Fitness Coach… Question for you (if you’ve got the cojones to answer it)…


How UNCOMFORTABLE do you have to get..?




How uncomfortable do you have to get until you FINALLY say “enough is enough” and make a change for the better..?


Back in 2014, just before I quit Personal Training (in the “Old” method)


I was a crumpled heap crying on my wife…


What the hell was happening to me?


13 years ago when I started out…


I would have given my right arm to have a calendar choc-full of well-paying clients.


I was a premium-priced in demand PT living the dream in sunny and glamorous Dubai.


6 trainers working underneath me too…


But isn’t it funny?


As you get older the things you wanted the most often become things you want the least…


I mean…


I remember one afternoon my life came to a screeching halt.


After a long day from 6AM to 5PM training clients, I raced home to spend a few precious hours with my baby girl.


I got home and she was already sleeping.


It wasn’t the first time it happened…


It was happening more often trying to squeeze family time into whatever free one-hour slot I had in my schedule.


Deep in my gut, I knew it wasn’t being the Husband and Father I wanted to be.


I tell you this because…


If you’re a PT who’s fully booked (or you’re getting close it?)




While you’re making a comfortable living?


You’re not generating the kind of income you need to get a mortgage or support a family NOT without killing yourself in the process.


I know exactly what you’re going through.


If you’re regularly doing 5+ sessions a day and feel like you’re burning out…


Feel like you’ve reached your income ceiling and running out of hours in the day to fit in more clients and more income…


Your own training has taken a back seat trying to squeeze it in where you can, still tired from a long week and an even longer to-do list…


Can’t even remember the last time you did something just for the “hellva of it!”


On a never ending client treadmill going from session to session with no end in sight just another year, or 3, of the same 24/7/365 day “hustle and grind”…


Starting to wonder.. “how long can I keep doing this?”


Not wanting to become the 50 year old PT in the corner who’s staring into space counting his clients reps…


That’s why I show you in this episode how to 4X Your Income (With the proven system you just need to follow).


With that said…


I just want to let you know…


Between me and the “crew” at the Coaches Cartel we’ve set aside time to work with a few time poor and “fully booked” PT’s who want to 3-4x their income and slash their working hours in HALF…


Helping them to get to a multiple 6 figure a year online biz as fast as possible, with $100k a year being the absolute min. target.


(We’ll actually be shooting for several hundred thousand a year, realistically)


We’ll be working super closely over 90 days with a specific personalised action plan for your unique goals and circumstances that’s broken down into monthly, weekly and daily steps.


So in 3 months time not only will you have seen a massive cash flow injection, but also have but concrete foundations of a business that can support a million dollars a year or more.


… and if you thinking I’m talking out my arse and want to say “yeah, right Chris!”


My work comes with a double-your-money-back guarantee… AND a “love it or leave” test-drive.


Will massive action be required?


Yep, I’m asking for some consistent weekly effort, patience and guts.


I know you’re a disciplined, driven person with a solid work-ethic, isn’t it time we built a bank account as big as your biceps?


(The Money Map) The Personal Trainers 4-Step “Money Map” To Get More Clients
If you’re like me… You started your fitness business to give yourself more freedom.


You know that you’re good at what you do.


You have the experience, expertise and you get results.


So, if you’re feeling “stuck” or “frustrated” with your lack of freedom, money or success. Then you’re not alone.

See, unfortunately most trainers and coaches don’t get any of those things from their business

most create a job for themselves…


If your like most coaches

  • You already have enough 1:1 clients and you’re sick of being a “rep counter”… but you want to get out of the “time-for-money” trap and don’t know how to make the transition.
  • You’re shooting videos, posting on Instagram, launching challenges, running Facebook ads… and not seeing the results from your hard work.
  • You have a kid on the, already have a young family, or you’re thinking about how you’re going to “make it work” to give your family financial security.
  • You have zero idea HOW “online personal training” actually works… and the thought of doing all the “tech stuff” makes it even more confusing.
  • You’re fed up with clients cancelling last minute, causing your monthly income to be up and down… giving you just another reason to “finally make the change”.

Just imagine…


A systemised process you can trust, that;


That’s why I’m showing you one of the first steps I work with when they start with me — “The Money Map”.


Giving you the 4-steps that every successful fitness business needs working.


And when you get it up and running, it’s going to have…


You as the “go to coach”, so that clients are constantly coming to you (rather than you chasing after them).


You‘re only working with the clients you love (and don’t have any more “energy vampire” clients)


You watch your income grow month-to-month (so that you never agains stress about the ups and downs of your income like most coaches).


Here’s how to see for yourself…

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See you on the inside,




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