How To Make Over $250,000 As A Personal Trainer

How To Make Over $250,000 As A Personal Trainer


Not long ago, I was having lunch with a friend who runs a successful online business and we got talking about how we got started in this.  When we first met at the Old Man’s, which is a great restaurant/bar at a beach here in Bali, we we’re watching all the surfers and tourists do their thing.


They were walking slowly to and from the surf, others were sitting back and drinking beers and cocktails, and then there was us, having a lunch and we both had meetings to get to shortly after – this was still a work day, we weren’t on holiday, though we still had the freedom to meet up in the middle of the day to catch up and chill out.


Even thinking back to when I was a personal trainer, I ran boot camp sessions for 3 days a week for 3 years straight. I was waking at 4:30 every morning, and it was so I had enough time to get started on the day to see my 6am clients.  Trying to earn more money I did more sessions, at one point I was seeing 70 hours’ worth of consultations and training sessions in a week.


It was not worth it!


At the end of those weeks, I was fried, there was no way that losing all my energy, time for my girlfriend, social life, and even time for me and my training was worth a few extra dollars.  That was not living, that was dying.


I got smarter at one point and brought on trainers to work for me.  This was great, and it flourished into a full personal training agency where I had a team of trainers working for me throughout Sydney.  This is why I’m still very much a fan of a location or ‘bricks-and-mortar’ business, however even local businesses need to leverage the power of online marketing and platforms available these days.


It was when I was in Dubai that I had a full book of personal training clients within weeks of landing.  When I first moved there, I had only a few months to get the business running, life sorted in a whole new country, and ready for my wife and brand new baby girl that would be born soon.  


This was when I started ‘dipping my toe in’ and learning about online marketing as I knew it was the way forward and would give me the leverage and power to create the business success and future that I had been working so hard to get to. Literally learning from everything I could, I was engrossed with finding out how it all works and what was needed to be done.


I found that it started coming together, and by learning from the right resources, and finding the right mentors I was now bringing in more leads than I could handle for my personal training.  This is where I decided to start my online personal training business and focus on growing this.  It was the nagging thought that kept popping up for so long that I wanted the freedom to not be stuck in a gym, to be able to live around the world, to earn the money that gave me financial freedom, and to start living the lifestyle that I really wanted.


When I first started my online personal training, I was picking up clients and doing everything I could to give them the best experience and results possible. Literally pouring everything in that I had learnt over 10 years of personal training and the countless courses and certification I had attained.


Then I knew the power of selling programs and products online where it could sell 24/7 and not have me manually spend time delivering it, total automation. And this was the step I needed for the freedom factor I was looking for.


When I launched my first product, I had the payment processor with PayPal, and the app was on my phone.  So it notified me whenever a payment would come through.


I remember carefully clicking the final buttons to launch the program and sending off the list I had built up so far. Was it going to completely crash and burn, or was it going to work?  I could only wait as it was late at night and I had to go to bed to wake up early for my clients the next day.


This whole process was done in the home office I had created in our spare bedroom, and I was not staring out over the famous Palm Jumeriah in Dubai as our apartment was right in the middle of it.


I woke up the next morning, turned my phone on, and there it was.  The constant buzz of the PayPal app going off with new payments coming through.  I couldn’t believe that I was sitting in my lounge room having breakfast, and I was earning money.


Later that day myself, my wife Lauren, and my daughter Arlo were driving to have lunch, and there it was, still going off every now and then.  I was just spending time with my family, going out for lunch, and I was earning money.  Compare that to just having to be in the gym to see my clients, where the stress if I was ever sick, went on holiday, or wasn’t able to get to the gym, I wouldn’t earn any money.


Now sitting next to the beach here in Bali, chatting about how I got started and the tough times of learning, failing, and finding a way through to where we were now, I look back at 3 major things that I had done that made all this possible.



