.  This does look difference from person to person, however it boils down to you living your life the way you want to live it.


Ricky’s freedom had a ceiling.  And just like his income, this ceiling is practically impossible to breakthrough unless you make one simple change.  Ricky could only earn so much money, because there was only so many hours in the day. Which meant he could only train so much clients, and there was only so much he could charge per session.


Worst of all, Ricky had to be in the gym training his clients for him to get paid. Anytime he was sick, couldn’t get to the gym, wanted some time off, or needed to spend precious time with his family. He was losing money.


This is what I call the “time for money trap”, and I didn’t make that up.


Tony Robbins said “Don’t trade your time for money.  It’s the worst trade you can ever make.”  And when I personally heard Tony Robbins say that, it changed everything for me.


Now, I have to tell you a secret…


Ricky isn’t Ricky.  Ricky was me back in 2014. And it was soon before I quit Personal Training.


It was when I did burn out.  The 4:30am wake ups, the late finishes for years and years in a  row, the grinding work with minimal payoffs finally broke me.


And Max… He is me as well.  He’s represents the life I now live after I burnt out and make one of biggest career moves of my life.


Thankfully quitting Personal Training was one  of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  It’s what got me from living Rickys life, to living MAx’s life.  As I don’t say that to talk down on PT.  Not at all, as my love for health and fitness is as strong as ever, and I’m now able to help 100X more people with this passion.  It’s now that I broke free from the “Old Personal Training Model” that has not only given me more freedom, but the hundreds of other Fitness Professionals that I’ve helped to the exact same.


And now you can too.


It was only last Friday before writing this chapter for you.  I got up soon after 6am and got started writing the email that was going out to my entire list. It was still dark and all I could hear were the birds chirping.  I wanted a pulse check on the entire fitness community to see how they were really feeling.


The responses of over 18,300 personal trainers and fitness professionals had come in, and the answers were overwhelming.


The one obvious fact was clear.  The ‘game’ for us fitness professionals is changing and this time its a big one.  As there’s 2 things so many are not talking about.


Firstly there is the dark statistics about how many fitness businesses are still going to be around in the near future.  Some statics say that 80% of businesses art going to be around in 5 years from now.  The lowest I’ve seen is 50% of businesses are going to make it. Thats at best a 50/50 chance of you still being in business in only a few years from now, doing what you love.  But then when I was reading through the responses from the thousands of trainers and coaches it became clear that just looking at “success” of a business being either alive or dead was too shallow.


At best the 50% statics of businesses still being around doesn’t take into account the huge amount of businesses that are struggling. Barely scrapping through and giving themselves a profit.  Constantly chasing after new clients and battling with the ups and downs of month to month income that so many fitness professionals deal with.  


The second piece of evidence that was starring me in the face was the data coming back with all the changes in the fitness industry.  Advertising especially on Facebook has recently gone up over 400%, all of the social media platforms that so many have worked so hard on have had their organic reach drop to 1-2%.  Wearable technology and fitness apps are booming which is only taking away clients from trainers and coaches as the market is finding solutions elsewhere.  Plus there are the pricing wars that are cutthroat that causing so many trainers to constantly charge less and less, eating away at their profits.


The unfortunate truth is that so many fitness professionals right now are still trying to use the old, outdated and many times straight out wrong methods to get more clients and build their business.  This is where Ricky was stuck.  Simply following the old, outdated and usually straight up wrong advice.


No longer are the days that you could put up a website and drive sales to your $7 ebook to go laughing to the bank each day.  No more can you just start posting selfies of your abs, get a bunch of followers and then easily have them buy your diet or workout plans. And forget about trying to get together a fancy sales funnel or run a challenge so that you can get them to sign onto your coaching program.


Theres an entirely new (and more effective) strategy for marketing to get new clients.  


As the coaches that are using it around the world (right now as you are reading this) are calling this the “holy grail” for personal trainers and gym owners. 


And YES, that’s a bold statement for me to make.  And it’s why I’m going to show you the proof of what the other trainers and coaches are achieving and how exactly you can use these tactics and methods as well.


