In the spirit of being transparent, here’s the facts:

Most of you reading this right now should not be focusing on Facebook Ads whatsoever.

That’s correct.

You are most definitely jumping the gun.

Trust us, we understand the urge and are fully aware of the potential power it has, but we have to be honest with you.

There are a great many things you need to master and optimize before diving into the wonderful and complicated world of Facebook ads.

For example – actually having paying clients, a library of content, and a sound business platform.

We see far too many people in many types of businesses (not just trainers), setting off to run Facebook Ads as their first step in business development. Big, big no-no.

If you’re not sure wether or not your business is ready at this point – stick with your gut and master what matters first.

If you’re at a point in your business where you need to take the next step and turn up the growth engines (or maybe you’re just curious), read on.

Facebook Ads WORK. You Just Suck At Them.

Facebook Ads clearly work.

One out of every $10 in advertising is spent on Facebook Ads. The tools available to optimize the process are straight out of Hogwarts, for crying out loud.

Fact: You’re just doing them wrong, and probably shouldn’t be doing them at all.

Nearly everyone tries running Facebook ads at one point or another, fails, and blames it on the platform itself instead of their lack of understanding.

It’s human nature, really.

“Damn, this is hard. It’s not suppose to be this hard. This must only work for big businesses.”

Wrong, and wrong again. The only correct statement here is that mastering Facebook Ads is indeed difficult. Add the “time consuming” attribute on top for good measure.

Oh, and it costs money to set up and run every day. Pay to play, big boys and girls.

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In this episode I walk you through…

* How we are setting up Adams Facebook Ad campaign to sell out his 3rd online coaching program.

* Why we use 3-Phases to Facebook Ads to easily sign on new clients… and save money.

* How to set up your Facebook Pixels.

* How to set up your Facebook Audiences.

* How to set up your Facebook Ads for either; Growing your following, getting leads or selling your programs.

The Psychology of Facebook Humans

Most people go on Facebook to escape life.

Instead of searching for something to buy, they are actively avoiding buying or being sold.

On Google, people are there to search for something specific, and quite often looking to buy. Facebook is the opposite.

This means you need to do something pretty damn worthy of any particular human’s attention to actually cause them to stop and check you out.

99 times out of 100, someone who has never heard of you before is not going to invest in your services after seeing a single ad. That’s just plain arrogant and dead wrong.

You’re starting out with no relationship or trust whatsoever. This is the reason why most people fail miserably at Facebook Advertising – attempting to sell directly to cold leads.

To be successful, you need to conceptualize your Facebook Ads strategy in three major segments:

Cold Traffic Ads (make people aware of you)
Warm Traffic Ads (nurture them and provide them with value)
Hot Traffic Ads (sell them)

Things just got a bit more complicated, hey? Strap in.

Just like your business has a sales funnel, you need to have a Facebook sales funnel and a strategy behind it.

The backbone of your Facebook sales funnel is made up of retargeting pixels. In the case of Facebook, this is Custom Audiences.

If you’ve ever visited a website, checked out a couple of articles or products, then went on to buy from another website – only to find yourself being exposed to Ads everywhere you go from that first website for days to come – then you’ve experienced retargeting pixels.

A pixel has been placed on your device to send you relevant ads, eventually prompting you to click through to their site or offer again.

Here’s how that concept is applied, in basic terms:

Cold Traffic Ads:

If you’re selling products or high end coaching, you haven’t a hope in hell of selling directly to cold traffic through an ad. Thus, your first layer of ads to cold traffic could be as simple as a pillar blog post, or another piece of value-adding content. Something that will kick off the process of someone becoming aware of you.

It’s an easy ask for someone to click through to a blog post or video filled with pure content designed to genuinely help them.

As they do this, a pixel will be placed on their device, and you will be able to see exactly who visited your site (or chosen content platform), and on what pages. Some ninja stuff.

To add another level, you can completely customize who sees this ad. Right down to their age, demographic, country, location (within a few KMs or miles), occupation, interests, page likes…and much more.

Thus, the only people seeing this cold traffic offer are going to be well suited to it at the very least.

Warm Traffic Ads:

For people who have been on your website and clicked through the previous ads, or interacted with some of your content, we can send them the next step using the tracking pixels.

This is where we begin to add true value and develop the relationship, while getting some information from them to then enter your inner circle of influence (email list, Facebook Group, etc). Usually, this means their email.

Typically, this is achieved via some form of lead magnet like a free 14 day program, or a webinar, an email course, or something of that nature.

Again, it has to be an easy ask with a massive upside for that lead.

Not only have they taken the next step in your retargeting system, you now have the ability to provide value to them on a more intimate level via an email list or Facebook Group.

Hot Traffic Leads:

At this point, you’ve done your job of influencing your retargeted audience and have provided them with considerable value. This is where you can go directly to an offer that’s engaging and difficult to resist.

If it’s a product, your ad will lead to a product sales page (or a “tripwire” version of your product at a fraction of the price).

If it’s a consult call to apply for coaching, it will lead to a page to book in their call.

In Review:

Make people aware of you, warm them up, then convert them.

This is a massively simplified summary of the process, but it’s key to understanding how to conceptualize the intricacies of building a campaign.

Some Major Keys:


Before you even consider running a Facebook Ads campaign, you need to have a sales funnel that is working (and working well) before you run any ads to it.

Are your sign-up to click through ratios poor? Don’t run an ad to it.

Are your sales skills and/or systems weak? Don’t run an ad to it.

Does your service suck? Don’t run an ad to it.

