If you’re like me, you’ve chosen “online coaching” for one reason…


Yep… Even when I was a “successful” Personal Trainer, I was still STUCK.

Stuck in the “time-for-money trap”, because any time I wasn’t in the gym training clients…

I was losing money.

But there’s a bigger problem right now for fitness coaches like you and me…

The game is changing, and this time it’s a big one…

Each and every day I get to see behind-the-scenes of fitness businesses all over the world. 

And I want to give you the upper-hand from knowing EXACTLY what works and what doesn’t work, especially as there are some small shifts you can make right now to make this the year you skyrocket your money, meaning and freedom.

The 5 Dangerous Trends Of Fitness Business In 2020

Just this morning we had a coaching call with a big group of fitness coaches. Some running gyms, others training face-to-face clients, others are 100% online and a lot of them a mix of all the options.

And this is what made me cringe…

Drew, a super-smart PT that just signed up with us, laid down his plans for the next year.

And I had to rudely interrupt and stop Drew from what he was planning to do.

It opened my eyes to the 5 dangerous trends that can slow or even kill your fitness business (And I know that sounds like I’m being overly dramatic, but it’s the truth).

Dangerous Trend #1:  1 Source Dependance…

If I asked you right now…

“Where does the vast majority of your leads come from?”

Can you list multiple sources of traffic where people are finding out about you, you’re generating authority in the market place and getting those leads into your sales pipeline..?

A lot of fitness professionals have answered my question with something along the lines of…

  • “Instagram is where I’m getting my leads right now”.
  • “My Facebook Ads is where everyone finds out about me”.
  • “I’m spending all my time on LinkedIn to get connections and leads”.

The problem is, social media accounts, Facebook Ad accounts are getting shut down all the time.  Algorithm changes can cut your audience’s exposure drastically.

Just yesterday I was talking to an epic online entrepreneur.  This dude is pulling in over half a million a month (YES, that’s over $6MM a year).

His ad account just got shut down… And his lead flow?


Overnight he went from more leads than you can poke a stick at, to zero.

Now, I don’t know about you. But this scares the absolute hell out of me.  My entire family’s financial security is built on something that can get taken away in an instant… No thank you.

But the single source dependency goes one step further, especially for Fitness Professionals that want to earn over $100K a year.

And that is all of your income coming from only ONE revenue source.

For example, Jonathan an experienced PT that’s been in the fitness game for years recently started with us.  His entire income was based on a handful of 1:1 clients he was training in the gym.

It reminded me of when I was training clients in Dubai.

Whenever holidays rolled around, my clients were off jet-setting around the world. Leaving me twiddling my thumbs, having huge gaps of time where i wasn’t earning any money.

These ‘down periods’ meant I had huge drops in my month to month income, and it made my anxiety go through the roof.

Jonathan had this exact same problem. But now he’s earning income from his own face-to-face clients, he has two coaches training his clients (and he gets a % cut from every session), he’s selling supplements and selling pre-cooked meals to his entire client list.

He can literally walk away from his business, and he’s still going to have money rolling into his bank account each week from 3 revenue sources.

Now let me introduce you to Aaron.

Aaron earnt $201,250 just last month…

And this ONLY happens because there are multiple streams of leads, sales, and income.

Now when it comes to answering “What do I do next to build my business?”, this brings me to the next dangerous trend I’m seeing…

Dangerous Trend #2:  Too Many Cooks In The Kitchen…

I’ll admit that the whole “laptop lifestyle” … It sounded pretty cool.

Now if you’ve been in the fitness industry for a while, you probably know what I mean.

The potential to earn money, live from anywhere, and have a business that doesn’t have you tied to training clients in a gym seemed like it was “too good to be true”.

But there’s only one problem.

And it’s what I got suckered into when I first started.

Most of those ‘gurus’ and business coaches crowding your social media feed, trying to sell you their magic program.

Are all one-trick ponies 🦄

I spent $10,000’s with these guys, and all I got was a bunch of videos to watch, and some old, outdated tactics.

