Now, let me ask you…

Do you feel even a little annoyed with the amount of low quality programs and products, that you know you can do better, yet they are selling millions of dollars worth, and you’re not?

This is one of the most important factors I see cause so much frustration, anger, even failure when it comes to building an online business.

Without a doubt, the results you produce from your programs and products are a major focus you must have. This is why a part of why people wanting to come on board my coaching have to apply. I need to make sure they are able to create, when I show them how its easily done, that they can produce results with their customers with their products and services. I don’t want to help more bad products getting sold…


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So if you are annoyed, and you know you’ve got the skills, expertise and experience, then all you need to do is simply have the right business model and marketing strategy so you can sell as many as you want and have the impact you want.

Why don’t you combine a worlds-best experience and package along with the right marketing so you beat them.  Thus, truly helping the people and the market by giving them what they really want.

It’s not the people fault that are buying the poor quality programs and not getting results.  They are simply getting sold, which just means they message they are consuming is talking to the desires and they believe that’s the best solution for them.

So now, lets focus on you creating the worlds best product, program and experience that is uniquely yours, and what you truly believe is what people need to achieve the results you believe you can deliver…

How To Create Your Own Online Personal Training and Fitness Programs

Now I do this completely different to others.  Before you get to be able to create product, program or service, which really is the fun stuff because this is where you get to mould all of your expertise and experience together to what the finished product will be a jaw dropping experience that gets results.

I want you to create your sales message first, and use this to know exactly what it is that you have to create.  The reason I want you to write your sales page first is so that you go through the process of knowing what the customer really want to buy. This goes for what are the features that you are selling such as weight loss diet, training program, supplements, but more importantly to understand what the emotional benefits are.

Now I’ve taken eh advice of world class marketers and we do things in reverse.  And I’ve been doing this will all my clients for sometime, and they are confused at the start, though always see exactly why after this.

Before you start creating the program, the product the service that it is you desperately want to get into right now… you write the sales messaging, the sales page, the sales video first.  All the sales material that you will use to sell your fantastic solution to your ideal client gets done first, as this gives you the clarity on exactly what it is that you need to create.

And we start that by going through the 6min exercise.

The 3 questions that you have to answer to get clear on what it is that you need to create, and what truly your market wants and needs is:

  1. What is your markets pains?
  2. What is your markets gains?
  3. Why will they not buy?

The simplicity of this is brilliant.  By knowing what are the true pains, fears, problems that your market has you’re able to then 1) give them the message needed so they have the confidence that what you have is what they need, and 2) you can start structuring what the solution is that you have is exactly what’s needed to solve their problem.

Then we have what are they looking to achieve. What’s the ‘win’ they are wanting to gain, and how can you develop exactly what’s needed to give them the quickest and the easiest solution around that.

Then lastly we have what their objections are.  And this is where you need to get honest with yourself, what is the scepticism they bring to the table. There is going to be a lot of it, and that’s ok.  But in this world, people have been burnt before, many times over. Especially in the weight loss and fitness world, where there’s a lot of confusion and fads that only make it more difficult for people to know what it is they need.

And that is why you can then use these answers and craft your message, that also educates them so they can make an informed decision.


These can be; less confusion and stress as they have a simple plan to follow, the confidence that comes with losing the unwanted weight, being able to enjoy and eat food without feeling guilty, etc.


This comes now to one of the most important concepts you have to wrap your head around…


What are they really buying?


You don’t buy a drill for a drill… You buy a drill for a hole.


You’re essentially buying the hole.


You’re not buying a diet to have a diet… You buy a diet to lose weight, feel confident, feel sexy and look and feel the way you want.


You’re buying the end result… and that’s where you need to use simple, plain English messaging of what you do, and how you do it for your clients.


So once you know what is the offer they really want, and you are able to have the clear message that’s easy for them to understand what you are offering and why that’s the best solution for them, then you are going to be crystal clear on what you need to create.


Really this comes down to just three steps:


  1. Do you have what people want?
  2. Can you deliver it?
  3. Are they willing to pay for it?


The BIGGEST overlooked factor to when people create programs, products, services and what they are selling, especially in the health and fitness space is consumption.  Ignoring the fact that people ARE NOT going to easily be able to use what it is they buy, even though they have paid for it, and it is in their best interest to use it.


The scary statistic that shows that only 50% of people will take their medications prescribed by a doctor…


And you’re a personal trainer, not a doctor prescribing a medication for an illness.  Though you might have the disadvantage of not having the social status of being a doctor, or prescribing medication to cure an ailment or disease. You do have the advantage of being able to design everything from start to finish to ensure people use your products.


I’m disappointed when some people have said back to me when I say how important consumption of their products is, because their reply is generally around the edges of not caring because they’ve already bought.




You MUST do the best job you can to help every customer use your products to the best degree possible so that they can actually obtain the best results.  If they don’t obtain the results, they will see you and the product as a failure, and with the thick world of social media we live in today, you will only be brought down with negativity.


On the flip side, if you engineer it to work. By combing the right education and process in place for people to use your product they will get great results, then rave about you, only helping to drive boat loads of more customers to you.

We’ve just installed an automatic marketing machine inside the product itself… and all it means is its focussing on getting great results with everyone of your customers.


One of the biggest flaws so many programs and products created in the health space have is that they are to complicated, overwhelming and its commonly due to having to much ‘stuff’.


Think of your customer of needing to climb a mountain to achieve what they want.  If you give them a huge backpack filled with stuff, it’s going to be hard for them to carry and use everything.  On the flip side, if you gave them a tiny, comfortable bag they could easily use.  They would skip up the mountain and get there.


Don’t think that adding in more ‘features’ to your offer is going to mean more people buy and that you can charge more.  Remember they only want the end results, and specificity is key when it comes to people not only just understanding what you do and what you offer, but how they can then use your products and programs to get the outcome they want.


Designing Your Program For Worlds-Best Results

You then have to piece everything together with the concept of making it as easy and fast for your customers to get the results when they start you or your programs.  And this means you need to make it as clear as possible for them to get started.


This is where an on-boarding sequence does wonders…


An on boarding sequence is a set of steps which can involve videos, guides, articles, audio, cheat sheets, etc that educate and motivate your new customers to best understand how to follow through with everything.  Especially in the health and fitness world a lot of things can be hard and confusing when it comes to making changes to diet, training, and habits.


This is where if you piece together a dream come true experience of giving small amounts of information and help for when someone starts to gently move them along, make sure they stick to following through with what’s needed, and then being able do it all themselves.  This can be set up to be automatic using the easy marketing automation software available now, or if you do need to do things manually simply setting up the automatic reminders for yourself.


The Most Important Factor

You cannot dodge the fact that the results you produce is the most important factor of your business.


You must start with a quality programs, product or service…  Then by using the right marketing and business building stratagies you are truely going to build a business you are proud of, and that gives you the money, freedom and impact you want.


And when you design the best experience possible by using the skills, expertise and experience you already have, you’re going to blow away your competition and have the backbone of what will become a thriving and successful business.

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