Why does a high-quality coach like yourself struggle to get clients and build a successful PT business?


…all you need is the right platform that showcases your skills and expertise so clients are coming to you.


It’s just using the same 4-steps I show trainers and health professionals around the world in all the different niches that you can see here: 4-Key Steps to Building Your Personal Training Business Here

Understanding the intricacies with the hormonal environment, being able to design and manipulate diet and training programs that transform your clients.  You know deep-down that you are miles ahead of all the other trainers in your gym….

Then why are you struggling to get clients, and build a successful personal training business that not just gives you the money, but the freedom and lifestyle you want…

You’re grinding out sessions, and stuck with two major problems:


1 – The Time-For-Money Trap, that has you selling your time for dollars, and limiting your income and success.  There are only a certain amount of hours in the day, and a limit to how many clients you can see… before you burn out.

2 – The Yo-Yo, and ebb and flow of your income week to week with clients coming and going, falling off, or going away.  Your income is hard to predict and the security your current business gives you is very limited.

When I did my first BioSignature under Charles Poliquin in 2009, he said “you have to learn more to earn more”.  And I took that to heart… I literally travelled the world doing private internships with the best coaches, multiple courses, seminars and consultations – plus reading every book that was recommended.


Then it struck me like a punch to the throat…


…’I have to learn the business’ – This is whats stopping me from getting to the business success, earning the money I want, and not having to grind sessions out from early morning to late at night 6-days a week.

Stop chasing clients down, and instead set your business and marketing up so that are coming to you… by the boatload.


THIS online workshop is specially made for high-end trainers and BioSig practitioners to short-cut and copy the exact steps needed attract and convert new clients.

Use this “Perfect Client Pipeline” plus the 4-steps that builds a 6-figure PT Business that is straight from works working with trainers around the world.

You and I both know that you have the technical skills and knowledge.  BioSignature and BioPrint are phenomenal courses, its leading the industry. So the answer for you isn’t going out and learning more…


The “Perfect Client Pipeline” is how you can use everything that you already know… but importantly use to better effect. To convert high-end clients, to increase your rate, and to build a bigger Personal Training business even expand to online or start your  own facility.


The truth is…

You’re confused with what to do, and your frustrated with trying, working hard, and following the main stream – online guru advice.  Still being stuck with chasing after clients, having money worries to pay bills, and not having your business grow to give you what you really want.


Its just like a fat loss client… they will not lose weight the weight if they 1) don’t have the right plan and 2) don’t follow through with it.


This is you and your business… you just need to follow the right steps, and take action on it.


This is why I want you to use the 4-Steps to Grow Your Following and Turn Them Into Your Clients


You get access here to the exact steps to what the Pro Circle members are using right now around the world to build successful online and in-person fitness businesses.


There is limited time available for this free online coaching – so click to the next page below to get exclusive access.

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