The phrase that gets thrown around all too often trying to draw us in is, “make money while you sleep.”  This often gets put in the basket of scams, and get rich quick schemes, though I want to walk you through what is not taught to so many business owners and entrepreneurs, and that’s the ability to look at your business model and create multiple streams of income that all work together and help multiply your growth and profits.


You’re a coach, and the power you have is your intellectual property, and combining this with technology you’re able to deliver to have greater solutions that are also scalable to reach a mass amount of people.


The aim of the book until now has been to get you building a following and converting those followers into your clients, and now piecing together how you are going to give each and everyone a world class experience.  And I say experience for a very good reason.  This is not just about a service or a product, this is going one step further, this is giving the solution that your client desperately needs and having it in the exact way they need to solve their problem.


With Fit Body Pro, the private online coaching is a high-end personalised service that is a very hands-on, guiding, coaching process to get someone into the best shape of their life.  This could just stop at delivering the client’s diet, training program, and protocol, like so many do, but the secret sauce is the guidance, and having the client follow the program.


A mediocre plan that’s followed is much better than a perfect plan not followed, so if we combine a perfect plan that’s tailor-made, with the coaching and guidance to following it, we have the answer to getting world-class results for our clients.


These days, I only have a very small amount of physique clients, which I do as I love it, though from the business aspect I have four other coaches that are working with our online clients.  When someone is signed up, the entire process is designed to give them the ease of being in the know. Once you show interest, there is a video of me walking you through what the next steps are, then, you get to book-in to talk with my head coach Gavin.


Gavin will have a 20min private talk with you, covering what you want to achieve, why, in-depth analysis, and piecing together the exact plan that will be needed.  Once on board, you’re given access to a private membership site that only our clients get access to.  Here are video tutorials, guides, and more.


Soon comes in the mail, a manual with a bunch more goodies to give them everything they need to follow the plan, be in the know, and watch their bodies change week to week.  We went over the top in every aspect, putting ourselves in the shoes of a new client, and what the best scenario would look like to create this.


When you take this way of looking at ‘over delivering,’ and honestly this is only over delivering compared to your competition.  You blow them out of the water by going the extra step, and in my eyes, it’s a necessity to put this effort in.  Take this thought process through everything we are going to cover on what you can deliver to your customers and clients.


Also, before we start diving into the types of revenue streams you can create, we can outline one method of looking at how this can be done.  One common theme that I use, and have numerous coaches use, is the ‘ascension model.’  Simply meaning that you are stepping them up at each step.


Let me give you a real life example of Lisa, and then I will break it down so you can do this as well.


To begin with, you want to turn a prospect, lead, or someone interested into a customer.  To do this, a low barrier to entry is the best option, and that will usually come as something easy to consume and a lower price point.


Lisa created a 12-page eBook that also came with 3 videos that focussed on female weight loss.  The aim of when I had Lisa create this was that it had to be easy for someone to get their hands on, consume the information and put it to work straight away.  This first product Lisa created was just $7 and aimed as a diet that would help females lose weight and manage key hormones.


The next product Lisa created was 16-week all-inclusive transformation program that included 4 manuals, diets, printable training programs, tracking sheets, and video tutorials to have the customer easily get through and use the program.  This was sold for $97 straight from her website, but importantly, it was targeted through Facebook re-marketing ads and emails to the customers who had bought the $7 program.


The next offer Lisa created was her personalised 1on1 Online Coaching.  This was sold for $99 a week, and was an ongoing membership.  So we are creating a recurring income here with this stream.  Just having 30 clients on board with just this program would deliver $3000 a week, or $150,000 a year.


Then the top offer Lisa created was a 5-day fitness retreat that sold for $3000. An intensive 5 days where she only took on 8 clients for the 5 days and delivered everything needed for a body transformation that was tailor-made for the woman.  Each retreat brings in $24,000 alone of sales, and she aims to run 3 retreats per year.  


You can see that every step going through her ‘sales funnel’ is taking a step up.  The price-point jump is clearly justified with the amount of value she is giving, and the results the customer will achieve.  The difference between a $7 eBook and videos compared to a $3000 5-day retreat is astronomical.