See, if you’re like most smart personal trainers and coaches.  You’ve tried to grow your business online.  I’m pretty confident right now you being here, reading this. Thats its not your first crack at trying to figure out “how do I build a successful business?”.

You’ve probably tried posting on social media multiple times a day, tried to set up Facebook ads, built sales funnels and get a website up.  The problem isn’t that those tactics are wrong.  Its that if you dont have the right strategy behind it, then everything you do can be a gigantic waste of time and money.

Most fitness professionals (and especially the struggling ones right now) are using a broken model… a dead model that I call the “OLD PT Model”.  In the next chapter I’m going to walk you through exactly why we were fed the lie of the “OLD PT Model”, and show you how to move to the ‘New Generation Fit Pro Model’.

Then in the chapter after I’m going to outline the 9-factors that all successful fitness businesses need to have in place, and how you can easily set this up for yourself.

This is why I believe, that if you don’t keep up with the changes now.  You could be left behind forever.

See, NONE of the other coaches or even myself focus on all these old-and-dead tactics.  Why? Because there is NO need.

But we’re still able to get amazing results like no one else because I’ve figured out a handful of strategies that actually get results.

But before we move on any further, there are 3 fundamental truths that you have to know.  Because if you skip over and miss these, everything else that I can show you. Wont be as impactful, and you could be cutting yourself short.


1 – The way you attract and sell your programs and products has to drastically change.

The traditional sales funnel is dead for Fit Pro’s.

Especially for the trainers that don’t have massive followings on Instagram, Facebook or Youtube. And even their days are numbered.

You’ve probably heard the marketing term “sales funnel”, which really simply is the concept of the set of steps you need to engineer so that you can maximiser your sales from the people that know who you are.

Ricky is using the “sales funnel” that will end of bleeding his business to death.  It’s not an overnight death.  Its a death of a thousand cuts, which is painful, as I know all too well as I lived it for all too long.

The difference between the winners and the losers in the fitness business game, is that you have to build “context” for your potential clients to see YOU as the coach they need over everybody else.

We see each week trainers coming to us that have spent months and far too much money trying to build ‘the ultimate sales funnel’. Only for it to bring in ZERO clients.

This is why we’ve moved to the 3-Step Attract Method, that is what built Max’s success, and will be a fundamental step in yours.

As the fact is, you have massive competition.  You need to seperate yourself from everyone else, and that means you need to be ‘top of mind’ to your potential clients.

Otherwise, you’ll be forgotten in the sea of social media and content.

This isn’t about having a ton of “tech stuff” in place…

It’s actually the opposite.

Our 3-step engine which is our most effective sales system you can have up and running in as little as 30-days..

First, you need to get your market to take notice of you.. And we use a framework to create ’authority content’ to have them want more of you.

Then, you engage with them over multiple platforms, which at first looks ‘too technical’. But really its an easy flow thats only taking us 10-15 minutes a day.

All you simply need to do is:

  • Decide on the exact market, niche or people you want to serve.
  • Create a clear, precise and effective message that sets you up as the “go-to” coach.
  • Put this message in-front of them using the right ‘media’ platform.


Finally, you have a ‘fit-or-no-fit conversation’ too see if they are good enough to join your program.

But — there’s one other factor that needs to be in place for this all to work…


2 – Your clients don’t want an exercise program or a diet…

Put aside the fact that a quick scroll through Instagram will have more “online trainers” than you can poke a stick at.

Let’s look at your #1 biggest competitor.


When someone wants to lose weight, get in shape, change their diet, etc…

They are going to google it first.

And a quick search for “how to lose weight” gives 121,000,000 results in 0.47 seconds.

So, there you have it.  121 MILLION answers that your potential clients have at their finger tips. And much of it is free.

Then we have your other competitors, the goliaths such as Beach Body, Nike and the companies that have ginorous war chests fo funds that will c rush you igf you try nd play their game.

Writing a workout, or diet plan for a client and giving it to them in a eBook or PDF or even a membership site is dying out.

Gone are the days of you selling an e-book for $7 or $39 and making millions.

People no longer want information — they need transformation, and thats where you come in.

