The 6 Problems Stopping Fit Pro’s From Making $10K+ (and How To Fix Them)


Back in 2014 things got out of whack for me…


From the outside looking in, I was a big success…


But on the inside, I was not happy….


I had fully booked personal training business with high paying clients…


The only problem was my relationships were not in a good spot because I was working all the time…


The number of people I could help was capped to how many clients I could see in a single day.


I didn’t have any free time…


It’s at this time, I knew I needed to make a change…


I have since discovered what Dan Sullivan calls the 4 freedoms.


It showed me that yes you can be earning good money…


…but if your relationships suck, you have no free time and you’re only able to help a small number of people, it’s not worth it…


Here are the 4 freedoms below:


Time– Getting more time back for yourself and your family should be the goal…not to be working all the time.

Money– Yes, money is important. However, this should not be capped. You want to create a business where you are not trading time for money. If you’re only training clients face to face then your income is capped.

Relationships– Your business should not come at the cost of your relationships with your friends, family, and your spouse.

Purpose– This is a big one. I remember hearing Tony Robbins once say that one of the greatest gifts is giving back and helping others. There is no better feeling in the world than creating a business which has a positive impact on people’s lives. 


Now, if you’re like most fitness professionals, using what I call the old PT model…it is very difficult to achieve any of these.


However, transitioning to the new PT model which is online will give you the biggest bang for your buck and will allow you to pursue all of these with gusto 😉.


Before we go any further… You need to know this:


There’s 6 BIG Problems Stopping Fit Pro’s From Building A Successful Online Businesses…


#1 — All tech stuff is confusing and expenses to set up and run.

Your starting tech expenses:

ClickFunnels — $297 mo

Active Campaigns — $279 mo

Zapier — $299 mo

Calendly — $150 yr

Typeform — $70 mo

That equals = $11,484 a year.


#2 — FB and IG Ads are AMAZING… However trying to set up them up, and know what videos, pictures, words, campaigns, budgets, etc is near impossible for the average PT.


#3 — Delivering your Online Coaching is technical and frustrating… All of the programs to set up, systems to create and communication cadence can make or break an online coaching business.


#4 — Creating fresh new content every day, week and month can suck away your time… And you don’t know if its even going to get you more clients.

We’ve Created The Upgraded Inner Circle Solution…


#5 — You need a proper, professional set up to best coach your clients. So you look legitimate, and you’re not bogged down trying to do the thousand and one things that your business needs (when you idon’thave technology properly set up).


#6 — Figuring out how the hell to do everything…


SOLUTION #1:  Done-For-You Tech With Your Very Own Tech Manager

These are your average business expenses for your ‘tech stuff’ is…

ClickFunnels — $297 mo

Active Campaigns — $279 mo

Zapier — $299 mo

Calendly — $150 yr

Typeform — $70 mo

That equals = $11,484 a year.


Now, if you’re like me.  You’re not a ‘tech geek’ that knows the in’s and outs of it all.  That means paying for a part time Tech Manager will cost you around $987 a month.


We can save you $23,328 every year because we set up your tech platforms and host them for you with our system.

YES… You will have our Tech Coach set up your:

⁃ Sales Funnels

⁃ Application Funnels

⁃ Email CRM system

⁃ Order forms

⁃ Quiz forms

⁃ Booking Calendar

⁃ And more…


SOLUTION #2:  You’re Very Own Ad Set Up Manager


Honestly… I would rather poke my eyes out with a spoon than navigate and set up FB and IG ads.


It’s constantly changing, and any small mistake can cost you thousands of dollars.


This is why we’re going to set it up for you.


YES… We’ll use our proven funnels, ad templates and methods to set your ads up for you.


Plus, you’ll have our coaches give you the step-by-step help to get the videos, pictures, wording and campaign set up done.


Now, an average ad manager will cost you at least $1,500 a month.  Thats $18,000 a year.


Us being able to give you the Done-For-You Tech with your very own Tech Manager…


AND you having us set up your Ads and save you paying for an external Ad Manager means…


You save $41,328 a year.


(Yeah — You can now see how quickly your expenses and headaches add up.)