Another option of having a fully fleshed out ascension model is a membership site where you can have just one level of membership or multiple levels of membership for varying access and value the customer gets.


I’m a big fan of the recurring model, as this turns into one place where you house everything, and can bring people into. This can take away the confusion and frustration of having multiple sales funnels running, and gives you a clear income that is coming in each week.


Dealing with ‘churn’ which is the amount of customers that are dropping off, is all about giving them the value to stick around. Also, making it so that if they do leave your membership, it’s going to be painful.  Software as a service (SaaS) companies do this brilliantly, as when you use software, your data and work becomes stuck with using this software.  If you leave the software, you lose the data and have to go through the pain of setting up a new one and changing the way you work to make this happen.


This is known as being ‘sticky,’ and when thinking about the value you are delivering in your membership, “how can you increase your stickiness” so members don’t want to leave.


James Schramko, thankfully a mentor of mine who I’ve had the pleasure of learning numerous lessons from, gave me a clear insight that I see work with numerous businesses, including mine.  “Don’t just think about adding in more stuff, give them only what they need to get the result, and make it quick and easy for them.”


Having a membership isn’t about adding in as many videos, guides, manuals, audio episodes or anything else you can cram into it.  Your customer is there for only one reason.  They want a result.  And it’s up to you to make it as easy as possible to get that result.


I’m not going to dive into the ‘tech stuff’ around how to use the ascension model, or setting up and building a membership site, to be honest, there is plenty of info you can grab hold of for free, and it’s a part of my own coaching program that has coaches create this for themselves with ease in under 90 days.


With my 3 companies I run, they are all based on the membership and recurring business model. Even the nutrition company is created this way, as I want to deliver world class products along with the best advice and guidance so all my customers get results.  This also delves into building a tribe with each of these 3 businesses, which are all different markets, and how you need to think about it too.  Creating a community is vital, especially getting the evangelists of your following which will continue to go out and spread the word for you. In the bonuses you get, I will link to an excellent article by Kevin Kelly that is ‘1,000 True Fans.’


What I have covered here are multiple methods of revenue streams, from online products, programs, and memberships that involve all mediums such as written, video, and audio, to online coaching, to retreats and escapes.  There is also writing a book which as self-publishing a very easy and effective means of sharing your knowledge.


This can be a lot when looking at it in a small snapshot such as what Lisa has created, though this is NOT what you need to focus on right now.  The power of bringing it back to the one thing is needed for your focus.


To develop your coaching solution you need to have:


  1. A clear understanding of where the client is now, and where they want to go.
  2. A complete outline that gives you the ability to know what has to happen to take the client to the results they want.
  3. The exact process created in such a way the client gets what’s needed from the support and advice, and can include such things as assessments to know how progression is moving, the exercise or actions needed, assignments and direct coaching conversations.
  4. Setting up the structure to set and then track goals, and make the needed corrections along the way.
  5. Support during and after the coaching process to ensure the results stick, even after they have stopped paying you.



“Trading time for money is the worst trade you will ever make in your life”

That’s exactly what Tony Robbins has said.

I have to agree with him.

In fact, it’s why I included his quote in my book “You First 100 Clients”

However, I hate to break it to you.

Most fitness professionals and personal trainers are trading time for money every single day.

It’s one of the key reasons why they are not achieving the income, lifestyle, or freedom they truly want.

Let’s look at the average personal trainer.

If he/she were to go on holiday…they would lose money.

If a client cancels…they would lose money.

If a client quits…they would lose money.

God forbid if a family member gets sick…they lose money.

Or, when there is a pandemic (like right now) you cannot train clients in person and you lose money.

This is the harsh reality of being a face to face personal trainer these days.

Here’s the reality…


I hate to be the bearer of bad news but that means you have a glorified job.

It’s not your fault though.

Yes, that’s right.

I’m not here to rub salt into the wound…because I was sold the exact same lie in the past, too.

I have been in the exact same position before “trading time for money” day in day out.