Does your content lack that little sumthin’ sumthin’? Don’t run an ad to it.

Haven’t sold anyone at all yet? Definitely don’t run an ad to your funnel full of cobwebs.

Some people just want to short-cut their way to overnight online success.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Neither is great. Neither is sustainable.

Moral of this tip: make sure you offer converts first. You can take your business further without the use of any paid advertising than you might think.

This is why in most cases we have coaches launch their online programs and achieve substantial profits in a short span of time without the use of ads. What people don’t want to hear is that it takes work.

Take Callum, for example. He spend a few weeks hustling his ass off doing outreach, creating content, cultivating an audience, developing relationships with other pages, and positioning himself exactly where he wanted to be in his niche. When launch day came, he sold $39K in 2 days on sales calls, without the use of any ads.

By doing things this way, Callum can now begin to enter the realm of Facebook Ad Campaigns, as it’s just like throwing jet fuel on a fire. His systems are working, he’s positioned himself well, he’s providing value, and he’s getting results.

Major Key #2

Ever heard the term “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? Of course you have.

Do not, under any circumstance, put all your eggs in the FB advertising bucket. The world is changing and shifting constantly. If Facebook disappears, your business disappears. If Facebook changes their algorithm overnight, your funnel could be rendered useless.

This game is about doing and rolling with the punches. Make it easier on yourself by building other avenues of lead generation to protect yourself from implosion.

The Best Step-by-Step Guides On The Internet

It’s no surprise that we don’t teach Facebook marketing until someone is really ready inside the Coaches Cartel Mastermind. It’s very likely that you should be focussing on something else, first.

However, for those of you who want to wet your internet marketing appetite, there are some absolutely phenomenal beginners guides to Facebook ad campaigns that exist on the internet.

These will serve to bring you up to speed on the principles behind the psychology and technology that goes into building a successful, and therefor profitable ad campaign.

In no particular order:


Facebook Ads Manager Guide – How to set up your first Facebook Ad Campaign

The Facebook Ads Manager is a wonderful piece of tech that allows you to many wonderful, magical things – including:

  • Set up Facebook ad campaigns
  • Create new ad sets and ads
  • Manage Facebook ad bids
  • Target many different audiences
  • Optimize your ad campaigns
  • Keep track of your campaigns’ performance
  • A/B test your Facebook ad campaigns.

If most of that is foreign language to you, check out AdEspresso’s guide on how to properly set up your first campaign.

AdEspresso article

Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide (Neil Patel)

Here, you’ll gain a better general understanding of the concepts behind Facebook ads and how they work. Plus, some excellent basic strategies.

Article Link: Facebook Advertising Made Simple: A Step-by-Step Guide 

Beginners Guide to Creating Facebook Ads That Convert (Neil Patel)

If you need to increase the rate at which your ads are converting, Neil breaks down why that might be happening, and what actions you can take to change it.

Article Link: Beginners Guide to Creating Facebook Ads That Convert 

Creating a Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign (Neil Patel)

For everything on increasing the profits you’re generating from your campaigns (they cost money, after all), check out this awesome 5 step guide.

Article Link:  Creating a Profitable Facebook Advertising Campaign

The Coaches Cartel Systems

At this point, if we’ve both scared you and excited you with Facebook Ads, we’ve done our job well.

General guides and principles are indeed extremely important. But when it comes time to apply these things to your specific industry (in this case, the fitness industry), there are many unique elements at play.

For instance, Facebook absolutely hates the use of certain keywords and statements. Like outright calling your audience fat, or even mildly suggesting they need to lose weight.

Linguistics need to be well thought-out and strategically implemented.

After that, there are all sorts of industry specific “tactics” that just generally work better after years of trial and error producing ads in the same industry. Not to mention the rate at which the Facebook Ads environment is changing…

Before you get too ahead of yourself, heed the following, purposefully repetitive considerations, and get some free stuff:

Having your business systems and funnel (from attraction, to conversions, to delivery) operating smoothly, and at a high level is imperative before you even think about delving into the world of Facebook advertising.

There are several components within each of the three key areas of your funnel.

Before any of that, you actually need to be a good coach, and get results with your clients. If you don’t, well, we can’t help you. You need to be focussing on upgrading your technical skills and pounding on your craft for a while longer.

With that out of the way, the three main components of your sales funnel are…




Where we touched on the cold, warm and hot leads before – that would apply to the attraction and conversion sections of your funnel. Content, adding value, warming people up to you, and eventually selling them.

This can be a long and complicated process if you attempt to do too much all at once.

The delivery is all about how the back end of your business actually works. How you’re able to deliver packages and services to clients, your system of operations, time allocation, tracking metrics, projections, etc.

Not sure where you stand with all of this? We’ve got you.

The $100K Coach Plan was specifically designed to take you through a comprehensive process of tearing apart your business, and rebuilding it the right way.

You’ll be able to see where you may have holes in each area of your funnel – or, perhaps you have no funnel at all and need some guidance in how to construct one.

Wherever stage you may lie in the development of your business, the $100K Coach Plan is a full-on training session and workbook for you to take away and apply immediately.

Plus, you’ll actually be able to go through the process of building a business model that can and will earn you over $100K in the next 12 months with your online or hybrid personal training business.

Sweet, right?

If Facebook Ads are still piquing your interest, you’ll be able to see exactly where they fall into your overall game plan, and when it’s intelligent to implement them.

When that time comes, we’ve got you covered.

Sign up to watch the $100K Coach Plan HERE for free today (did we mention it’s actually a lot of fun?)


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