If you are a truly *great* trainer, yet you’re sick of working for someone else’s corporate gym structure, or paying exorbitant rental fees while working yourself into the ground – this is for you.

Thinking of opening your own gym?

You might want to think again. Overhead costs, employee headaches, equipment and location sourcing, debt…

The end product *seems* wonderful, but the reality can be a hard pill to swallow.

Stress is high, the path to success is a long and difficult one, and you are stuck having to be in one location year-round (the gym isn’t going to run itself for a while).

What has literally none of these downsides, with completely unlimited upside (AND could help you open a gym in the future with ease)?

Bringing your business online. The old Personal Training Model is dying fast. You’ve probably been thinking about it. You’re probably wondering about it. 

Let’s break it down.

First, a reality check: There is no such thing as overnight millionaire success with these things. Building a business (in this industry or any other) requires relentless, targeted, organized work.

Early mornings and late nights. Basically, working when you’re not working in the gym.

But you know what? The end result is DEFINITELY worth it, and can be achieved a hell of a lot faster than you may think.

Yes, the money is a great bonus.

Now, think about the injection of freedom into your life. Think about the ability to have complete control over your time. Think about the possibilities that will come from creating something that has the potential to truly scale.

With an online business, you are able to leave to other cities, beaches and countries around the world without any loss in income. In fact, you should be making money while you travel. That’s the absolute best way to do it.

Sure, like any business, if you really want to accelerate it’s growth, you need to have a consistent environment – but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the odd trip whenever you want.

So, how do you achieve this?

There’s good news.

You’ve likely read the internet marketers and “gurus” explaining the importance of a website, lead magnets, complicated sales funnels, trip-wires, pixels, retargeting, Facebook Ads, software…the list goes on…for a while.

What’s the good news?

You do not need to (nor should you) be spending any amount of time on any of these things to successfully build the foundation of your online training business.

That’s right – No website. No massive social media following. No complicated sales funnels.

All you need is to be good at what you do, and willing to execute on 1-3 things every single day to bring you to your goal.

In fact, the only way you are going to add $2k, $4K, $6K, $8K to your monthly income from your online business in a short span of time, is if you keep things extremely simple and consistent.

Ask yourself – “What is most important to me when starting this business?”

We hear the same three things: freedom, profits, and impact.

First, build your foundation of profits in the most simple and effective way possible. Then, once you’ve established stability and a reliable income, have control over your time, and no longer need to spend endless hours on the gym floor, we can create your dream business.


Three words that you need to drill into your head: Attract, Convert, and Deliver.
These are the three pillars of your business. Forever and always. Each word represents an area of your business that must be optimized. Let’s quickly review, and then you can get to work.

ATTRACT Your Following And Leads.

This is how people come to know you without ever having heard of you before. This is your content, your personality, your brand, and how you get in front of the right eyes.

Think about your business as an upside-down triangle, split into 3 layers. A top, middle and bottom. At the very top of this triangle is where your ATTRACT strategies lie, and where you’ll reach the most people.

This will then trickle down into the other layers of the triangle until, eventually, you have a paying customer. 

It’s the process of building a relationship with someone through providing value, bringing them into your inner circle, selling them, and then delivering world class service and results.

In the latter stages of your business, this will become quite a layered process.

For now, you need to focus on just ONE to TWO attraction methods.

Ask yourself, what are you best at? (You figure out the WHAT, for now, and we’ll teach you HOW to get it in front of people).

Writing? Write killer articles.

Video? Shoot high quality, high value videos.

Instagram pictures? Get them out there and provide value in the captions.

Podcasts? Dive in with everything you have and network your butt off.

The options are many. Eventually you may be doing all of these. But for now we need you to choose one or two to maximize. You’ll thank us later.
Along with this, you’re going to need to choose which platforms to use in the beginning. This usually breaks down to Facebook and Instagram, as they tend to be the most leveraged early on. However, this isn’t a rule. Podcasts, Youtube, Medium, Twitter Snapchat – all very leveraged options in their own way.

Again, you need to choose just one or two platforms to focus all of your efforts on in order to smash this foundation phase.

CONVERT Your Followers and Leads To Clients.

One you’ve attracted someone and brought them into your circle of content influence, we need a plan to convert them. Conversions is where the sales are made, and money is paid (to you). Exciting, right?

Sales funnels. If this is a scary word for you…do not be alarmed.

In the foundation phase you’re about to smash, your sales funnel is going to be wonderfully simple.

*Fun fact: some of the most profitable entrepreneurs in the world operate with an extremely simple sales funnel, even for their highest ticket items.*
Essentially, your sales funnel is the journey someone takes from the moment they ingest a key piece of your content, all the way to the point of sale – including the sale. For you to have the greatest amount of success early on, we need to make this path as short as possible, while still being able to develop relationships with leads.

