Join me at the the talk I gave at Super Fast Business Live in Sydney…

Big thanks to James Schramko for having a world-class event and inviting me to speak.
This is where I breakdown 3 of the major steps you can start from today that can grow your business to doing $100,000 a month and past that 7-Figure a year mark.
The simplicity of the actions is where the power is, as its about you having the few key principles in place to follow every day.  Giving you the confidence in knowing that your bringing on new customers and clients and making sales.
Would love to hear from you after the episode, with what you have learnt and any questions I can further help from you.


03:50 Show start
04:30 Introduction
05:31 "The Monkey experiment"
08:14 What really matters
09:56 Commercial break
12:00 3 steps to your business
13:07 The real work
14:44 Content is king
15:34 Creating a perfect line
17:16 Creating influence
19:11 "The OODA loop"
20:30 Simple Processes 
24:17 Work with people you want
27:31 You are worth more