Most trainers and health professionals think I’ve gone crazy when I first take them through this…

They think its not possible.

“Let’s create the engine, that’s going to be bringing in new clients each week for you… on auto-pilot”.

The truth is… this is real, and this much easier than a lot of people think to put together, and I’ll even say that I think this is a must for your business.  With the power of online, and now for your business to grow you need to:

1) get attention of the right people

2) grow relationships and get them to like and trust you

3) constantly deliver value.


If you want to break free from the stress and frustration that I’m seeing so many health professionals go through right now, as the ‘old way’ is simply not working anymore, and especially if you’re wanting to break free from the “time-for-money” trap so you can impact more people, increase your income and freedom then use what I have for you here.


This is about piecing together the simple set of steps that I call the ‘engine’, that is running your business bringing in new customers every day and has you focussing only on the work that you love.


Were going to look at creating the natural steps so that you are growing your following, and turning that following into your customer and clients, and setting these steps up ahead of time, so this can work without your hard manual work, but also so it scales and you can reach so many more people.


So one of the biggest problems you have is not everyone that lands lets say on your online personal training page, lets use that as the example is going to buy from you straight away. So we’ve got a couple of problems, how do we firstly get more people to see what you do and be interested, and how do we have a proven system you can rely on that will be able to turn even people slightly interested, singing on as a client of yours.


Remember, for someone to sign on as your client they have to go through a process, of first knowing you, then building a relationship and discovering that you solve their problems in the way they are looking for, and they like and trust you. We are just setting up the steps ahead of time, so this can work all day every day.


Don’t miss the episode – Designing The Perfect Sales Funnel. 


The Ultimate Online Personal Trainers Sales Funnel

Essentially you just have people that are slightly interested, you move them along by giving them value, helping them and educating them, and you have the sales process of connecting the dots of, this is your problem, this is the best solution.


Now what i’m going to do is walk you through a proven funnel that I just help a member set up yesterday that’s already bringing in clients, and this is for online personal training.


Now when I show my new clients that have me set this up for them, they go all quite and wonder if Ive lost my mind. They think its way to simple, and that the answer much be something more complex.


The aim at the top is to pour as much traffic in at the top that is targeted, so you are focussing on having the exact right type of people that you want to sign up as your customers and clients start the process of discovering you, liking you and trusting you.


The next is to have two different types of offers in place that are all about you giving further value and help. As remember, its all about educating them and making sure that they see you as the expert, the answer to the problem they are trying to solve.


These two different types of offers are broken into a low-threshold and a high-threshold offer.  Simply, the low-threshold takes a lot less commitment and is less scary.  The high-threshold offer of signing up for a free weight loss consultation really means that the person is really interested in what you do and looking at coming on board.


If you get someone to sign up for your low-threshold offer which could be a guide, cheat sheet, diet, coaching series, simply a great piece of value that you need to be set up to be easy to consume, gets them a result they can see quickly and shows you know you’re stuff.


Then its simple messaging after this such as through email now, which also means you’ve added another stream off communication.  Say you had someone follow you on Instagram, and they signed up through the link you used there from a post, now you can use email as another means to give more value, and also importantly push them towards your website to get even more value such as articles or videos that are on the topics they are interested in.


Then simply its about having the next steps of them getting you’re your sales message, now a full episode is going to be dedicated towards you giving a sales message that works, though the fundamentals are connecting the dots of knowing the problem they want to solve, having a clear message that they understand gives them to quick and easy solution they need and have a clear next step that they need to take in due time.


Now lets look at supercharging this, and this is where Im going to bring in the use of segmentation.


Now lets say for example you’re a trainer that specialises in weight loss, so firstly you need to make sure you have a clear uniqueness about you and what you do so people understand what seperates you from your competition, but the fact is you can have a wide variety of people semi-interested in what you do, though wanting different help and asking different questions.


You can have males and females coming to your site all wanting to lose weight, but add on top of that another layer of some wanting a diet focus for the results, and others are looking for training help.


Now, if a woman comes to my business and is wanting to lose weight and have a diet to help her achieve the body she wants, what would happen if I start to offer her a build bigger quads training program…?


She is going to be lost.  Probably unsubscribe, stop being interested in what I have, because through her mind I’ve completely changed the conversation and Im not talking about what shw wants.


