Do you want to have personal training clients coming to you…?

This is a behind the scenes look as Sean comes on for a private (not any more) consultation with myself, and I get straight to the point of whats the exact steps are he needs to start taking to build his own dream fitness business.

You need to stop chasing after clients, and put into action the proven steps that are the natural steps for you to grow your fitness business.


Stop trying to be all “salesy” and just copy what is working around the world, as I introduce to you in this episode, and walk you through a real case study.


Big thanks to Sean for being happy to record and share this with you… as this strategy call you get to listen in on this episode is a part of the process of members joining the 150-Intensive and Pro Circle.

03:34 Show Start
04:07 Goals
05:40 Ultimate Goal
06:24 Business models
06:55 Face to face or not
07:46 Proper business model setup
10:20 Commercial break 
12:22 What do you want to be worlds best at
13:32 What results you want to be known for
15:21 Real uniqueness
17:27 Attracting new clients
18:12 Online world of things
19:30 What kind of clients
20:07 Selling methods
20:48 Service presentation
24:08 Results Method
24:48 Sinature system for best results
25:42 Doing things differently
27:34 Web site
28:27 Fitness business success circle
29:572 topics on what CEO`s need
32:28 Shooting videos
34:22 Plan of action