Do you see other personal trainers and fitness “influencers” on Instagram, and think…

“I’m a better coach than them”.

You download their programs and guides and think its mediocre (at best).

But, these fitness influencers have 100’s of 1000’s and even millions of followers.

And surely they are making a killing!

Last night we just recorded a in-depth coaching module for the Coaches Cartel members and I wanted to give you the key actions you can use from today.

But before we dive in, there is ONE caveat:

This is NOT for just growing a gigantic following.

You are not to get swept up with the “vanity” metrics of likes, and followers. As this does NOT directly mean more clients and dollars in your bank account.

There are a lot of people on social media with huge followings but yet below average businesses.

This is for using Instagram to have clients coming to you.

That’s why I want to ask you:

Have you been trying to get clients using Instagram, but yet, haven’t cracked the code?

The truth is…

The personal training world is HIGHLY unregulated.

And the power of social media has only made things more interesting.

It brings up exactly how I felt when I was just a few months into starting as a personal training at a box box gym.

I was so frustrated as I saw these others coaches that had “no clue” as to the technical knowledge of program design, nutrition, psychology, etc…

But had a full book of personal training clients.

Each week I saw them with huge bundles of cash from what they just collected, and then I finally realised what was going on.

Go to any gym and most members who don’t know a thing about training are most inclined to choose a trainer who most fittingly looks the part, in harmony with the goals that they want to achieve.

So yes.  I do believe you have to walk-the-walk and look the part.

You wouldn’t hire a broke financial advisor. 

So why would you hire a fat personal trainer..?

All of that aside, THIS post if for you serious personal trainers and coaches that are getting results with their clients.  Have the experience.  Have the expertise.

And want to explode their fitness business (and I hope this is you).

The Biggest Trap Of Instagram Personal Trainers.

Through the many hours of studying, researching and compiling the new coaching module for REALLY using Instagram to bring in new clients, and not just give you a dopamine hit for every ‘like’ you get.

There was one HUGE problem I kept seeing so many trainers and coaches fall into.

They were copying their competitors.  The “influencers” that had the massive followings.

And the problem with this is that the strategy they are using, has a good chance to NOT work for you.

This is why the example of Aaron that’s a client fits in so perfectly right now.

With only 600 followers, he has 101 clients a part of his personal training business.

This proves its NOT about just getting more followers.

It’s about:

  • Attracting in your target market.
  • Positioning yourself as the authority.
  • Engaging with them and building trust.

This post is specifically going to look at the funnel that you use to turn Instagram into a client getting machine.

And importantly you MUST be:

  1. Posting great quality content that talks directly to what your target market wants.
  2. Using great quality images and videos.  It HAS to be visually pleasing!

Now, I want to make this really actionable for you.

A few members said that Kali Burns was an influencer that they liked.

And just be quickly going through, I can tell she is doing a great job.  What you can quickly take away are 2 key factors that she is doing VERY well.

#1 – Engagement.

This is one of the most important aspects that you need to focus on.

Being able to engage with your followers to show the real you behind the screen.  But more importantly to help them get the results that they are ultimately coming to you for.

This comes through liking and replying back to comments, to showcasing your clients and followers in posts and stories.

#2 – Branding.

The quality of your images, and style that you bring to Instagram is key.

Have a theme that you use not only makes it more visually pleasing, but your followers can easily recognise you and your business.

This is NOT about throwing your logo onto every picture.

This is about your story, colours, filters, language and how you present yourself.

So I wanted to go through and make some suggestions that she and you and apply right now.

Then we can look at the actual steps you can put in place to turn your followers into clients…

Firstly, lets look at the most impactful step you have in Instagram.

And that’s the ONE link that you get in your profile picture.

What I found was that most people are just using their website address.

The problem with this is that it leaves them in an open space, not really knowing what to do from there.

What I recommend you do is 80% of the time drive people from this link to your lead magnet or “tribe builder”.

This means simply that you want to take them to the best next steps that

  • Grows your list.
  • Has them consume more of your content.
  • Drives them into your sales funnel so easily (and quickly) turn them into your clients.

The other 20% of the time, you can directly go for the sale.

Just like Gary Vanyerchuck recommends with his excellent book Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook.  Is that most of the time give greater value, and then you can ask from them.

That means the other 20% of the time  you need to drive them to a sales page that is a HIGH converting page.

Making sure that you don’t waste a ton of people landing on your page and them clicking off and you losing them forever.

This is where Kali could make a small change and turn her Store page to help guide people make a choice thats best for them quickly and easily.

With so many options, it becomes confusing and more likely than not.  The sale won’t happen.

Though WITHOUT a doubt Kali has hit the nail on the head with the quality of her images, her branding style and the use of her Instagram Stories.

The Instagram Stories and Facebook Duo HACK For More Clients.

There’s a good chance that you’re feeling overwhelmed for when it comes to using social media to build your fitness business.

There are so many different platforms to choose from.

And each platform has its own unique style to how you get the best results from it.

The recent launch of Instagram Stories has been amazing.

Personally I didn’t vibe with Snapchat.

And when Instagram Stories launched, I already had a following on Instagram and it all clicked together so easily.

Live video is not going anywhere and you need to start using it.

It’s become a must now for all clients to put this in their tool box, especially as the Facebook algorithm is pushing live videos.

You’re going to get more views, more engagement and better results by using Livesteam.

This is where I recommend that you drive people from one platform to another to consume your main pieces of content.

Example #1.

If you’re about to do a Facebook Livestream, go into Instagram Stories and post about what you’re doing. To drive people over to your Facebook and increase engagement.

Example #2.

If you just published a new YouTube video…

  1. Post a high quality image that relates to your video topic, and info-taining status.
  2. Do 1-5 Ingram Stories talking about the new video and tell them where to go to see it.
  3. Change your Instagram profile link to either your blog post or YouTube video where it is hosted.
  4. Post on Facebook, driving people to the blog post or YouTube video.
  5. Record a Facebook Livestream talking on the same topic as your new video, and direct people to watch the whole episode.

Honestly… There are tons of different ways to mix this up.

Importantly, its got to fit in with what platforms you’re focussing on, and ultimately how you want to drive people into your sales funnel.

As it boils down to –

  1. Create phenomenal content that gives your market the answers their looking for.
  2. Engage with your followers and build relationships.
  3. Drive them into a high-converting funnel so you’re getting new clients.

If you’re a bit unsure about the funnel that you’e using (or if you don’t have one) then I recommend that you start HERE.

And get the 4-Step Checklist for signing on new clients.

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