Want to stand out from your competition, but don’t know how it’s done..?

Many trainers and coaches are stuck by the question; “How am I actually different from the competition.”

As the truth is…


The health and fitness world online is saturated.

But, its NOT competitive if you can clearly have people see why you are the better option over your competition.

When it comes to the health and fitness industry everyone from someone on instagram to a scientist can be called an ‘expert’.

This is why I want to introduce you to Julie.

Julie just joined us in the Coaches Cartel  – Accelerator program.  And in our first call she said she was stuck trying to explain what it is she did for her clients.

You may relate to this.

You do so many things for your clients.

You help them in so many ways.

Which is why when you have a clear message.  Everything from your social media posts to your sales pages has a precise weaving message that has the right type of clients coming to you.

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