Every Question You Should Be Asking About The Coaches Cartel (Or ANY Business Coaching Program).


EVERYBODY loves a solid FAQ.


I mean a really, really good FAQ. Not simply a vanilla list of ever so frequently asked surface level queries.


A truly great FAQ is meticulously constructed with purpose. While it’s important to include some of the “boring” questions we know you’ll have – the TRUE value lies in GIVING you the questions you ought to be asking.


See, you don’t know what you don’t know.


But we do. We know a lot of things you don’t know you don’t know.


Watch this quick video we shot for you, where we walk you through some of the key factors that you need to build a successful fitness business…

This is the FAQ to end all FAQs. After reading, there should be no questions left in your mind about moving forward in your chosen path: with us, or without us. Toward the business, you think you want, or away from it.


From a professional standpoint, after collectively spending over 35 years working with coaches and mentors ourselves, the questions within this FAQ are the questions that are worth asking.


If you have other questions, they’re either not worth asking, have already been answered within, or cannot possibly be answered without specific contextual information regarding your situation (which is exactly why you’re required to book in a Strategy Call – to uncover that contextual information).


Thus, what you’re about to read is everything you need to know, and everything you should be asking to know about.


It is both information and education on what matters vs what doesn’t.


In the world of building a fitness business – or any business – you don’t know what you don’t know.


In the main, trainers don’t focus on business because they don’t know what to focus on.


There is so much that people don’t know, and so much they don’t know they don’t know.


If you’re like most trainers who struggle to make the money they want, you might have that same issue…


You don’t know how to truly grow a powerful, freedom-based business because you don’t know how to truly DEFINE what that even means.


As a result, you have no way of knowing if you’re actually improving, or simply backing yourself into a corner (check out the last article on Personal Trainer New Age Business Models here for more).


So, you don’t know what the main 5 legitimate technical components of a freedom-based business are, or how to improve on each of them cyclically to constantly level up.


Actually, back that up for a second.


What does leveling up even mean? What are the financial targets that define a “new level”? What about lifestyle factors? Operation and marketing costs? The role of quality creative in brand strategy and marketing in this new age? The key components to delivering a world-class online AND offline solution for high-level clients? How to guarantee results, while simultaneously guaranteeing profits?


Then comes understanding the systems and numbers. The foundation upon which every single successful business is built. You lack the foundational, principle knowledge that governs true success.


So even if you did know the specific components to focus on in the correct order – if you did happen to improve in some way – you’d have no real method of determining what worked and what didn’t  – which is necessary to duplicate any process.


In short, you’re stumbling around blind.


Worse yet, the teachers you seek might be able to see clearly, but wear blindfolds in a dark room, guesstimating based on what they’ve “heard”. Not what they’ve seen or done themselves.


Coaches building businesses coaching “business” without having ever built a legitimate business themselves.


That’s okay.


That’s the situation most people are in. We’re here to shine a big fat spotlight on everything.


So let’s make this as simple as possible, and dive into every question you OUGHT to be asking before making the decision to invest in mentorship and business education – let alone decide to take your business seriously in the first place:


You’re likely questioning if this is for you. Whether or not it’s a scam. You have limiting beliefs that need to be overcome and questions that need to be answered before you can accept any tactics or tools we might have for you.


So, pay attention, sink your teeth in, and read through the next 5-8 minutes of text to have each of those questions answered.


Then, it’s time for you to book in your call, and time for us to start asking you the questions.

  1. How does the coaches cartel actually work – what’s inside?

After years of development, refinement and testing in our own businesses and countless successful clients, there’s 3 main things we are going to give you ensure success: The Plan, The Tools, The Help


The Plan: Step 1 is your 1-on-1 Kick off call. Within, we’ll create a layered game plan for next 3 months after dissecting your entire situation and aligning it with your desired outcomes.  The result is having your exact next 3-5 projects needed to close the gap of where you are now, to where you want to be. This is continually reviewed to ensure an optimal rate of progression in-line with what our best clients have done.

The Tools: Instead of simply telling you “what” to do, we show you exactly HOW to do everything needed to execute on your projects — we’ve created a true copy-paste system. Once inside, you’ll have personal logins to our Pro-Circle coaching site. Within, you’ll find your entire game plan and curriculum laid out before you to follow. Every single week and month, we develop and field test the strategies in the real world, to ensure the methods are proven to work

The Help: Put bluntly, it’s a known fact that we have the BEST support system compared to everyone else. The layered contact system is broken up into 5 categories:


A)Weekly Sherpa (live group video coaching) calls with Chris on 4 main themes pertinent to your business. These are strategy and learning heavy.