What if…?


We flipped that scenario around, and every email she got, even facebook posts that started popping up on her feed were all about the latest and greatest ways for ladies to burn off the unwanted weight with the simple to follow diet that’s suits your metabolism.


You can see this just rolls out easily for me, because this is exactly what I’m doing with my own online fitness business… I’m just making sure that my messaging is exactly right, for each person.  I’m giving them the most amount of help in the easiest way, and I’m only talking about what they want.


Breaking Bottlenecks For Explosive Growth


Now, I want to take you through exactly how I create big leaps in getting boatloads of clients on board in such a short amount of time. And this comes to the bottlenecks you have in your online business. Where so many times I’m seeing people stuck with not really knowing why their business isn’t growing…. there’s always a reason.


Your online business has bottlenecks at the major conversion points, so let me walk you through these.


Firstly, you have to get people to know you, so are you getting the reach and are you getting it to the right people. You can look at this with the content you create, and where you put it.


You can get the free episode here that also goes into this HERE.


So let’s say your struggling to get people that follow you to sign onto your email list, or signing up for your ‘lead magnet’ (this is your free training session, ebook, diet, etc). This is your 2nd step in your funnel not working properly.


A ninja trick that we can do here, is that we can use re targeting methods to get your offer back in front of the people that we know are interested.  As we know that your content has originally sparked interest with a certain set of people.  And you can easily set up so that who ever lands on certain web pages of yours, you can have them gathered into a list into your Facebook ad manager.


So for example… Lets say you wrote an article on Post Natal Training, and your lead magnet is a free workout guide for Mothers in the Post Natal period.  Everyone that lands on your post natal training article is then in a list that you can send a quick ad to, reminding them about your workout guide they can sign up for free.


Remember, people are busy and usually doing multiple things at once.  So don’t expect everyone that hits your article to; read the whole thing and take the next step action that you want them to.  This is why ‘re-targeting’ and giving people value and communication that you know they are interested in is so important.


Using the basic online personal training funnel as the example, lets say that you are only getting 5 out of every 100 people that see your article to sign up for your lead magnet. If we increased that to just 10 people, so a tiny jump of only 5 right now, we have doubled your client sign ups.


Then lets say you’re struggling to get people that do sign up for the lead magnet to come in for the consultation.  If we change your emails, re-targeting and content you produce we can easily from 5 out of 100 people, to 10 out of 100 people that do sign up for your lead magnet to then sign up for the consultation.  This doubles the amount of people you get to your consultations, which doubles your client sign ups again.


Now I want to throw something in hear that will rattle some cages…


Are you taking the long view to your success?


When it comes to your sales funnel, marketing and singing on new customers and clients this is about seeing that the process of someone first discovering you, to signing on can be quite some time.


Its great to be able to run a facebook ad, and then know the turn around that you can cover the ad expense with just the first transaction and then also have your backend offers deliver a 10x profit within 30-days.  First up, most business owners wouldn’t know the first thing to knowing their numbers with their marketing and how efficient and effective it is… and secondly, there is huge value in being able to grow and nurture relationships.


And that’s where I want to take this…


Your focus should be on giving the greatest amount of value to the exact market you want work with.  That’s exactly why in the previous episodes ive been showing you how to truly understand your market, how to craft your uqiuneess message so they are not attracted coming to you. Then setting up your business model so its giving them what they need, but you are setting up a business that means you earn the money, have the freedom and doing the work you love.


So the major question you need to answer is:


  1. What problems are you solving with your content?


At every point Ive covered in this episode, I’ve focussed it around giving value, and you solving problems, so you are simply educating and by having the right steps set up properly back to back and in the right order, you’ve got a system in place that is driving more clients to sing up with you each week.


What you need to do now is map out what are the simple steps that you are going to have in place. From how are you going to produce content and where does it get put, on your website on social media, its up to you.


Then whats your low end offer, your piece of value that can be a video, ebook, guide, diet, workout, what ever matches your strength with what your market wants.


Then its just simply putting together the follow up emails that literally you write once and get sent 10s of 1000s of times, but importantly are continuing to give more value, helping and them showing them that the best next step is what you product or programs.


To have the step-by-step guide watch THIS full episode that walks you through how to start and grow your online personal training and fitness business.


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