Let’s break this down with a simple example:

Step #1 – Free content videos and articles and pictures on Facebook and Instagram

Step #2 – Lead Magnet to join your free Inner Circle (whatever you wish to call it) Facebook Group
*Inside here you will provide exclusive content, daily interaction, polls, Q&A’s, tutorials, FB Lives, etc, to develop relationships and boost engagement quickly*
***You will have the emails of everyone who joins the Facebook Group for later use when we launch your email list***

Step #3 – Launch 1-4 Case Studies in the Facebook Group leading to a single Sales Page, either directing them to sign up for a consult call, or selling them with a once click button on the page.

Step #4 – Sell (if on consult calls)
Free Content, Facebook Group, Case Study, Sales Page, Call. 

Really, the entirety of your funnel that requires any degree of “tech” knowledge is the single sales page. One of the best programs to use for this is Clickfunnels.

The goal is to grow the Facebook Group (with strategies we teach you) to 150-300 people within the first 4-5 weeks. Your entire launch can be completed within this one single group.

Taking a look down the road, more advanced and comprehensive sales funnels can be created to run on auto pilot for you. Facebook ads, webinars, three-video series sales pages pointing to your different product/service offerings, multiple lead magnets, multiple Facebook groups, an email list, Youtube videos, more case studies…

The manner in which all of these things can fit together is quite literally endless. The key lies in fitting the funnel to the business. Not fitting the business to the funnel.

Using the previous example, the only variables you are going to deal with when creating your foundation funnel is what method you are going to use to drive people to your sales page (Facebook, Instagram, etc), and what type of sales page you are going to need (video, long form copy, one-click buy, book in for consult, etc).

This simply comes down to what service you’re offering. The higher your price point, the more likely it is that you’ll need a sales call in your process.

[PRO TIP: When doing sales calls, always speak from the position of power. THEY are on the call to prove they are good enough to work with you – not the other way around. You ask the questions. You assess them. You control the conversation. Set the tone immediately, and you will have far more success.]

DELIVER Your Coaching To Maximise Your Clients Results and Get You Out Of The Time For Money Trap.

You’ve sold your first batch of clients – congrats!

Now what?

You’ve got to deliver – and you’ve got to do it well.

Client drop-off is the silent killer of profits, freedom and impact. If your clients are dropping like flies, you are not providing a dynamic and engaging enough service, and you’re bleeding money.

It’s like trying to row a boat across the atlantic, against a current, while constantly having to stop and patch holes, which causes you to move backwards. No fun, and entirely backwards.

Just because you’re in the boat doesn’t make you a sea captain.

Delivery of your coaching service in the online world needs to be comprehensive enough to scale, yet simple enough to run efficiently, while also giving the client a good reason to stay on board with you (aside from their results, of course).

From the moment a client signs on with you, through every single check-in, their path needs to be a clear one.

Let’s take a look at what may be involved in your online coaching process.

Basic Overview of Potential Coaching Components:

-Assessment/Questionnaire Process (food logs, measurements, pictures, background, etc.)

-Testing (Medical/Physical)

-On-Boarding Process (1-on-1, membership, group training)

-Welcome Package

-Training Program Design Process

-Nutrition Program Design Process (calorie/macro calculators, simple process, auto completion fields, food log assessments…this is where the real work will lie if you’re operating at a high level.)

-Ongoing Client Updates —> Automatic emails sent to clients with a link for their weekly update. Update should be automated. Use something free like Wufoo. Split clients into 2 lists to have 2 update points in the week to save you from having to do it all at once.

-Physical Progress Tracking Sheets for all clients

-Periodized Phase Tracking Table (organization of all client start dates, update dates, current and following phases)


Quite a bit, isn’t it? It’s a complete myth that online coaching isn’t as comprehensive as face to face. In fact, you should take a page out of your online coaching systems and apply it to your face-to-face systems.

To avoid spending hours upon hours on each new client package that comes through, make your life easier by creating 5-10 pre-made periodized training programs based on the number of times per week someone may train, skill level, gender, and priority.

Whenever a new client signs up, you can simply pull up one of these templates, make a few changes based on their individual needs, and be finished within 15 minutes.

The exact same can be done with nutritional programs. Build nutrition and macro templates with varying calorie goals and body composition needs.

Or, staying even more straightforward, produce a simple macronutrient calculator that you or the clients can use to determine their training and rest day macro splits.

The way in which you set these components up will vary based on who you’re working with.

High level physique athletes need far more specificity than your every day joe or jane.

Putting It All Together

If you’d like to have a step-by-step accelerated guide to kick-starting your business and sell your first batch of online clients, then check out the $100K Coach Plan.

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A little reminder:

Nobody is going to do the work for you.

Nobody is going to build your business for you.

While you sit around and ponder wether or not you want to challenge yourself to step up to the next level, that horrible “trainer” you hate on Instagram is continuing to make money and sell cookie cutter plans.

If you’re a great trainer, this should bother you.

There are hundreds of people around the globe who are your IDEAL client. The type of clients that make you jump out of bed in the morning. They should be working with you, and you should only ever be working with those ideal clients.

The $100K Coach Plan is the foundation you need to achieve freedom, profits and impact on a global scale.

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