B)Accelerator calls. Predominantly live video Q&A sessions.


C)1-1 Calls with your Coach to make falling behind or becoming overwhelmed an impossibility. Move forward with clarity and purpose every single week.


D)Secret Coaches Cartel Members-Only Facebook Group. WIthin, have your work reviewed, ask questions in the daily Q&A thread, befriend your fellow coaches on the same journey, and have daily interaction with YOUR coach.


E)Tracking your key metrics. In short – numbers are everything. Every week, you’ll be submitting a full breakdown of key numbers we use to ensure progress is being made.

2. Do you guys teach step by step how to create a landing page, funnels, campaigns etc. or is it something you tell clients that’s what they need to set up and figure out on their own how to do it?

We’ve created a business-in-a-box solution for you — inside we’ve developed the highest converting, most efficient/effective sales funnels, frameworks, emails, templates, so you either copy paste it, or we can put it directly into your account like Click Funnels or Active Campaigns. Whether you want to tweak and learn how to optimize for yourself, or be given a complete done-for-you-system, it’s all there.

We know everyone else just gives you a bunch of videos to watch. Hours of “education”, ultimately left to your own demise. Putting the pieces together to craft a strategy amongst “tutorials” and “how to’s” — we do the opposite. It’s practically hand holding…and that’s perfectly okay. You want a business, not a badge of honor. There’s nothing proud or impressive about wasting weeks of your life “figuring out” technology when it can simply be done for you.

  1. How much access do we have to our coach? I don’t want to be stuck with questions.

    Think of our Coaching Communication system in two layers, split up into four categories:


DAILY (1 category): Every day, you will have the ability to ask any and all questions within our members-only Facebook Group, where your coaches answer. There are specific daily threads dedicated solely to this. Every day, 3x/day, your coaches will hop on and answer all questions for the day.


WEEKLY (3 categories): Weekly, you will be on a Sherpa call (live video training on 4 major themes each month), an Accelerator call (general live video Q&A), and 1-on-1 calls.


If your question isn’t getting answered, it’s because you haven’t asked it. Ask, and you shall receive. This is unheard of communication framework in this industry – we suggest you take advantage.


  1. Can enough money be raised with a launch to initially fund my membership in the Cartel?

    Likely the most frequently asked question. Here’s the thing: a lot of people are straight-up LYING to you.


The short answer here is “yes”. Absolutely. Happens all the time.


However, there’s factors involved that will determine your level and pace of success.


Let’s start with some facts that will help you in the long run: We only work with coaches that want to build a long term, legitimate, scalable, successful business and brand.


Short term success, cash and clients is front of your mind right now, and we’ve got those methods in place. That’s the entire point of The Accelerator — however we focus on long term success at the very same time. How and what you build NOW, will determine the speed and magnitude of your success down the line.

In reality, we’re armed with a plethora of case studies that do the talking for us — you can see what others have done — but us rubbing a magic ball to come up with  “this is EXACTLY what you will do, and how long it will take” is straight up lying.


Honestly, we don’t know you from a ham sandwich right now. You could be a perfect sandwich, or an incredibly dry sandwich with zero condiments and sand in the middle.

Here are the main factors that will influence the PACE and short-term magnitude of your success: — how long you have been in the coaching game for, how much of a connection and network do you have, how many testimonials you currently possess, how large of a  following you have, your level of authority in the marketplace, reputation (or lack thereof), your mindset and competitive background, work ethic, coachability, aptitude, strength of ambition and level of urgency.


We work with people from all walks. For example, there’s Adam, who wasn’t even in the coaching world (professional poker player most of his life) who decided to make the switch, and sold $12K of niche specific coaching in his first launch, simply because he wanted it bad enough.


Then there’s Chase who was in the face to face PT game for years, and now has made monumental progress completely transitioning into online coaching with the ability to live where he wants.


The fewer resources and experience points you have, the more you’ll need to make up for it with sheer will, dedication and a distinctly competitive hunger for success.


There is one thing you can always count on from us: honesty and transparency – even when you don’t want to hear it.