Let’s face it… Your clients can easily Google all the information they need.

A plethora of websites gives away workouts, diets, recipes for free or a small charge.

But, lets look at the other changes technology is bringing…

Tracking calories will become easier thanks to the smart watches that will be able to automatically track the calorie content through the day.

Restaurant menus will come with virtual reality features that can give you access to useful info on the calories and nutritional content of the dishes served.

Technology will soon have us being able to take a quick blood or saliva sample to give us a read out of our individual perfect diet.

Shopping trolleys will flag unhealthy items and ensure you purchase only what your diet allows.

Smart watches featuring dieting apps will be able to send motivational messages at the times of day, when the users are usually taking a snack.

Supermarket shopping trolleys fitted with RFID tags and barcode scanners will feature a nutrition assistant applications that will calculate not only the overall number of calories but the sugar and fat content of your purchases as well.

Something, you as a personal trainer can’t do.

Data mining will soon be able to give you an individualised workout plan thats using the information from 1000’s of touch points.

I’m writing this NOT to be all ‘Doom and Gloom’…

This is an eye-opener so you are on the leading edge, and for you to make changes now, so that you’re not left behind.

There is a huge opportunity for Health and Fitness Professionals to take advantage  of right now that can truly impact  the lives of their clients if they set up  their delivery  systems properly.

Now this goes into the third BIG change that must happen for the above two to work…


3 – ‘You Must Get Out Of The OLD PT Model’

And this is so important, it needs its own chapter  for us   to go into right now…




Like they say in the movies, this is based on a true story 😊.

I want to tell you about the tale of two fitness professionals who started in the same starting position, but their lives turned out completely differently. 

Both of them had just completed the exact same fitness qualification. 

They both started out with big, bold dreams and a clear vision of their future. They both wanted to achieve massive things in the fitness industry! 

They wanted to help a ton of people, they wanted to create impact and they both wanted to be successful financially, so they could provide a great life for themselves and their family.

What’s more, they wanted to live life on their terms. They wanted both financial and time freedom, so they could enjoy life, take vacations whenever they wanted, and ultimately live an awesome life!

Both had a great work ethic and were not afraid of the hard work necessary to achieve their goals. 

They also had a similar level of intelligence, so they were starting in the same position with no advantage for either person.

However, when they started their journeys, both of them took very different paths.

You see, despite both guys wanting to achieve exactly the same goals, that’s where the similarities stop.

It’s actually crazy to think that two people with exactly the same goals could take completely different paths.

However, that’s exactly what happened…

Before we go any further, I think it would be a good idea to introduce to you both Ricky and Max…

First, let’s talk about Ricky.

Ricky was a successful personal trainer and I say successful in the sense that he was successful from the outside looking in.

He had a fully booked personal training business with high paying clients.

He had a number of trainers working under him as well. 

However, he was starting work at the crack of dawn every single day…6 am in fact! 

He absolutely hated it. 

Getting up early before the sun had even risen, leaving before his family had even gotten up was starting to take its toll. 

He would also have a big gap in the day when he wouldn’t train any clients at all. 

This meant he couldn’t spend time with his family, and this made him miserable.

Despite the fact that he was making nearly $100,000 per year.

This was a big goal of his when he first started out two years ago.

However, he didn’t feel successful because he was working six days a week. 

Starting at the crack of dawn, and not getting home till dark and not spending time with his family.

This started to make him miserable and depressed…

In fact, he felt like he was a bad father because he wasn’t spending much time with his family. 

He felt like he was letting his family down…

And, he felt like he was letting himself down…

This with pretty gut reaching for Ricky to admit…

You see, most people struggle to achieve their goals and experience all the negative consequences of not doing so.

However, what is actually worse is having a big clear vision of exactly what you want to achieve…achieving it and then realize that target and goal wasn’t worth pursuing…

Ricky had reached the goal, but he quickly realized that this particular goal was not worth the pursuit at all…

He couldn’t figure it out…

He felt like he was achieving the goal he had set out to do, but now he’s actually doing it, it just doesn’t feel right, he’s not happy at all and he feels like he’s working overtime. 

