Callum got on the phone and whilst nervous, said he wanted to “pull out”…

That was 8-weeks ago and since then he has:

* Sold $39,000 of Personal Training in just 2-days.
* Increased his income by 11X in just 8-weeks.
* Has a 95% conversion rate to signing on new clients.
* Is going on his first holiday in a long time, and will be earning his normal income the entire time…

Honestly… If you’re feeling skeptical about all the results these coaches are achieving.

I don’t blame you.

For years I was running my fitness business thinking only small amounts of the progress we’re possible. And also came through grinding hard work.

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The truth is –

You don’t need MORE information.

There is plenty of videos, articles, guides, podcasts and ‘guru’ advice that is flooding the health and fitness world.

That’s why we wanted to record and share this episode with you today.

To show you a “in the trenches” look at how we are building real fitness businesses… and how these coaches are literally building their ‘dream business’.

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