  1. What is going to be the determining factors of how fast or slow my business grows?

    Aside from the technical factors above, regardless of your start point, some key pillars need to be met:


First and foremost — you need to follow the process. You need to follow it urgently, with focus and intensity. Then, adjust and pivot as you move. Finding a groove and developing a daily process is key. While being comfortable with the thought and act of intense periods of workload to achieve the long term payoff.

Ultimately you need to simply commit to yourself and build it — making money is easy. You can do that fairly quickly. Building a legitimate business and brand that engineers your desired ultimate life takes TIME, consistency, clarity and commitment.

6. What separates the winners from the losers in the coaching world?


Mindset, commitment, coachability, consistency, grit, patience, urgency in your actions.


Take yourself for example, working with an online fitness coaching client. You have control over their plan, their numbers, their adjustments. Assuming their compliance with nutrition is on point, the ONE thing you do not have control over is how HARD they train in the gym. Their daily execution. Which, ironically, is the main driving factor between mediocre results and world-class progress. What is written on paper can and will manifest a significant variance in results, based solely on effort.


Chris and Josh lead from the front. By example. Every single day you should take a page out of their book, and the other coaches on this journey with you.  


  1. What does the day to day look like with this?

    – On a daily basis, you need to follow the steps and modules we have provided in order, in accordance to your plan. We show you exactly what you need to be doing on a day to day basis

– You’ll work on 1) how to attract leads 2) how to make sales and 3) how to coach your clients. This involves building your funnels, outreach, content production, client management systems, and general process construction.

– You need to follow just the few projects and criteria we give you at a time. This is about doing the right thing, in the right order. The problem with “gurus” right now is not the information they spread, but the lack of context in which it’s delivered. There’s 1,000,000 “things” you COULD be doing. The problem is, none of them are technically wrong in a general sense. Yet MOST of them are wrong for you in this given stage.


-Daily, you’ll be interacting in the coaching community with your questions and work to be reviewed. Weekly, you’ll be on 1-3 calls with a coach directly, and required to report numbers, steps completed, and what you’re working on next.

  1. How much on top of coaching should we expect to have to spend monthly to see substantial growth with platform hosting, ads, campaigns, etc

    We recommend only two platforms when starting. One to get your sales funnels up and running, and a second to manage your leads and list. It’s only about $200 per month, or you can always do it cheaper if absolutely needed, and upgrade as your profits increase.

9. Realistically, how quick should this be paying for itself?

Again, this is like asking how long is a piece of string — impossible for us to answer without the right context — it’s like attempting to answer how much weight someone will lose, you simply do not know. We can and WILL make estimates based on your current start point and personal attributes. This is the best ANYONE can do.


If a “Business Coach” every once tells you exactly how much money you’ll be making within a specific time frame, run very, very intensely in the other direction. It’s a lie.


There are many business models and progression methods.

However, we have designed the entire Coaches Cartel system around the concept of it PAYING YOU, instead of you paying us. Which is exactly how a coaching program like this SHOULD work, if it’s worth anything at all.


Here’s an example:

On average, a client is worth about $1,800 to you — let’s say you charge the industry minimum $300 a month, and on average a client stays with you for 6 months. Some leave sooner, some stay a lot longer.  


So, one client is worth $1,800 across the course of 6 months — that means we legitimately only need to get you 1 client a month and you’re making a profit from being a part of the Cartel. That’s ridiculously easy, which is why we are so confident that you can quickly get 100X your investment.


This is the entire point. The faster you follow the plan, and more effort you put forth, the sooner results will come.

  1. Conservatively, what is a realistic amount that’s pretty easily doable within the first year (net) and what kind of time commitment would that amount take?


At absolute minimum, being conservative, there is absolutely zero reason why anyone cannot reach $10K profit per month within 12 months if the above criteria is met. That’s an average of 3-4 clients sold per month on an average pricing structure. You’d need to intentionally be sabotaging yourself to not achieve this with the systems and coaching we have in place. OR, you’d need to be an absolutely terrible coach, incapable of getting results for your clients.


On the high end, it’s impossible to put a cap. We have star workhorse members who have gone from $350/month to $90K+/month in 12 months. Others who reach $15-$20K, and more still in between.


With high end online coaching, online group coaching, face to face coaching, bootcamps, courses, products, supplements, subscriptions, challenges, and many other layers – the way in which we construct your business model will heavily influence the overall time commitment.