SOLUTION #3:  Your Business-In-A-Box (The easiest way to deliver your coaching)


You’re good at what you do…


But trying to set up your own coaching systems, so that you can coach 100’s of clients (and not cap out at 20) AND make sure you get your clients great results. AND make sure you’re not stuck behind your computer 24/7… is HARD.


We’ve done it all for you.


Our Business-In-A-Box system means you get the click-by-click framework to easily and quickly set up your coaching program. Whether you want to do memberships sites, 1-off programs or diets, high-ticket coaching or a mix of them.


You’ll even get free access to the coaching app for you to use with your clients.


As it took me over 6 years to figure all this out… As a team we’ve worked on this for over 2 years now (and we are constantly updating this).


For someone else to do this. Even an average fitness coach would cost you $1,400 a month to set up and do this work for you.


Us giving you the templates, systems and framework. PLUS, walking you through it each and every month saves you $16,800.


SOLUTION #4: Your Very Own Executive Assistant.


I’ve got to be honest… I tried to fight this for so long.

When I was starting my fitness business back in 2014, I was doing EVERYTHING to try to get it to work.


There simply was no enough hours in the day.  Still running my in-person PT business, being a new father and all the other respnbilities in life didnt leave with much time to sit behind the computer and do everything.


It was when a mentor told me; “Hiring team members is one of the best investments you can make in your business”.


A light bulb went off above my head. And that’s when I hired my first Executive Assistant. And instantly my life was easier.


A virtual assistant can take the work load off, and get you to stop working so hard on what we call $10 tasks, and focusing on the $1,000 actions that rapidly grow your income and freedom.


Because we know this, we are going to recruit, manage and set you up with a high-level executive assistant to work for you for 20 hours.


The full recruitment, hiring, on-boarding, managing and then the VA’s time would normally cost you between $2,000-$4,000.


But because you’re with us… This won’t cost you a single cent. We are going to pay it for you, as we know how powerful it is for your business.


So now with the Done-For-You Tech, Ad Manager, Business-In-A-Box, Coaching App and now You’re Very Own Executive Assistant for 20 hours…


You’re saving $62,128.


SOLUTION #5:  Your Membership Site


Alright, it’s about time we talk one of the biggest mistakes most Fit Pro’s make…


They have no website, or a crappy looking website, or a website that doesn’t give their clients what they need.


No wonder potential customers are not buying from them. One quick google, or look through their stuff and people click away and buy from their competitor.


I want us to set up your very own membership site.


Using our proven templates, we insert your programming, branding and style. So you can send your clients to a clean, professional and easily useable site that ensures they stay on board with you for the long-term.


Rather than taking months or even years to try and get this stuff set up… And rather than spending at least $3,000 on getting it made for you (from someone that doesn’t even know what a high-converting fitness site is).


YES, we’ll do it for you.


All 5 solutions we’ve gone through so far now save you $65,128.


But WAIT… There’s the one missing piece that’s needed for all of this to work.


SOLUTION #6:  Step-by-Step, Click-by-Click Coaching


Alright, its time to talk about the pink elephant int he room right now…


There are a LOT of things that you need to be doing. There are a lot of skills you need to have (to be successful). There are a lot of things that can go wrong if its not properly set up and followed through with.


The last and most important solution is making sure you have the tools, skills, systems, mindset and SUPPORT for every single step.


This is why we designed the “Cartel Cadence”. Where we are there to set up your quarterly projects. So you know the big levers that proper your business growth.  To then each month knowing what you need to work on. To our weekly calls so you are crystal clear on the actions in every 7-day cycle. To then the daily support with your coach and community to answer any of your questions.


Personally, I’m apart of 3 mastermind. He cheapest one costs me $50,000 a year. And I know that there are a lot of fitness business “gurus” (that are one trick ponies) that charge $12,000 a year for just a bunch of videos and lacklustre info.


Bad coaching and bad advice can (and likely will) cost your millions of dollars of lost potential.  Plus it can cost you endless hours of hardworking. 


Even if we charged just $12,000 for the personalised coaching. This is easily half the amount from the value you get.


You can see by now, that this whole piece I’m writing for you is about me making it blazingly obvious, that your life can be so much easier. And you can save so much money, by us doing your stuff.


So now with the Done-For-You Tech, Ad Manager, Business-In-A-Box, Coaching App, Content Swipe File, Membership Site AND personalised coaching…


You’re saving $77,128 a year.


