2203, 2018

How You Cultivate Gratitude and Happiness with UJ Ramdas

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What do you want...?! Is it - happiness? We can boil down that what ever 'success' that we want to create whether its; losing weight and getting into shape, making more money, having better relationships, being in great health - It's to make us 'happier'. And building a sense of [...]

210, 2017

Why You Need To Know Your Values

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This episode is a sneak peak behind-the-scenes into one of our Fitness Business Breakthrough masterminds we've just held. More importantly: You're going to discover how to attract your PERFECT client. And, it's one of the very first steps we work through with every client so you are crystal clear on [...]

2809, 2017

How to Hire your VA with Louis Lautman

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Do you feel like there are 101 things you have to do each day..? Your to-do list is constantly growing and you know your not getting the most important things done that REALLY grow your business..? Don’t worry, you’re certainly not alone. Ive been there, and it’s not fun. We [...]

2009, 2017

From Bar Man to Bali

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The last 3 years have been nothing short of AMAZING... I'm writing this for you sitting on a balcony overlooking Echo Beach here in Canggu after flying back last night from a few weeks in Australia. But let's be honest. It's NOT being sunshine and rainbows over the last few [...]