And he doesn’t have the time freedom he truly wanted to spend time with his family.

What’s worse is that achieving this goal isn’t just making Ricky unhappy…

It’s having an enormous negative impact on his family…

His family barely ever sees him and it’s starting to affect their once-perfect relationship…

Not to mention the fact that Ricky barely sees his newborn daughter…

What makes this situation even harder for Ricky is that if he doesn’t train a client for a session, or he wants to take a vacation or spend time with his family…

He doesn’t get paid…

Ricky also had the issue of a fluctuating income and clients canceling at the last minute. 

So, even though he knows that the lifestyle he is living isn’t sustainable…he still has bills to pay and he’s fearful that any time off means lost revenue…

The other problem with Ricky is that he’s always fearful of losing clients because he doesn’t have a predictable system for bringing in new leads and clients…

This means he sometimes has to take on clients that are “not a good fit” or he knows they are going to be a pain in the backside to train.

However, he doesn’t have a choice…he needs the revenue and he feels guilty turning down the money. 

If this sounds familiar. 

Then, keep reading. 

I totally get it if you are stuck in a similar spot.

It doesn’t surprise me because it’s the situation for many personal trainers. 

However, I want to introduce you to, Max. 

He was the guy that completed his personal training qualification at the same time.

Just like Ricky…Max has children but his day is completely different to Ricky’s. 

He actually has time to take his children to school…

Next, he then spends time with his wife every single morning and enjoys their favorite coffee.

He works for around four hours, and this fits perfectly between dropping the kids off at school and collecting them again. 

He even has time to train himself early in the afternoon. 

He feels happy and content.

He doesn’t feel stressed and anxious all the time because he has a team of staff that work virtually around the world, as opposed to Ricky who has trainers who work underneath him. 

Ricky was earning nearly $100,000 a year but he was working 60-70 hours a week, whereas Max is earning well over a million dollars a year working just 30 to 40 hours a week. That’s a big difference. 

And it wasn’t just the money difference… but it was the freedom, the fact that Max could enjoy time with his family. 

He didn’t feel stressed and anxious all the time and he felt happy.

He felt like he had the time freedom to do what he wanted, whenever he wanted.

And Max is earning over 10 times more than Ricky, even though he’s working a lot less.

Max is making over a million dollars a year.

Max also has over 200 clients. 

What was interesting though is despite Max earning 10x more than Ricky. Ricky and Max had the same number of staff. Ricky had 7 trainers working for him and Max had 7 team members working for him all remotely from all over the world.

So, Max didn’t need an expensive office to rent or anything like that. 

Max also coached all his clients around the world virtually, whereas Ricky had to physically be with his clients.

There are more differences to Ricky in that he would struggle to keep his clients.

He often felt like he was constantly on a hamster wheel just chasing new clients all the time. 

He didn’t have a predictable system to bring in leads and clients every single week…

And, he was scared shitless that his current clients would leave him…

This anxiety would run his day all day every day…

Worried his current clients would leave and he didn’t have a clue how to replace them with brand-new clients…

When he wasn’t training clients, he would spend hours and hours posting content on social media, posting selfies, and doing video content.

Sometimes he would pick up some clients but most of the time it was just crickets. 

He couldn’t understand because he was putting in so much effort. 

He followed a lot of content online, YouTube videos, and podcasts about how best to get clients…

He constantly felt confused and overwhelmed with all the mixed messages about how to get clients…

Ricky felt like one guru would say one thing and the next would completely contradict them.

This left him confused and overwhelmed with exactly what he should be doing to get new clients.

The reality is, Ricky was using a “shotgun approach”, he was doing a ton of stuff but he didn’t have anything in place to actually measure if it was actually working or not. 

Max and Ricky look successful, but both felt completely different on the inside. 

Max had freedom. 

He was earning more money and he could do what he wanted…when he wanted. 

Ricky on the other hand was working all the time. 

He didn’t have time to spend with his family. 

And if he didn’t train clients, he didn’t get paid and his monthly revenue was an up and down roller coaster. Whereas Max on the other hand knew his income from month to month was very predictable…

Because he had systems in place to generate leads and clients predictably.

