How would you like to have clients coming to you…?

Most trainers think I’m crazy when I first say this to them. But the truth is, it’s only a few small steps you need to make –

So that that you stop chasing clients, and you become the “go-to” trainer.

We just finished up a Fitness Business Success Blueprint call and you can get access to the live recording HERE.

To be honest though it was the flood of questions that came in before the call that made me want to give this article and episode to you today.

As most trainers are “stuck” in one or more of these areas:

  • You’re not charging what your worth… You are under-charing yourself because there are other trainers at such a low cost, and you think you have to compete with them by lowering your price.
  • You don’t knowing where your next clients is.  Struggling to have a steady flow of new leads.
  • You don’t have a trusted way to sign on new clients.  And most likely trying multiple different things to get new clients, but not knowing whats going to work
  • You haven’t had a holiday in years… or if you did get some time away – you we’re constantly stressing about “work” and that you’re not making any money, infant you’re losing money by being away.

If they sound familiar to you, then let me walk you through the easy steps you can take from today to turn it all around.  And have the fitness business that gives you the freedom and impact you want.

Watch The Full Episode Here:


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