The more leveraged and/or digital your model, fewer hours will be involved in actual coaching. This doesn’t include marketing, content creation, brand building and up-skilling.

To this point – building your business needs to be your MAIN imperative over at least the next 12 months. If you’re asking how much time it will take out of your schedule, you’re likely in the wrong place.


This is an ALL IN or nothing process. No room for half measures. You will not succeed in this marketplace.


  1. What if I’m starting from zero?


You mean like 50% of the new coaches who come on board with us? You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place. Every one of us started from somewhere. This program is exactly what we WISH we had when first getting started. It would have saved years of arduous trial and error, listening to bitter old souls who “don’t believe in marketing”.


Marketing is simply an honest display of your ability to help those in need.


If you’re starting from complete zero (no social media following, no network, very few – if any – clients, no funnels, no content, no coaching program, etc), it can seem intimidating to get started.


But here’s a little secret for you: it simply means we can build things the RIGHT way the FIRST time. From the ground up.


You do NOT need a following or pre-established brand to make significant progress. Just be comfortable with the fact that it WILL take a bit longer to reach the upper levels of success.


In fact, if you ARE just starting, the first 8 weeks of this program can and will be specifically tailored to that situation. You need the action plan, tools and mentorship that will slingshot you forward to start working with clients immediately.


The more clients you work with, the more skill you’ll develop. The more skill you’ll develop, the more clients you’ll get, and the more money you’ll make.


We are extremely passionate about developing great COACHES, as well as the businesses around them.


DO NOT, by any means, allow anyone to tell you that you shouldn’t be spending a significant amount of time on your business in the beginning. If you want to help people, you need to be able to reach them. It is your duty.


Is there a guarantee I’ll make my money back in the first month?


Absolutely not.


Why? First of all, if anyone ever attempts to offer a money-back guarantee for an in-depth mentoring/coaching plan like this, it’s a sure sign you need to run the other direction. They are either lying and you’re about to have a very unpleasant experience, or they’re simply delusional/desperate.


We have no idea who you are, your work ethic, speed of application and implementation, aptitude, self awareness, ability to connect with an audience (some people just aren’t made for the spotlight, and that’s okay).


We cannot guarantee what only you yourself can control.


We cannot guarantee you’ll do the work.


We cannot guarantee you won’t hit the snooze button.


We cannot guarantee you won’t make excuses.


We cannot guarantee you’ll put in the hours.


We cannot guarantee you’ll step outside your comfort zone.


We cannot guarantee you’ll be a whiz at sales immediately, despite in-depth training.


We cannot guarantee your audience (or lack thereof) will LOVE you right away.


We cannot guarantee you’ll be committed to spreading extreme value to your audience every day.


We cannot guarantee you’ll heed our advice and guidance.


We cannot guarantee your dedication and daily commitment. This is already within you, or it’s not.


We cannot guarantee the number of clients you’re going to sell within a given time frame. I have no magic ball to rub.


We cannot guarantee anything that is entirely predicated on YOUR actions.


This is where you need to look yourself in the mirror and ask: “Am I truly ready to take control of my life, business and happiness and to do what needs to be done, even when it gets hard?”


For all the reasons stated above, what we CAN guarantee is this, and ONLY this:


-We can guarantee the systems, frameworks, plans and processes all work. When asked “what is possible” I’ve simply sent you toward our case studies.” This is proven every week, month and year. It’s not rocket science. This is business, not a fairy tale.


-The coaching works and we guarantee our dedication to it’s quality, IF you work the coaching. Show up and engage.


-We can guarantee that what is taught and handed to you within the Coaches Cartel Academy is exactly what our best case studies have used and still use.


-We can guarantee that you will have all the support you need – if you use it properly.


-We can guarantee that if you truly COMMIT in every way for these short 12 months, you WILL get results and be years ahead of where you’d be if you walked this journey alone.


-We can guarantee that patience, persistence and urgency does, and always will pay off.


If you possess the personal and mental attributes required for success, and you combine that with daily execution and engagement with the coaching, it is nearly impossible to fail forever. It’s about not ever giving up.


We will say this, however. Expectations need to match reality. YES we have very impressive case studies and they are all very real. YES everything we teach and give you is world class and EVERYTHING you need on the back end to build your dream business and life. It’s all there. This is a final solution set-up that evolves over the years.


However, you need to do a gut check. The only way we work with people is if they take extreme responsibility and ownership of their journey. Complete self-awareness. Everything is on you.