Before we go any further, I want to share with you a story of how I got sucked into the exact same position back in 2014.

From the outside looking in, I was a successful personal trainer living in Dubai.

I had a fully booked personal training business working with clients face to face and charging a premium, too.

However, there was a big problem.

Within a very short period, I started to realize that I was a slave to my business…

Rather than me running the business, the business was running me.

I was trapped.

You see, it wasn’t just the fact that I had to be there in-person training clients to get paid.

There were some other big downsides, too.

I could only work with a very limited number of clients in person.

You see, there are only so many hours in the day.

That means there are only so many clients I can work with in a single day. 

That, therefore, means that my income is capped.

There is only so much you can charge per session. 

That my friend is another big problem with trading time for money…

However, it gets worse.

There was a tipping point back in 2014 where I had promised to spend some time with my daughter one evening when I got home from work. 

However, I was late back because I was training clients…

By the time I got home, my daughter was already asleep…

I felt like such a failure…

I felt selfish…I felt like I was putting in all this work to build this business for my family. 

However, I was sacrificing family time to build it.

What makes this story worse is this was happening all the time…

This was not happening now and then; this was a regular occurrence of messaging my wife and telling her that I couldn’t make a certain event because I was working.

You have no idea how much that hurt…

…telling my wife I couldn’t spend time with them.

Why was this the case?

Because I was starting so early and getting back late…I was missing out on so much family time.

It eats me up inside thinking about this (even now).

The reason why is that I had a very young family at the time.

These are the most important years of my young children’s lives…

I feel like I missed some big moments.

What hurts the most is this…

I can never get that time back.

You see, over the years I have realized that time is your most valuable asset (it’s not money like most people think).

The great personal development coach Jim Rohn used to say…

“You can get more money, but you can’t get more time”.

Those missed opportunities, I will never get back.

I will never be able to replay those memories of my children because I missed out on them. 

It hurts like hell.

But it was my fault.

These missed family moments had a compounding negative impact…

You see, I started to feel worse and worse inside.

I started to feel empty and resentful towards my personal training business. 

Perhaps because I had worked so hard to build this business and then realized it wasn’t what I wanted and actually pushed me away from my family.

However, sometimes in life, you need to get kicked in the balls hard enough to make a change.

They say that the pain needs to hurt enough to force change.

This experience forced me to change.

It made me have a hard look at myself and realize that trading time for money means that you don’t have a real business.

In fact, It’s hard to say this but I would have had more free time in a 9-5 job.

But, that’s not why I got into this.

I got into the fitness industry to transform people’s lives, to earn more money, and to have a lifestyle and freedom to spend more time with my family and to live life on my terms.

As of writing, this is during the 2020 pandemic.

This has just exposed the current personal training model even more.

People haven’t been able to train clients face to face for months.

That has meant their income has dropped to zero overnight.

It’s a tough place right now.

And if you have struggled throughout this period, I emphasize with you.

But, if anything positive can come out of this, it’s that in-person personal training is not a sustainable business model.

It truly isn’t.

What makes this situation worse is that there are likely going to be more waves of the virus and therefore more lockdowns.

Which again means less clients will be able to train with you.

What’s more, a lot of gym members simply are not returning.

Gyms are seeing 30-50% less members coming in…

This means fewer people to train.

Now, It’s not all doom and gloom.

Not at all.

Going back to 2014, I searched for hours and hours endlessly for a solution to my problems.

I still wanted to work in the fitness industry.

Fortunately, I found a solution.

A solution which:

-Allows you to not trade time for money.

-Allows you to work anywhere around the world.

-Allows you to not have your income capped.

-You can work with virtually an unlimited number of people.

-You can have more free time back for yourself to spend on whatever you want to do…e.g. spend more time with friends and family, or travel. 

That solution is allowing some of my students to earn 6 and even 7 figures per year online. 

If you haven’t already heard, there is a new group of fitness professionals dominating right now.

They are working all around the world living the life of their dreams, earning more than ever before & taking more time off.

