“I get people in front of me, but i don’t know how to sell and sign on new clients.”

Just the other day I held a free coaching session to a big group of trainers and this one question came in over and over, so I said I would go deep and record this epode for you.

So many trainers are still trying to follow old, hard-sell style tactics to sign on new clients. 

If you’re having awkward sales conversations, or you’re having people say to you:


“I have to think about it”

“Too expensive”

“I have to ask my spouse/partner”

“I have to think about it”

“I had a bad experience with another trainer”

It’s time for you to copy these 3 dead easy steps to have a a process you can trust to be signing on new clients each week…

[Watch the full episode here]

Here is the example recommendation so your potential clients see exactly whats needed for them to get their results…

“Glenn, you said that you wanted to achieve (insert goals) and you really want this because of (insert the reasons ‘why’).  To hit these goals by the date you mentioned, I recommend you are going to have (insert plan). The best program that fits exactly what you need is (insert your package)… How does that plan suit you?”


This is about adding leverage to your business.  Say for example do online coaching or an online product on the side, or if you want completely moving to something 100% leveraged.

So you can have more money, more meaning and more freedom.

Now, as the best next steps…

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