3007, 2020

The (Proven) 3-Step High Ticket Sales Funnel

For the personal trainer who can take on 10+ high ticket online clients in 30 days or less… https://coachescartel.com/strategy   Have you ever said to yourself, “I really need to get more online clients?” Unless [...]

2807, 2020

How Personal Trainers Sell $29,500 Of Coaching In ONE Day

How does a Personal Trainer go from $200 a week to $29,000 in a day..?   How do you being a trainer or coach move from the “old” personal training model that has you stuck [...]

2307, 2020

The 3-Phase Success Curve To Go From Zero to Million Dollar Coach

If you’re like me… You started your fitness business to give yourself more freedom.   You know that you’re good at what you do. You have the experience, expertise and you get results. So, if [...]

2107, 2020

The Old Model of Personal Training is Dead

To become a successful Personal Trainer, we’re told… Get certified Get 1-1 clients. Charge more for your sessions … Then what? In 2014, I did all of this and I was “successful” from the outside [...]

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