All of the ‘tech stuff’ was confusing… Trying to figure out how to set up sales funnels, Facebook ads and websites, only made me more stressed.

The constant barrage of different tactics and methods to build my online business was making my head spin.  So much of it was conflicting…

One guru was telling me to build an email list.  Another business coach, saying email’s dead and I need to be running 6-week challenges.

50-60 hrs of training clients each week, on top of having a new baby meant I only had a few hours to work on my online business.  I didn’t have time or energy to waste….

I get it.

😴 The 4am wake-ups.

🤷‍♂️ Posting on social media every day (and not knowing if it’s getting me any clients).

😓 Getting an exhausted half-hearted work outdone in the middle of the day when you don’t have clients coming in and out.

But the reality is, it does wear on you.

You do wonder if all the effort you’re putting in is worth it. And if your fitness business will ever turn the corner and start REALLY making you a living you can be proud of.

And maybe it will. Maybe it won’t.

Here’s what I can tell you:

  • If you’re trying to figure it all out for yourself…
  • If you aren’t able to constantly sign on new clients each month…
  • If you can’t add $2-3K/mo in recurring revenue (minimum)…

You’re probably not gonna make it.

I’m just being real.

This is why I want you to meet Peter…

Peter, a great dad, and super smart PT, but stuck in a position you might be in too.

He first came to me working crazy hours.  Training clients around the clock…


He’s taking days off and creating memories with his family that he could never have done if he was stuck in the “Old PT Model”.

Here is what I told Peter on our first coaching call…

Don’t be posting on IG all-day

Don’t start by getting a website built 

Don’t try to put together a fancy funnel

Don’t start by trying to run a challenge — especially if you don’t know how to turn followers to clients

Don’t think that you need a big following like those big influencers

Don’t waste money setting up Facebook ads

Don’t spend months creating your online coaching program or app

Watch what he has to say about getting clear on the simple things that grow a fitness business.

This is why I don’t like “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

You’ve got too many ideas, too many methods, too many things you COULD be doing.  But every single one of the most successful coaches I’ve had as clients have become successful by doing LESS.

Most coaches operate under something called “Hope Marketing”… It goes like this: 6:00am they roll out of bed and randomly decide what to post on social media. 

Praying to the Iron gods SOMEONE will love their porcelain abs and inquire about coaching via DM or the “link in bio”… Next, they show up to the gym (saying yet another prayer), hoping someone will walk through the door with open arms, open wallet, begging for their services. The cycle continues like this on a daily basis. 

Landing a new client is a monumental event, rather than an expected outcome. They operate their business using a patched-together lead-gen strategy less effective than buying a lottery ticket on a turn-up Tuesday. It’s a daily gamble. 

If you want to build a successful coaching business, you MUST have a predictable and proven method of generating high quality leads on demand.

With every coach we always build down their 12-months goals into easily actionable 90-day projects.

So that everyday you’re waking up knowing the 1-3 key things you need to do, that will accelerate the growth of your business.

However, if working hard and #hustling could be completely worthless if you fall prey to the next dangerous trend…

Dangerous Trend #3:  You’re Competition Is Stealing Your Clients…

A lot of fitness coaches say to me… “Chris, isn’t the online health and fitness world saturated?”

And the truth is.  YES, it is saturated.

You have A LOT of competition.

Just any scroll through instagram or search online will show you a crazy amount of “Online Coaches”.

Most of them charging ridiculously low prices.

Now, when I first started to see this trend it really pissed me off.

I had spent years travelling the world, attending courses, seminars, private internships and studying  my arse off to be the best physique coach I could be.

And then seeing a schmuck straight out of a PT certification, with next to zero experience calling himself “The Best Online Coach”, and charging pennies for ‘personalised programs’ made my blood boil.

Most coaches are not “coaches”. They’re glorified rent-a-bodies with a certification counting reps or writing programs for any John or Jane Doe with a credit card. 