You see, working with clients online means you are not trading time for money.

It allows you to build a real business.

What’s more, you can build automation and systems so that it takes less effort on your part.

It means you are bulletproof to anything that happens and you can work anywhere around the world.

Now, you might be saying to yourself, this sounds great, but won’t I need:

❌A big social media following.

❌A website.

❌To learn lots of tech stuff.

❌To learn all about complicated funnels & ads.

❌To post on social media all day long.

❌To be great on video.

That’s the best part.

You won’t need any of this stuff.

Now, after helping 100’s of fitness professionals thrive online.

We have discovered that there are 5 mistakes that I see a lot of trainers make when they transition online…

Okay, so now you know that there is a huge opportunity online…

But, I see so many fitness professionals making huge mistakes.

Here’s the 5 biggest mistakes I see every single day, so you can avoid making the same mistakes…


1-No strategy for generating leads. 

By far the BIGGEST mistake I see fitness professionals making is that they do not have a proper strategy or system to generate new leads consistently into their business. 

They are using hope marketing strategies and random acts. Using hope & random acts is no way to run a successful online business.

You see, you need to realize that generating leads is the heart blood of any business.

Without enough leads coming in, the business simply dies.

What’s more, it is critical that you actually have a system in place for lead generation. 

Most fitness businesses do not have a predictable system for generating leads online.

You see, each and every week, you should know pretty accurately how many leads are coming into your business.

When you have this number, you know that you have a “system”.

If you don’t know the number in advance, you do not have a system and this should be your number 1 priority to fix.


2-Not knowing your avatar properly

Most fitness businesses are happy to take on anybody & everybody as a client. 

However, because the fitness industry is so much more competitive these days. If your content is generic, it’s not going to resonate with your ideal client, and your content is just going to get lost in the noise. 

That’s right, you must niche down and focus on a very specific target audience.

One of the most powerful questions you can ask yourself which I learned from marketing and business genius “Dan Kennedy” is that the most powerful question you can ask yourself as a business owner is…

“Why should I come and buy from you vs going to anybody else”

If you can answer that question, you have the key to the vault.

Which basically means niching down and being the specialist in a specific demographic.

The other big benefit to niching down is that this makes how you deliver your service to your clients so much easier. 

A big mistake I see a ton of fitness professionals making is that they start every single diet and training program from scratch.

This takes up an enormous amount of time.

Yes, your plans should be “custom”.

However, because you should be working with the same type of person, the plans should be very similar.

This means you do not need to change the whole plan. You only need to tweak certain parts of the plan to make it custom to that specific individual. 

This streamlines the whole process and means delivering your service is not taking up all your time, while you are still offer amazing service to your clients. 


3-Copying other influencers 

This is a huge problem right now. Influencers with millions of followers are like unicorns. 

You see, these fitness pros have such big followings, they can make so many mistakes and still do okay because they have big numbers coming to their site. 

If you’ve got a small following, you need a different approach.

News flash, yes, there is a very small percentage of influencers who do well financially.

However, the vast majority do not.


4-Not charging enough

You see, a lesson I learned a long time ago is that it’s not disproportionately more difficult selling at a higher price point (as long as you are offering more value). 

What’s more, higher prices mean you can work with fewer clients to reach your income goals and they will be better clients, too 😊.

Yep, higher prices mean much better-quality clients who will stick to what you tell them to do.

Therefore, they get better results and you’ll enjoy working with them a lot more.


5-No system for converting leads into sales

You can’t just wing this; you need a system. 

This isn’t about learning a bunch of high-pressure sales tactics. 

It’s more about understanding your customer and presenting your offer in a certain way that gets them wanting your help. 

Yes, you must have a selling system to convert these leads into clients.

From my experience, most coaches are not good at this at all.

However, this is one of the most important parts of your business.

If you cannot sell, then you won’t stay in business for long at all.

However, the great thing is, there’s a unique educational selling system that means that you don’t need to learn any high-pressure selling tactics.




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