Ricky didn’t know where his next client was coming from. 

Max knew how many leads were coming in and how many would convert into clients and he had a system in place.

Therefore, within a reasonable amount of certainty, Max knew exactly how much revenue was coming in every single month.

This is an absolute gamer changer when you have this knowledge…

Imagine going to bed each and every night knowing how many leads, new clients, and revenue you are going to have for the following month…

That’s the power of having a proven system in place to do this…

It’s the most important piece in your business.

A system to predictability and reliably turn strangers into leads and then leads to high paying clients. 

One of the biggest issues for Max was that if he wanted to take time off and spend time with his family then he wouldn’t get paid. 

On the other hand, Max could take time off whenever he wanted because he had a team running his business. 

As Max’s business grew, he just hired more staff.

It wasn’t just the amount of success they had in their businesses either…

It was how they felt on a day to day basis…

Ricky was stressed all the time, anxious and plain and simply was not happy…

Ricky felt burnt out all the time…

Ricky could never truly be present with his family because he always had work stuff going on in his head.

Max on the other hand was the complete opposite…

Max felt happy and content because he had a team of people doing all the work for him…

When he did work, he was energized to do so because he was working less…

Finally, when Max was with his family, he was truly present and wasn’t thinking about work all the time because he had other people taking care of it.

The biggest difference is this…

Ricky was in what is called the time for money trap. 

Tony Robbins once said don’t trade time for money because it is the worst trade you will ever make.

Here’s something that may surprise you.

This is the big secret…Ricky was actually me in 2014.

Before I quit personal training I was completely burnt out. 

I didn’t have any freedom at all. 

I felt like a failure. I was working all the time and spending no time with my family.

So, what about Max?

Well, that’s actually me now 😉. 

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made was to move to the new model of PT, which is online.

This changed everything for me…

I went from feeling stuck, anxious, and stressed all the time, not spending time with my family and working all the time…

To build the business of my dreams…

Impacting and helping a lot more people, working less because I now had a team of people working remotely around the world doing the work for me…

I was earning 10x more…

I could spend and enjoy time with my family…

Enjoy more time with my children, go on holiday whenever I wanted…

Everything changed.

The biggest shift was systemizing my business…

Instead of me being the engine.

I had systems in place, and other people run those systems…so I had a lot more freedom. 

Getting out of the time for money trap is the secret to getting the freedom you truly want as a fitness professional. 

Next, there is another big problem. 

There is the dark statistics about how many fitness businesses are still going to be around in the near future.  Some statics say that 80% of businesses art going to be around in 5 years from now.  

The lowest I’ve seen is 50% of businesses are going to make it. Thats at best a 50/50 chance of you still being in business in only a few years from now, doing what you love.  

But then when I was reading through the responses from the thousands of trainers and coaches it became clear that just looking at “success” of a business being either alive or dead was too shallow.

At best the 50% statics of businesses still being around doesn’t take into account the huge amount of businesses that are struggling. Barely scrapping through and giving themselves a profit.  

Constantly chasing after new clients and battling with the ups and downs of month to month income that so many fitness professionals deal with.  

One of the other biggest problems is that advertising has recently gone up (especially on Facebook) and Facebook’s organic reach has dropped to 1-2%.

The issue is most fitness professionals don’t have a clue where their next client is coming from.

They don’t have a predictable system in place to generate new clients and they’re constantly anxious, stressed, and worried.

And they’re afraid to take time off because if they do, their current clients might leave for good. 

The model for selling cheap stuff online just doesn’t work anymore. 

Why is that?

Because advertising costs have gone up so much you need to be selling a higher price premium program to have success online. 

What would you prefer? Having lots of cheap clients, or just a handful of clients paying you top dollar that actually stick to what you tell them to do?

Now, you may be stuck in this trap right now. 

You’re stuck in the time for money trap. You’ve probably tried posting on social media multiple times per day, building a sales funnel, challenges, and Facebook ads.

…You’re stuck, you’re chasing clients and you’re trying to get as many referrals as possible.