We would be straight up lying to you if we said otherwise.


If someone is starting from complete scratch…you are a nobody. Yes, you COULD begin making sales in the very first month. Many have. However, reality needs to come into play here. You have no experience. No presence. No following. No program. No clients. No content. No funnel. Nothing. ALL of this needs to be built. It takes time. It’s extremely egotistical and naive to believe you can treat this like an ecommerce business when the VERY NATURE of what you are doing requires real humans to TRUST you.


The amount of time that takes is completely dependent on your level and quality of action being taken every day.


Best case scenario, you become one of our best case studies through relentless commitment and hard work through this year. What – did you think those people just waltzed into success? NO. They FULLY committed and have a take no prisoners mindset. They flew across the world to meet up in our intensives. They have dedicated their ALL to building their dream life and business.


Use that as your North Star.


But let’s be real with the worst case scenario, too. Let’s say it takes you much longer to get things up off the ground. Perhaps it takes you 2-3 months to SELL your first client? This is EXACTLY why the Coaches Cartel Academy is a MINIMUM 12 month commitment.


This is where you need to heed the age-old rules of INVESTING. An investment can take time to turn a profit. Most investments take years and years. You need to have true skin in the game to achieve growth in anything, and the resilience to see it through.


So let’s talk about the bare minimum worse case scenario for you…


Here’s an example:

On average, a client is worth about $1,800 to you — let’s say you charge the industry minimum $300 per month, and on average a client stays with you for 6 months. Some leave sooner, some stay a lot longer.  


So, one client is worth $1,800 across the course of 6 months — that means we legitimately only need to get you 1 client a month and you’re making a profit from being a part of the Cartel. ONE client per month. You’d have to try very, very hard to NOT achieve that. That’s ridiculously easy, which is why we are so confident that you can quickly get 10X your investment.


What’s more, though: if that is ALL you achieved financially within the first year – guess what else you’d have? The ENTIRE starting framework and systems of a living, breathing brand and business that will continue to grow and scale. You’ll have the coaching systems, the funnels, paid ads, the content systems, the brand growth, the support the trust of your audience…


Now, you’d get to witness the power of what we call “The Success Curve”. Think of your first 1-2 years in business as the bottom of a hockey stick. Short, flat, barely curving upwards. That’s you in this worst case scenario. And it’s where most people give up. But guess what? Leading into that second year, the shaft of the hockey stick appears and you SKYROCKET forward in progress both financially and personally.


There is no such thing as an overnight success. Building the back-end of a business is simple. Building a brand is not. It takes time.


This is the entire point. The faster you follow the plan, and more effort you put forth, the sooner results will come. You just need the mental fortitude to COMMIT and take responsibility for your own journey.


We train you well. We mold you. We give you the weapons. But at the end of the day, YOU are the hero, and it’s up to you to fight that monster. If it beats you down, we are here to make you stronger  IF and ONLY IF you get back up and dust yourself off.


So in short: to make your investment back, it could take a month, or it could take a year. It’s entirely up to you – what you’re made of – combined with the reality of your start point. ALL of the tools and steps you need are provided.


Of note: The first 7 days of your coaching journey with us is structured as a 7 day “love it or leave it” guarantee. Within this first week, you will be FULLY integrated and off to the races, which is more than enough time to confirm you’re in the right place. This is ALSO for us to re-confirm that you have what it takes to succeed. If we fail to see the level of action and commitment WE need from you to progress optimally, we’ll simply refund you and send you on your way.


Behold – every question you ought to be asking that’s worth asking


Every other question you might have falls into one of the following categories:


  1. Your question is irrelevant to your results and isn’t worth addressing at this time
  2. Your question hinges on limiting beliefs that have been conditioned into you
  3. Your question cannot be answered until we gather further information about your personal situation on a Strategy Call.


So, you’re either asking the wrong questions, need to be open to your limiting beliefs being broken, or need to dive deeper to get to the juicier questions.


Thus, in all three scenarios, it’s time for you to book in your Strategy Call.


Yet, before you do that, I want to lay out a boat load of proof for you on a silver platter.


Click right here to be taken to a single page.


On this page, you’ll be given two things:


  1. A boatload of proof, case studies and success stories for you to sink your teeth into
  2. A direct link for you to book in your Strategy Session


Or, you know, just book the call right here…


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