Most coaches don’t have a defined niche and cannot articulate who their ideal client is. They are generalists, desperate for cash flow, seeking any type of work in exchange for money. In 2019, the age of the “Online Coach” there is more noise than ever. You MUST have a precisely defined niche, brand narrative and purpose to have any hope of building a legitimate business.

Now, most Fitness Pro’s think this is B.S. or ‘too good to be true’.

Callum used the EXACT same steps I’ve laid out for you here… And he was able to sell $39,000 of Personal Training in just 2-days.

This is about getting your online business to… 1) Get your clients the best results 2) Minimise your time input and 3) Maximise your profits.

Pillar #1:  Create content that: Gives value. Builds authority. Makes an offer.

We first start by getting clear on.

1 – Who is your target market.

2 – What’s the message that attracts your A-grade clients (and not the energy vampires).

3 – Gets this message infant of the right people.

Which really means, that your content has to do one thing.

And that is… DRUM ROLL…

Helps them solve their problems.

Pillar #2: Reuse the stuff that works.

Let me be honest…

You’re not an Instagrammer.

You’re not a YouTuber.

You’re not a blogger.

You’re a coach, that’s running a business.

This means that you shouldn’t be wasting away your time trying to create boatloads of content.

If you properly know, what’s working, and what’s not working.  You can reuse and emulate your best stuff.

Pillar #3:  Use ads to amplify your message, and make sales.

Now, I’m a pretty hard arse when it comes to my clients running ads.

They first need to PROVE that they have 1) a working funnel, and 2) a high converting offer.

Most coaches are pissing away their hard-earned money trying to get “Facebook ads to work” when they are missing one or both of the critical pieces.

  • You don’t need a website.
  • You don’t need a fancy funnel.
  • You don’t need to be all “techy”.

All of this boils down to ONE thing…

You need to get a competitive advantage so that clients are coming to you (and not to your competitors).

And the easiest way to do this is by avoiding the next two trends…

Dangerous Trend #4:  You’re Coaching Your Online Clients ALL WRONG…

It’s not 2009…

Let’s face it… Your clients can easily Google all the information they need.

Gone are the days of you selling an e-book for $7 or $39 and making millions.

A plethora of websites give away workouts, diets, recipes for free or a small charge.

Your clients DON’T want an exercise program or a diet — They want change.

In the last week, I’ve seen this same stat come from 2 resources I HIGHLY respect.

“45% of PT jobs will be home in 10 years.”

Technology is going to change the way we live VERY quickly.

Your clients have access to massive amounts of information. It is the member’s lack of motivation that results in the need for human connection.

Writing a workout, or diet plan for a client and giving it to them in an eBook or PDF or even a membership site is dying out.

People no longer want information — they need transformation and that’s where you come in.

But, let’s look at the other changes technology is bringing…

  • Tracking calories will become easier thanks to the smartwatches that will be able to automatically track the calorie content through the day.
  • Restaurant menus will come with virtual reality features that can give you access to useful info on the calories and nutritional content of the dishes served.
  • Technology will soon have us being able to take a quick blood or saliva sample to give us a readout of our individual perfect diet.
  • Shopping trolleys will flag unhealthy items and ensure you purchase only what your diet allows.
  • Smartwatches featuring dieting apps will be able to send motivational messages at the times of day when the users are usually taking a snack.
  • Supermarket shopping trolleys fitted with RFID tags and barcode scanners will feature nutrition assistant applications that will calculate not only the overall number of calories but the sugar and fat content of your purchases as well… Something, you as a personal trainer can’t do.
  • Data mining will soon be able to give you an individualized workout plan that’s using the information from the 1000’s of touchpoints.

I’m writing this NOT to be all ‘Doom and Gloom’…

That’s why you’ve got to see what Adrian is doing…

Adrian has moved over to what we created, ‘The Leveraged Coaching Model”.

The online coaching system that gives his clients exactly what they need to become success stories. And gives Adrian the capacity to coach 100’s of clients all paying top dollar.

This is an eye-opener so you are on the leading edge, and for you to make changes now so that you’re not left behind.

