For you to start burning stubborn fat every day, this quick overview will have you in the know.


For fat to be burned.


  •    Lipolysis occurs, meaning fat needs to be released from a fat cell
  •    The fat needs to be moved, needing proper blood flow.
  •    Lipid oxidation needs to occur, being fat entering another cell to be burned for fuel.


Fat loss is about calories and hormones.


But if you are fed up with not getting the fat loss you have hoped for with the diet and training you have done for yourself, let me indulge on the hormones part of fat loss to help you.

You can read here in my 4 Tactics How You Can Burn Stubborn Fat, where I explain the two fat cell receptors beta-2 and alpha-2.


To sum it up for you:

  • Beta-2 receptors help fast fat loss
  • Alpha-2 receptors hinder fat loss


Fat is harder to lose when it has a higher amount of alpha recpetors over beta-receptors.


The other hormones that affect your weight loss are insulin where by it increases the other fat storing hormone sensitive lipase (fat storing) and decreases the lipoprotein lipase which is an enzyme that helps burn fat.   Thyroid hormone helps burn fat and increases the activity in the beta-receptors.   (Women Listen Up) – Estrogen increases both the number and activity of the fat hindering alpha-receptors.


This is also why female fat distribution being in the lower body is due to the higher estrogen receptors in the subcutaneous fat of the thighs, hips and butt.   Saddlebags, thunder thighs and bubble butt.   The subcutaneous fat (the fat under the skin) in females is more ‘stubborn’ than males.  The majority of fat for a woman is around the hips, thighs and butt.   Love handles


The stubborn fat for men as the love handles and belly.   All this ‘stubborn fat’ is caused from a low blood supply, high reaction to the fat storing hormones insulin and has increased alpha-2 receptors.


How (not to) Lose Stubborn Fat


Start an extreme diet.  


Shocking truth, but let me show you how you have wound up in a fat storing spiral.


When you have decreased your food intake and increased your exercise by a decent amount, you can make your stubborn fat more stubborn.   Your body is smart, and its adaptive response to cutting down on food and increasing your energy output kicks  in.  hunger goes up, cravings kick in, metabolism boosting hormones drop such as thyroid and testosterone, and fat burning enzymes drop, whilst fat storing enzymes increase.


Not a great scenario.


How To Lose Fat Properly


Stop Dieting  


Just trying to lower your food intake, and increase your exercise for energy usage is flawed as I showed above.  You need to nourish your body, and work progressively in being able to have your body want to lose fat.


Diet Cycling


Having periods of increased food intake, especially in carbohydrates, and decreased exercise can fast track fat loss.


The simple to follow diet approach HERE is exactly how stubborn fat loss can occur easily.


Carbohydrate Tipping Point


This is very important, as being able to still include carbs in your diet, so that increased cortisol does not happen, and having proper recovery and function from exercise is crucial.   However, not over doing it, and going over your Carbohydrate Tipping Point where by you spill into fat gain is important.  Proper sources and timing of carbohydrates is an often over looked key factor for fat loss.


Both in Stubborn Fat Fix and Online Physique Coaching has these principles for faster fat loss.  


What Do I Do Now To Burn Off Stubborn Fat


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