The end of the year is a perfect time to come up with your annual goals. What’s your money goal for 2022? In this video, I break it all down and make it super simple so that you can make 2022 a great year for your online fitness business.

I like to use the new year as a signpost to help me reorient before the coming year. There are several steps you can take to lay out the path before you.

First, look back. I like to do this first because when you’re constantly looking forward to where you want to be, it creates strain. Reflection allows you to gain a healthy perspective, whether it be in your online fitness business or in your life.

What do you NOT want to do in the coming year? This is another important step in hitting your annual goals. By clearing out some of the tasks that aren’t leveraged, you’ll be able to reach your money goal without feeling overworked.

And of course, you’re going to want to set your annual income goal. This is where you think of the level of income that would make you really happy, and then work backwards to see just how many clients you’ll need to reach it.

The truth is, most of the time when fitness professionals struggle, it’s because they’re focusing on the wrong things. Establish your annual goals and use them as a guide. Make 2022 an incredible year for your online fitness business and for yourself!




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