Do you want to be a successful Online Personal Trainer?

…transition over to full-time or keep your in-person fitness business, as this works both ways.

Explode your reach to millions world wide, and grow your reputation and following by following the steps that I have for you here.


This Is For You If:

  • You have been ‘thinking’ about starting an online fitness business, but are confused with where to start, and what to do.
  • You have already started, but not seeing the results, the clients or profits…
  • You’re frustrated from following the ‘gurus advice’ but not having the business success to show from your hard work.

…this is taken straight out of the ‘Pro Circle’ program that is working for coaches around the world.

The very first week alone is all about the ‘design’ on the exact business, the model and structure, that is going to create the success you want… and getting the clarity into what it is you’re going to turn your branding into, what that ultimate marketing message needs to be and what success looks like to you.

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…’what does success look like to you?’

Success I see comes in multiple ‘currencies’, and you and I put a different focus on each of those currencies and what makes up our very own definition of success.

‘Freedom’ is one of those currencies.

The financial success of creating and growing a great fitness business is just a small piece of the pie, its an after thought, and for me its not the main focus.  The money comes because everything else is set up – right.

I want to talk to you about freedom, and lifestyle… as if you’re like me – these two things mean a lot to you.  For me, it gives me the opportunity to live where ever I want, travel, work on the projects that I love, only bring on the clients that I want and importantly…

…delivering the life, lifestyle and support for my family.  I can now be a dad thats around, I can drop things and head off to play at the beach, or go goof around and get a smoothie.

For you, it could mean to buy the car you want, never think of money when you head out, splurge on people and yourself.

These are the true meanings and goals that is the driving factor of earning the money you want, from growing a fitness business that is successful.

Creating an online personal training business, whether its online personal training, a one to many style group coaching model, or delving online memberships, programs and even supplements and products.

…there is no magic potion for you getting to the a 6, or multiple 6-figure online fitness business. But, I know you can be earning over $100,000 a year if you’re a good trainer.

If you want that… and I mean really want that, you need to take a big step, and have the ‘cojones’ to take action for yourself.

I know when I did the transition from full time in-person personal trainer in Dubai, to running the online fitness business now, and living in Bali, people thought I was bonkas…

But I knew this was what I wanted to do, and I didn’t want to regret not doing it… having a wife and baby girl to take after, there was plenty of pressure and stress, but if you really want something – then I believe you have to go after it.

The truth is… you can do it 10x quicker, and 10x easier than I did it.

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Going through every online and business material I could get my hands on, listen to, or watch – I even hired great business coaches, mentors, paid for consultations and learnt as I went through building my online business.

Avoid the mistakes I made, and what slowed me down to have the fast-track and proven map to follow…

“What’s Your Ultimate Lifestyle Cost?”

This is a question everyone gets asked when coming onboard the Pro Circle program… and its what I am asking you now.

If you don’t truly know this number, you don’t know what your goal income should be.

Figure out all the expenses that you would have when living your ultimate lifestyle, and include everything.  Travel, investments, charity, food, costs for your family (if you want one) hobbies, learning – the lot.

Then when I ask you “how much money do you want to make?”

You know the answer… and then we can easily piece together and reverse engineer the type of business and what the numbers need to be for you to get there.

This also has you creating the online business that dodges two of the biggest problems of face-to-face or in-person personal training.

1 – The Time-For-Money Trap, that has you selling your time for dollars, and limiting your income and success.  There are only a certain amount of hours in the day, and a limit to how many clients you can see… before you burn out.

2 – The Yo-Yo, and ebb and flow of your income week to week with clients coming and going, falling off, or going away.  Your income is hard to predict and the security your current business gives you is very limited.

This is where the benefits of online training is perfectly suited to give you the freedom, lifestyle and financial success that you want.  The right structure and systems in place and you have a reliable income stream that continues to grow.

How big you want to grow it, is up to you.

If you want to keep your in-person training, absolutely its a great idea, and many ‘6-Figure PT’ members do this easily adding on $1000-$2000 a week on the side.

Or, if you want to make it your full time focus you can easily make that transition.

As I know whats needed to go from where you are now, the in-person PT, and what the ‘transition phase’ needs to look  like.

You will be able to bring on the clients you want, and use my ‘batch system’ for cutting down the amount of hours you work, but increasing your weekly income. And then that ‘lifestyle’ you want easily kicks in.

Don’t get me wrong… I don’t want to take the ‘easy street’ and sit on a beach sipping cocktails. Thats not my thing.  I would rather have the freedom of doing what I want, setting my days up to work, rest and play when I want, and still succeed with the business building and over deliver for all my clients.

The truth is…

You’re confused with what to do, and you’re frustrated with trying, working hard, and following the main stream – online guru advice.  Still being stuck with chasing after clients, having money worries to pay bills, and not having your business grow to give you what you really want.

Its just like a fat loss client… they will not lose weight the weight if they 1) don’t have the right plan and 2) don’t follow through with it.

This really boils down to, Do You Want To…?

  1. Earn double to triple than you are now.
  2. Breaking through the time-for-money trap your PT business has you in now.
  3. Start living the lifestyle and having the freedom you want… not being a slave to every client session to earn money.
  4. Grow a business, brand and following that has you earning the money you want, and living the life you want.



Let me show you how to set up and build your Online Personal Training Business… the right way


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