From the outside looking in, I was running a successful personal training business.

But it was a lie!

Charging up to $250 an hour.

Having a team of trainers work for me.

Having a full book of clients that was up to 50 hours of consultations and sessions

It was the dream I had been working towards for so many years.

But, it was when I was jumping into my car, and speeding how the Sheik Zayed road in Dubai.

There were two questions that ran through my head…

“How much longer can I keep going like this?”


“Is this all there is?”

Why I Quit Being A Personal Trainer

Doing 120 km/hr racing back to get home in time too give my daughter her bottle, so I can spend some quality time with her before she goes to bed.

And when I got home, she was already asleep.

I was crushed…

This wasn’t the dad, husband and man I wanted to be.

And when I tried to answer the two questions in my head the answers were –

There is no way I want to keep running a business like this in 2, 5 or 10 years time from now.  I wanted a business that allowed me to live and travel around the world.  Spend quality time with my daughters and wife, and give us the freedom to live the lifestyle we really wanted.  Not stressing about money or “where my next client is coming from?”.

If this resonates with you… I want to tell you its perfectly fine.

The traditional personal training business model is dead. 

The fitness world has changed, and its never been like this before.

And what I am going to walk you through right now are the steps that have been proven not only myself, but from so many trainers and coaches around the world that I get to see create.

From my home office here in Bali, I get to have the upper hand in seeing what’s working, and how to speed it up…  It’s firstly from the mistakes and wins I have in my businesses that I can then share straight to you.

This is the real world “whats working, right now”.

That’s a big promise I know.

And I know you can have this success too, because this is exactly what coaches and trainers around the world are doing right now by simply following these steps.

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The NEW Personal Trainers $100k + Model

With myself and the coaches I work with, we focus on three main factors to building your ultimate fitness business.

1 – Freedom.

Does your business give you the freedom to live the lifestyle you want..?

The Old Personal Training Model has you losing money anytime you take time off. 

When ever you want to take a holiday, get sick, want to travel, or just enjoy some time off… You’re going to be losing money because you’re not in the gym training clients.

Instead we want to set up a business that means you can walk away from it, and there is still going to be money coming into your bank account.  This gives you the security and the safety that your business isn’t going fall a part.

2 – Impact.

Does your business allow you to help the amount of people you want..?

You and I got into the health and fitness world because we wanted to transform bodies and lives.

So it only makes sense that we do have the business we work so hard on, to allow us to create the positive impact with the passion and expertise we have.

This happens by not being stuck coaching only a handful of people… Instead being able to reach 1000’s of people with the same time and effort.

3 – Profits.

Does your business give you the income to live the life you want..?

When coaching 1:1 theres a limit of how much you can charge, and how many clients you can see per day.

This means theres a limited amount of how much you can earn. 

When you transition to a new model, you’re able to have multiple revenue streams that are un-capped and give you more scale.  By being able to help more people, and charge what you’re worth.  You’re able to earn the money you want.

Let’s look at an example that we work towards inside the coaching program:

If you have 30 online clients, and are charging $300 per month.

You will earn over $108,000 a year.


If you added a membership model to add an extra revenue stream and importantly adds recurring income to your business.

You could sign up 180 members at $50 per month.

You add an extra $108,000.

Thats a total of $216,000 a year.

But, we can easily take it one step further with a high-ticket offer such as 7-day retreat.

If you run just 4x retreats per year with only 12 people per escape.

Thats an added $216,000.

For a grand total of $432,000 a year.

Now these numbers might shock you at first.

But it’s important for you to see whats possible and you can create a business that has MUCH more scale than what you’re doing right now.

How To ATTRACT Boatloads Of New Clients Insanely Easy

In just 3-simple steps you can have a process for clients coming to you…

…rather than you chasing them.

And we can use a insanely effective process to use social media to bring in new clients.

But before we dive in, there is ONE caveat:

This is NOT for just growing a gigantic following.

You are not to get swept up with the “vanity” metrics of likes, and followers. As this does NOT directly mean more clients and dollars in your bank account.

There are a lot of people on social media with huge followings but yet below average businesses.

This is why the example of Aaron thats a client fits in so perfectly right now.

With only 600 followers, he has 101 clients a part of his personal training business.

This proves its NOT about just getting more followers.

It’s about:

  •  Attracting in your target market.
  •  Positioning yourself as the authority.
  •  Engaging with them and building trust.

And one of the most common questions I get from coaches when it comes to social media is; “How do I easily produce content that works?”

So lets go through right now so you have your –

30-Days Of Facebook and Instagram Posts In Under 15-Minutes

And to give you the exact steps to follow let me show you the Social Media Strategy 2.0 that we use in the Accelerator program.

Step 1:

Choose 3 categories that you focus on with your business.

Example:  Nutrition, Training and Lifestyle.

Step 2:

Choose 10 topics or questions per category.

Example.  For nutrition you can talk about: 1) What foods to eat 2) How much to eat 3) When to eat… etc.

Step 3:

Each day focus on only ONE topic.

And break this down into three posts.

[Generally speaking the best times to post are 8am, 12 midday and 8pm]

8am – Do a long post that educates people on that topic.

12pm – Do a Livestream using the same info top of mind from your long post.

8pm – Do a short post that talks on a cast study/testimonial from a real world client on this topic.

[Now there are actually 11 different post types we use, but this give you a starting example]


You now have a simple 3-step process that outlines a full months of social media posts.

But if you don’t have your content leading to a high-converting sales funnel.

All that time and effort you just put into your content is nearly WORTHLESS.

This is where we need to…

Sign On 4+ New Clients Every Week On Autopilot

In the episode with Tyler we covered how his simple 3-step funnel got his online coaching started from scratch.

IMPORTANT:  What I am about to take you through is NOT going to involve Facebook Ads.

I believe that you must first be able to convert organic traffic, so then when we set your Facebook Ads up (the right way) you will have a strong stream of new clients.

We break this down into 3-steps:

1 – Tribe Builder.

Do you have a way to stay in constant contact, deliver value and position yourself as the authority..?

You don’t want to just rely on people randomly catching your social media posts.

Instead we want one platform where you can constantly give them what they need, and showcase your expertise and results.

2 – The Event.

You need to have one TRUSTED way that you are going to sign on new clients.

The conversion event could be a phone call, webinar, video, sales page, Facebook messenger or even Instagram post.

This means simply that you want to take them to the best next steps that –

  •  Grows your list.
  •  Has them consume more of your content.
  •  Drives them into your sales funnel so easily (and quickly) turn them into your clients.

3 – Automation.

Once the above two steps are working…

You can start to automate this process, so it becomes and engine that works without you having to be there.

This is when you wake up and new clients and customers are on board, and you just focus on doing the work you love.

How To Launch Your $100k + Online Coaching In Under 90-Days

Just like Polvsen was able to in JUST 3-weeks time have the system and clients on board for him to break $100k, you just need the right plan.

Most coaches that come on board the programs are in 2-buckets.

  1. They want to have their Online Coaching as their sole focus.
  2. They want to grow their face-to-face AND online coaching business.

And in many cases there’s a Swiss Cheese problem (and this could be you).

There’s holes in your business.

And thats why I wanted to walk you through the major steps to getting everything up and running to ultimately give you the freedom, impact and profits you want.

Honestly… There are tons of different ways to mix this up.

If you want me to help you implement everything…

And have the plan custom made to you, I’ve opened up some slots for serious trainers and coaches to apply and book in for a 1-on-1 consultation with me.

I’ll personally jump on a 10min call with you to map out what major steps you need to be taking straight away, and if you are the right fit for us to work together.

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