In a nutshell, here is the breakdown…


SOLUTION #1:  Done-For-You Tech With Your Very Own Tech Manager


  • We set up your Email CRM system.
  • We set up your Appointment Funnel.
  • We set up your 100 Lead Method Funnel.
  • We set up your booking calendar.
  • We set up your questionnaire forms.


SOLUTION #2:  You’re Very Own Ad Set Up Manager


  • 2x (of the most powerful) Ad Campaigns Set Up For You In Your Account.


SOLUTION #3:  Your Business-In-A-Box (The easiest way to deliver your coaching)


  • Get Full Access To The Step-by-Step Breakdown Of The 3x Most Popular Business Models.
  • Plus… Get the workout program templates.
  • Plus… Get the nutrition templates.
  • Plus… Get the coaching communication messages.
  • Coaching App… for you to coach your clients (You get this for Free)


SOLUTION #4: Your Content Swipe File


  • Monthly Content Swipe File.
  • 3X Lead Magnet Branded For You
  • Monthly Offer Posts
  • Recipes To Use As Lead Gen and Client Value Offers.
  • Monthly Email Swipe File


SOLUTION #5:  Your Membership Site


  • Branded Membership Site To Deliver Your Signature System.


SOLUTION #6:  Step-by-Step, Click-by-Click Coaching


  • Quarterly 1:1 Planning Calls
  • Monthly 1:1 Momentum Sessions
  • 3x GSD Coaching Calls Per Week
  • Access to Members Only Group
  • Access to the Coaches Cartel Members Only App and Portal.


In a nutshell… 


Inside of the Upgraded Inner-Circle,  We give you all of the above 6 solutions on top of what you already have access to.


Now…if I were you…


I’d imagine you’ve gotta buncha questions.


Where and When?


We kick off next week.


If you’re taking up this no-brainer of a deal, then we will book in your 1:1 Game Plan call ASAP.


Give you access to the step-by-step system.


Every week you jump on a live workshop.


And as you saw above.  There is a lot of 1-1 guidance, as we know that this is a key factor to all of our success.


How Does It Work: 

There is only a handful of coaches that will be allow to take this offer.

After your 1:1 Game Plan call, our Tech Team will be putting together all your ‘tech stuff’, and so we can manage it for you.

I’m taking people today and I’m inviting YOU to join the crew.. 

This ain’t a ‘course’ where you gotta find loads of time in your busy schedule and watch endless generic videos.

I’ll give you bite sized chunks you can knock out in a few minutes a day.

During our time together we hang together in a private group to talk about it and brainstorm specific strategies for YOUR business so you can put it into action and report on your results. 

I really want to create some great case studies from this so me and the team will be spending time with you to make sure we maximise your results. 

I even give you bonuses for implementing.


What Do I Need To Bring? 

We’re all going to be working closely together but it ain’t going to be drawn out, 4-5 hours in the whole week is plenty.

All of the ‘tech stuff’ we are going to hand-hold you through. 


We will be giving you the funnels, swipe files, templates and frameworks.


Can enough money be raised with a launch to initially fund my membership in the Cartel?

Likely the most frequently asked question.

As you read above, straight up the money you save from joining this level of program makes it a no-brainer.

And on top of that, the fact that you’ll be signing on more clients, faster.  

Well that’s just more profit in your back pocket.

Here’s an example:

On average, a client is worth about $1,800 to you — let’s say you charge the industry minimum $300 a month, and on average a client stays with you for 6 months. Some leave sooner, some stay a lot longer.

So, one client is worth $1,800 across the course of 6 months — that means we legitimately only need to get you 1 client a month and you’re making a profit from being a part of the Cartel. That’s ridiculously easy, which is why we are so confident that you can quickly get 100X your investment. This is the entire point. The faster you follow the plan, and more effort you put forth, the sooner results will come.


How do I get a spot?


The easiest next step is for you to book in a quick Strategy Session with me and my team…


This way we can answer all your questions and importantly make sure that we can give you what you need.


☝️ STEP 1: Click This Link to book in your FREE Strategy Session:

✌️ STEP 2: Schedule a call. You’re gonna have questions. Get them answered and get started on the right track.


See you on the inside,




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