Todays article is ONLY for serious Personal Trainers that are getting results with their clients.

Yesterday I jumped on a call with a fellow trainer that said:

“Chris, I’m having a real hard time getting clients to pay my fee!

I Know I’m a good enough trainer, but when I mention my price, they all go cold!!”

And honestly, when I looked into the trainer –

…he’s getting results with current clients.

…he’s getting people interested in his coaching.

…he’s got the credentials and experience.

….so how come he’s still struggling to get more clients?

Thats when it really clicked for me!

Regardless of what you think YOUR SERVICE is.

Clients will only pay what they believe to be your “market price”.

Let me explain…

Your client, even if they are a millionaire. Will only pay what “seems to be” your “market price”.

Now, there’s a good chance that you know other trainers around you that are charging A LOT less than what you are worth.

So you feel like you have to charge what they, and you feel ripped off.  because you’re a MUCH better coach than they are.

I’ve said it before.

A quick scroll through Instagram reveals more “online trainers” than you can poke a stick at.

MANY charging ridiculously low prices.

Like $50 for a 12-week “customised” program.

I call BS to that…

And that’s where I want you to STOP playing small, and competing with the countless other trainers.

This is really the SECRET to commanding HIGH prices

and have clients BEG to pay your true value. 

So all you need to do is use METHODS and STRATEGIES that increase your perceived market value, here’s two secrets to use…

The ONE Secret To Increasing Your Perceived Market Price

  1. Be The Niche Specialist.

Don’t Be “For Everyone” — Be A Niche Specialist.

You MUST position yourself as an EXPERT in THAT NICHE.


You need to know the INSIDE LANGUAGE that these people use.

(They have special jargon they use… if you know what these are, then you

show yourself to be “an insider”).

You also talk DIRECTLY to their pain points.  And show that know EXACTLY what their problems are…

And can show how to easily solve them.

it boils down the “message” that you use with your social media, Facebook ads, content, videos, etc…

..I will be doing this, with this kind of person.

(If it’s you, cool, if it’s not, cool too)

THAT messaging positions you as POWERFUL

and is the ONLY WAY to command your proper prices!

This is exactly what I did with Armstrong for him to rocket to $6,520 A WEEK!

But then you have to answer the important question…

How Do I Sign On High-Ticket Clients..?

The truth is that the most successful coaches are able to “sell without selling” because they have A SALES STRATEGY, and a SALES SYSTEM.

Instead of trying to convince people and fight with people to sign up for their service, they sit back and

have people COME TO THEM!

Wanna see how it’s actually possible?

Here’s the secret to dominate

local areas and get

high ticket clients


Instead of doing a “mass campaign” to anyone and everyone…

…you focus on ONE NICHE

And you create a marketing campaign that…


You are going to be working with ONE TYPE OF CLIENT.

INSTANTLY you are not another “personal trainer”.

You are a specialist.

And you are talking to the heart of their problems, and now they are saying “this is the ONLY coach I need to be with”.

This is the exact template that I gave to my students Kitty and Craig that signed on over $33,000 of online coaching BEFORE we even publicly opened their programs.

With ZERO Facebook ads.

Not one cent was spent on advertising to get these clients.

You see how powerful this is?

If you find yourself getting stuck on small things,

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I have created these step by step workshops in there, where literally you build a funnel one step at a time.

(Literally, the BUILDING and LEARNING is done simultaneously, in fact, this is why we can launch your new programs within 3-4 weeks of starting)

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