“How do I get more personal training clients?”

Closely followed by…

“Isn’t the online health and fitness world saturated?”

These are two very common question, and exactly what a new member of the 90-Day Sprint just asked.

As everyday thousands of trainers and coaches are trying to “get their name out there”.

Thats why in this episode I’m going to walk you through how to build a fitness business that earns you over $100,000 a year…

AND… Gets you out of the “time-for-money trap” that is the basic flaw with the old personal training model.

Thats a big promise, I know.

But you’re going to see at the end, how simple this can be.

Face-to-Face Personal Training

Lets say you’re charging $80 a session (and we’ll cover in the next episode how to charge what you’re worth and not worrying about people saying i cant afford it)

If you do ONLY 26 sessions per week, which would be roughly 10-15 clients, we have you earning over $100,000 per year.

So we’ll break down in just a second how to have the process in place to be signing on15 new clients…

But what if you added —

Online Personal Training

And had you are charging each client $300 per month to work with you (which is about average).

This means you only need 28 clients signed on board to be earning over $100,000 with your Online Personal Training.

And, with all honest…

You could very easily being both the in-person and online personal training by having the 9-Step Formula for you to be earning over $200,000 and still have plenty of free time.

But, there’s a big problem.

With thousands of replies to the question “What is your #1 biggest business frustration” trainers and coaches around the world have come back to me with:

  • Im stuck with where to start… I can’t get leads.
  • I get people in front of me, but I don’t know how to sell and sign them on.
  • Clients are always saying it’s to expensive, or never come back after needing to think about it.

This is why this is going to be the first of a series that breaks down the exact steps so that you are:

  • ATTRACTING in the perfect type of clients, that you love to work with, and they are prepared to pay a premium to work you.  So you can charge what you’re worth.
  • SIGNING ON clients each week with the trusted system so you’re never feeling salesy or douchy. And you’re never worrying about needing to get more clients.
  • How To TRANSITION from the ‘old’ business model that has you stuck with no freedom and limits your income.
  • PLUS… How to create the best programs that takes you from 1:1 coaching to a 1:many style you’re not in the “time-for-money trap” and your clients are getting better results than they are now.

[Watch the full episode here]

What To Do Now To Get Started…

In the episode we covered 4 major steps to start signing on new clients…

Now, Click Here to join the Fitness Business Success Circle and tell me what you are following through with… and what questions you have so myself and the other coaches can help you out.

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