How does a Personal Trainer go from $200 a week to $12,500 in 5 hours..?

How do you being a trainer or coach move from the “old” personal training model that has you stuck in the time for money trap –

…to doing $29,500 of sales in half a day?

This episode is a sneak peak into our immersion with a small group of trainers that have done exactly this.

And all of this was achieved with:

NO Facebook Ads.

NO Website.

NO Fancy or Confusing Funnels.

It’s simple following the simple and proven to work process that has you upgrading your fitness business to attract in the exact right type of clients you want to be coaching… and positions you as the authority in the market so you can charge what you’re worth.

Now after this episode, the best next step is –

If your serious about your fitness business AND you know your a good coach…

But you want to take your business to the next level then I apply for a quick 1:1 call with me to make sure you’re the right fit to join the program, and join the other coaches that are getting these results.

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