You’re doing everything you can to get clients, but you don’t have a system. It’s all random and you’re just throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks. 

You probably feel like you’re just spinning your wheels…

Sometimes some of these strategies will work and you’ll pick up some clients…

Other times you’ll just hear crickets.

Not to mention the fact that you’re probably worried about losing your current clients as well…

So, this worry, fear & anxiety is a never-ending cycle…

However, there is a reason for this.

You need a predictable and reliable system for generating new leads…

…And then a system for turning those leads into high paying clients…

And then a system to keep those clients…

Without this, you will always be stuck in a feast & famine business.

Just using what I call “hope marketing & random acts”.

This is not a sustainable approach to business and your number one goal should be creating a system that consistently brings you, clients, in every month like clockwork.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

So, we both agree you need to do something different?

Good, I’m glad you agree.

Here’s how to do it. 


1 – The way you attract and sell your programs and products has to drastically change.

The traditional sales funnel is dead for fitness professionals.

You’ve got to drastically change your approach to your fitness business, you’ve likely heard of the term sales funnel before, and the current model is broken.

Again, if you don’t have a predictable and reliable system for bringing in leads every single month, then your funnel is broken and that should be your number one priority to get this fixed.

So, you go to bed every single night knowing that you have a system in place that will predictably and reliably bring you leads and clients like clockwork.

This is one of the biggest differences between Ricky and Max.

Having a predictable and reliable sales funnel that brings you new leads and sales every single month is what separates the winners and losers. 

This is why we’ve moved to the 3-Step Attract Method, that is what built Max’s success, and will be a fundamental step in yours.

Because there is so much competition these days, you “need a kick-ass” sales funnel to be able to scale.

The good news is, you don’t need any “tech” knowledge to put this in place. 

And the best part?

You can have one of these “kick-ass” funnels in place in as little as 30 days.

One of the secrets is that you need people to engage with you on multiple platforms. This just takes 30 minutes per day.

All you simply need to do is:

  • Decide on the exact market, niche, or people you want to serve.
  • Create a clear, precise, and effective message that sets you up as the “go-to” coach.
  • Put this message in front of them using the right ‘media’ platform.

Finally, you have a ‘fit-or-no-fit conversation’ to see if they are good enough to join your program.


2 – Your clients don’t want an exercise program or a diet…

Look, we need to get real for a second.

Today, more than ever before, your ideal client has so many options to choose from when it comes to improving their bodies.

Without first acknowledging this simple fact is placing your head in the sand.

The biggest thing you need to understand first is that people will no longer buy “information”…what they really want is transformation.

Think about it, your ideal client can go on YouTube and find thousands of videos to help them with their nutrition and training.

They can get workouts, recipes, and instructional videos from everything about how to perform a squat, to how to lose fat and build muscle. 

Heck, they can now join in on live Instagram workouts and get live motivation and support.

Not to mention the enormous amount of people who have recently entered the fitness industry online today. 

Restaurant menus will come with virtual reality features that can give you access to useful info on the calories and nutritional content of the dishes served.

Technology will soon have us being able to take a quick blood or saliva sample to give us a readout of our individual perfect diet.

Shopping trolleys will flag unhealthy items and ensure you purchase only what your diet allows.

They can buy smartwatches that track their food they can use My Fitness Pal and they can buy cheap books.

I’m not saying this to scare you. I’m just sharing the reality of the competition you are up against. 

I’m telling you about this because I’m excited to share with you a better way.

There’s a brand-new opportunity within the fitness industry right now I want you to take advantage of it.

But first, it all starts with this…


3- ‘You Must Get Out Of The OLD PT Model’ and get out of the “time for money trap”

This is the big one.

If you’re in this time model trap, you are stuck.

And the problems are going to get worse. 

What happens as you get older and you’ve got more responsibility and you’re stuck in a position where you can’t take time off without your income dropping. 

How long can you keep that up?

This is not sustainable.

And it’s the biggest problem with fitness businesses right now. 

Also, you have a financial ceiling of how much money you can earn because you are just trading time for money. 

You need to get out of this cycle immediately. 

And that’s what I’ll be sharing with you in the next chapter.





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