One of the most common questions I hear from coaches are:

“How do I get more personal training clients?”

Closely followed by…

“Isn’t the online health and fitness world saturated?”

These are two very common question, and exactly what a new member of the 90-Day Sprint just asked.

As everyday thousands of trainers and coaches are trying to “get their name out there”.

Thats why in this episode I’m going to walk you through how to build a fitness business that earns you over $100,000 a year…

AND… Gets you out of the “time-for-money trap” that is the basic flaw with the old personal training model.

Thats a big promise, i know.

But you’re going to see at the end, how simple this can be.

It’s what the other coaches have done.  Which have included –


Aaron that went from $300 to over $20,650 a month.


Tyler that grew his multi 6-figure online coaching in just a few months by starting from zero, or –


Polvsen that in JUST 3-WEEKS grew his $100k a year personal training business, to even –


Fady that had spent over $10,000 in 6-months in business mentors and programs and got next to ZERO results… but now will earn over $100k this year.

So, right now lets peel back what you being a face-to-face personal trainers can do from today….

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Face-to-Face Personal Training

Lets say you’re charging $80 a session (and we’ll cover in the next episode how to charge what you’re worth and not worrying about people saying “I cant afford it”.)

If you do ONLY 26 sessions per week, which would be roughly 10-15 clients, we have you earning over $100,000 per year.

If you also included semi-private coaching, you could choose the 10 busiest times of the week. As we commonly know that the 6am and 7am spots a lot of people are wanting to train at.

So by you including semi-private and having 4 clients in each of those 10 busy time slots, and only charging $40 per client. 

Thats another $80,000 per year income for you.

So we’ll break down in just a second how to have the process in place to be signing on 15 new clients…

But what if you added —

Online Personal Training

And you are charging each client $300 per month to work with you (which is about average).

This means you only need 28 clients signed on board to be earning over $100,000 with your Online Personal Training.

And, to be honest…

You could very easily being both the in-person and online personal training for you to be earning over $200,000 and still have plenty of free time.

And when you get this right:

  • You have (a lot) more freedom.  You’re not stuck with your only income stream being in the “time-for-money” trap.
  • You have multiple ways to earn money.  Which means you’re not having the stress of the weekly ups-and-downs that so many trainers have.
  • You’re business is set up for the long term.  Most trainers when they honestly open up, feel like their business could crumble if a bunch of clients stopped training –
  • They don’t truely want to be coaching 40-50 hours of face-to-face clients each week. And this doesn’t give you security for the future.

But, there’s a big problem.

With thousands of replies to the question:

“What is your #1 biggest business frustration” trainers and coaches around the world have come back to me with:

  • “Im stuck with where to start… I can’t get leads.”

  • “I get people in front of me, but I don’t know how to sell and sign them on.”

  • “Clients are always saying it’s to expensive, or never come back after needing to think about it.”

This is why this is going to be the first of a series that breaks down the exact steps so that you are:

  • ATTRACTING in the perfect type of clients, that you love to work with, and they are prepared to pay a premium to work you.  So you can charge what you’re worth.
  • SIGNING ON clients each week with the trusted system so you’re never feeling ‘salesy’ or douchy. And you’re never worrying about needing to get more clients.
  • How To TRANSITION from the ‘old’ business model that has you stuck with no freedom and limits your income, to the business that gives you the income and impact you want.
  • PLUS… How to create the best programs that takes you from 1:1 coaching to a 1:many style you’re not in the “time-for-money trap” and your clients are getting better results than they are now.

The 3 Steps To Setting Up Your Online Fitness Business.

The biggest problem you face as a coach when starting is NOT being noticed by anyone.

You could do a post on social media, or publish a video.  And I’m sure its great quality content… but it doesn’t equal more clients.

This is where so many coaches are jumping from blog posts, to Facebook ads, to youtube videos, to Instagram posts and just getting more confused and none of it is working.

The truth is, you need to stop chasing after clients.  And have the process set up so they are coming to you.

You be the cheese that pulls them in, and stop being the cat thats chasing after them the whole time.

And this all starts with Magnetic Content.

To make this easy, I’m going to include a short coaching module from the 90-Day Accelerator showing you how to easily get started with producing magnetic content.

When you get this wrong, you have weeks to months of social media content but still no clients signing on board.

When you get this right, you have boatloads of clients coming to you.  And you’re able to charge what you’re worth.

Your Client Getting Funnel Without The “Tech Problems”.

But, this is all a waste of time if you don’t have your “client getting funnel” in place…

You’ve probably heard of a ‘sales funnel’ before, which is really just marketing mumbo-jumbo for the simple steps someone has to go through to be in a REAL position to then see your coaching program/product/service offer.

What do they need to know so that they see you the answer over everybody else..?

When you truely answer that, you can blow your competition away.  And this is why you can’t follow a cookie cutter plan.

And this comes down to having an “event”.

Simply the campaign that can be a video, a blog post, a sales page, a in-person meeting, a Skype call… Something that makes sure they are the right fit and the sign on as your clients.

The biggest roadblock that trainers run into with this, is all the ‘tech stuff’.

Trying to decide what their funnel actually is, and what softwares or sites to use?

To make it really simple I just set up on Click Funnels with myself and my team and transfer what we know works into the 90-Day Accelerator and Inner Circle members. 

That way its just a turn-key solution.

Now, if you have this set up wrong –

You get in the friends zone.

You have followers and people that love your stuff.  But they never buy from you and never become your client.

When you set this up right, you don’t need a big social media following. As you target market is coming to you and they easily sign on as your client week to week.

Now that you have boat loads of clients signing on, we need to set up your Premium Program for how you’re going to coach your clients.

Your Premium Program To Coach Your Clients Online

Your clients need 2 main things as you being their trainer.

Accountability and Expertise.

They need accountability to stick to the plan and they need expertise for having the right plan and help along the way.

So rather than scratching your head and trying to decide between which app to coach clients the first thing you need to figure out is what do they NEED to get the results they are coming to you for.

And how does your Premium Program:

  1. Get your clients the fastest and easiest results.
  2. Minimise your manual time, so you’re not having to “re-invent” the wheel every time and you end up sitting behind a computer writing training programs and diets all day long.
  3. Maximise your profits so you can live the lifestyle you want whilst doing the work you love.

Rather than jumping from one coaching app to another.  I suggest you plan what your Premium Program needs to have in it first, and then how you want to deliver it.

When creating your Premium Program you can break it down into 2-steps.

  1. On-Boarding

What does you client need to be given, and what do they need to know to get started as easily as possible without overwhelming them. And answering all their questions.

      2. On-Going

Then you need to piece together what does your client need in day, or week or month to have not only the communication with you. But also the access to the plans and programs for them to follow.

You can see in this example of one of the My Body Blends online programs that once the new member logs in.  They have a welcome video walking them through how best to use the program, which also answer their most common questions.  Making it as easy as possible for them to get started.

Plus you are able to give them more value, or even drip-feed the content to them.  For example each month we have more programs and guides that become available to them

What To Do Now To Get Started…

In the episode we covered 3 major steps to start signing on new clients…

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