If you think that just trying to sell workouts, meal plans, recipes are the way to grow a multi 6, or even 7-figure fitness business.

You’re WRONG.

And that’s why I’ve kept what I believe the most important trend to avoid, as the last one…

Dangerous Trend #5:  You’re In The Wrong ‘Model’…

You’re either going to hate this or love this…

The fact is most personal trainers are a “Dancing Bear”.  Their business will start to crumble if they stopped working for a day.

If you’re in the “time for money” trap.  You have to be there 1-1 coaching your clients, being the Dancing Bear,  to earn money

And the moment you stop dancing, or want to go on holidays, or get sick… You’re screwed.

The old model has you, 1-1 training clients, from sun up to sundown… 

This is exactly why I QUIT Personal Training in 2014.  Because from the outside looking in “I was successful”.

But it was a LIE.

See, I had a full-book of clients. I was charging a premium rate and had a team of trainers working for me.

But I was dying on the inside, because for 8 years I was following the wrong model.

If you’re like most personal trainers working right now you’ll know exactly how I felt.

In fact, you’re probably feeling the same way right now…

And its all from making these 3 simple changes.

So you’ve got to be honest with yourself…

Look at where you are right now.

And answer…

What does your ultimate business and ultimate life look like..?

Your business should be designed to give you the life you want.

This is why I recommend you listen to Alexis…

A very savvy gym owner, that wanted MORE clients, MORE money and MORE freedom…

I don’t see it as the ‘strongest’ will survive… I think its as simple as the ‘smartest’ will survive.

Having the smarts to make the change now.

So, if you’re feeling “stuck” or “frustrated” with your lack of freedom, money or success. Then you’re not alone.

See, unfortunately, most trainers and coaches don’t get any of those things from their business

most create a job for themselves… 

They get stuck in the “time for money trap”.

And it’s why I put Tony Robbins quote in my book; ‘Your First 100 Clients’.

If you’re like most coaches…

  • You already have enough 1:1 clients and you’re sick of being a “rep counter”… but you want to get out of the “time-for-money” trap and don’t know how to make the transition.
  • You’re shooting videos, posting on Instagram, launching challenges, running Facebook ads… and not seeing the results from your hard work.
  • You have a kid on the, already have a young family, or you’re thinking about how you’re going to “make it work” to give your family financial security.
  • You have zero ideas HOW “online personal training” actually works… and the thought of doing all the “tech stuff” makes it even more confusing.
  • You’re fed up of clients canceling last minute, causing your monthly income to be up and down… giving you just another reason to “finally make the change”.

Just imagine…

A systemized process you can trust, that;

That’s why I’m showing you one of the first steps I work with when they start with me — “The Money Map”.

Giving you the 4-steps that every successful fitness business needs working.

And when you get it up and running, it’s going to have…

You as the “go-to coach” so that clients are constantly coming to you (rather than you chasing after them).

You‘re only working with the clients you love (and don’t have any more “energy vampire” clients)

You watch your income grow month-to-month (so that you never again stress about the up’s and down’s of your income like most coaches).

As the fact is:

You don’t need more videos.

You don’t need more information.

You need is a strategy.

You need a system.

You need accountability.

If you’re fed up with how everything is going for you… Or, 

You deep down know that you would hate to be in the same position in 2, 5, 10+ years.

It’s time for a change.

If you’re SICK of working for less than you’re worth and want to turn things around THIS YEAR, I’m going to give you the EXACT system that’s proven to get you clients:

YES… You’ll get the exact templates to bring a flood of new leads in each week. 

YES… You have me and my team set up your Sales Funnels and Ads (That are proven to work). 

YES… You get the dead simple Sales Scripts to sign on high ticket clients (that’s sold over $3MM of clients). 

I literally GIVE you the system that is working for coaches all over the world.

NO ONE else is giving you this high-level done-for-you system, with the week by week hand-holding help.

Check it out for yourself 👇👇

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See you on the inside,


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