“I get people in front of me, but i don’t know how to sell and sign on new clients.”

Just the other day I held a free coaching session to a big group of trainers and this one question came in over and over, so I said I would go deep and record this episode for you.

So many trainers are still trying to follow old, hard-sell style tactics to sign on new clients.

If you’re having awkward sales conversations, or you’re having people say to you:

“I have to think about it”
“Too expensive”
“I have to ask my spouse/partner”
“I have to think about it”
“I had a bad experience with another trainer”

It’s time for you to copy these 3 dead easy steps to have a a process you can trust to be signing on new clients each week…

If this really resonated with you, and your wanting more of this to transition to a ‘personal trainer 2.0 model’, for more money freedom and impact.