Dear Coach.

Yes, you.

By the end of this short article, you will come to one of two inevitable conclusions:

1 — Realize your potential, accept the challenge, understand that we are the BEST in the world at what we do, and get on a call to explore the possibility of changing your business and life for good.


2 — Resist the change, positively loathe this article, choose to ignore the inevitable, and keep doing what you’ve always done whilst competitors steal your clients and leave you utterly obsolete.

Normally, I wouldn’t speak in such steadfast absolutes. But this time, it has to be done.

It’s one or the other, friend. The choice is, and always will be yours.

Now, to accomplish this, I could shove any number of our case studies, personal stories, years of data proof, third party success lessons, or paint the picture of what’s occurring in the coaching world in 2019…and why you’re being left behind.

I could highlight all the data pointing to the impending recession and collapse of the economy (we’ve had 12 good years…but the time is nearly up).


Alas, I’ve done that. Over and over. I’ve beaten that horse to death 704 times over and it keeps coming back. Some of you still don’t seem to grasp the sheer power, freedom and recession-proof possibility this new world of business can unlock. Or perhaps it’s easier to ignore, because change is scary.

I’m scrapping all of that and instead invite you to join me in a little thought experiment.

It will require nothing in the way of faith, belief, or any stretch of the imagination.

I simply need you to pay attention.

So from this moment on, pay attention and open your eyes.


Watch the full episode here:


The fact is, you already know you need to join the Coaches Cartel Academy. Whether it’s subconsciously, or consciously – you know. And you KNOW you want to know how it is we do what we do with hundreds of coaches just like you. You crave proof. You want validation. You demand cold hard, irrefutable facts you can taste, touch and push around.

Well, friend. All the proof you desire lies in the fact you’re reading this right now.


Allow me to break down exactly how you got here:

First, you saw some of our content on social media.

Instagram. Facebook. YouTube. Podcasts.

Or, you Googled something along the lines of “Online Coaching” and found our website in the top results, or all manner of guest features and references from trusted advisors across multiple industries.

That content was put in front of you on purpose – because you’re our target market.

However, it wasn’t just the content that brought you here.

It was the strategy engineered behind it.


Here’s how that strategy played out:

First, I targeted you with our content because you “fit the bill” of someone we can get great results with as a paying client.

We can easily double your money. And then do it again. And again. And again (more on this later).

Then, I’m sure the content you saw was legitimately helpful to you, or caused you to view things a little differently.

Much time, care and effort went into creating a certain caliber of content because it’s one of THE most important aspects of the equation.

Why? You and I both know the real key to having someone want to do business with you is to have them…*gasp*…

Sincerely believe you can actually help them.

Whether it was an article, a case study, a tutorial, a concept, a YouTube series, and interview, or a presentation of cold hard facts…

The content you saw helped you in some way. It then led you to take another step forward in our relationship.

Perhaps you followed on one of our social media accounts. Or joined our free Facebook Group of over 3000 coaches strong. Or you might have subscribed to our top-rated podcast and then slid across to turn on notifications with YouTube. Even deeper, maybe you’re one of the tens of thousands currently subscribed to our email list where we regularly “pull back the curtain” on what our current clients are doing to revolutionize this game.

All of these actions on your behalf, have an equal and opposite reaction that leads to us helping you on a level above and beyond anyone else.


Quick lesson for you to understand: The most effective method of persuading someone to believe you can help them is to, well, actually freaking help them up front.

Take any one of our content pieces, and I guarantee you can take FREE information within and put it to real-world use immediately.

We pull no punches, and offer up more substance devid of fluff than anyone else in the Online Coaching space.

That’s a  fact.

Behold, the first thing that caught your attention.

I put content smack dab in your lap – on purpose – using various preliminary targeting tools, and it legitimately helped you.

You consumed this content.

I know you consumed it because the social networks and/or website upon which you viewed the content tracked your every move.

These platforms and I knew you saw it, knew you liked it, knew you wanted more, and then showed you more.

On purpose. Without having to lift a finger. Our systems took care of that for us using little fairies from a world called “Retargeting”.

You then enjoyed and consumed more of our content – which again – I knew about.

In fact, I know a lot about you. I know where you live, where you work, what your interests are, how much money you make, what your most binged-watched Netflix series are, and all manner of fun facts that I turn around and use to give you more of what you want and need.

Which, as we’ve established, is all particularly useful to you.


Perhaps you’ve even decided to take action on what you’ve learned over our pleasant time together.

Perhaps you’re a sceptic.

Perhaps you’re a hater (we love you and see you, too).

Regardless, one fact remains true: it’s never going to stop. Ever.

Why? Because we are unequivocally the best at what we do, and it is our sworn duty to transform the entire face of the Online Coaching industry forever. We are here to stay. When the apocalypse hits, the Coaches Cartel will reign champion of your success in business and life.

To do that, we will be relentless in our quest to continually target you with world-class, useful, contextual content. Every conceivable manner of content you can conjure at a level that will make it impossible for you to take anyone else seriously.


The truth always comes out.

Eventually, you’ll have seen, watched, listened to or read so much of our content that we’ll make you an offer to become a client once and for all.

The day will come where you are forced to pay attention, after every single limiting belief you hold dear has been shattered.

You’ll pay attention to this offer, because you’ve just witnessed the power of “practice what you preach” in the artful assassin-like approach we’ve taken to over-delivering value to your doorstep without you ever having to ask.


You’ll pay attention because you’ve consistently received legitimate value.

You’ll pay attention because we’ve already helped change the course of your life and business for good.

You’ll pay attention because we don’t sell pipe dreams.

You’ll pay attention because we’ll tell you what you don’t want to hear – but it’s what you NEED to hear.

You’ll pay attention because you unequivocally TRUST that we can deliver you the results you want, simply based off of us proving it in the real world every single day, which we’ll have shown you…every…single…day.

Whether you wanted it or not.


Proof is all around you. In as many forms as you could demand, and we’re producing more results than you could waive a stick at on a weekly basis. Part of that proof lies in the fact you’re reading this very sentence.

And now, my friend – you are here.

Here we are.

Simple. Masterful. Purposeful. Proven. Precise. Effective.

We are everywhere and will only be MORE everywhere with every passing month.

BUT – and this is a BIG but – the only reason we are everywhere, is because we DESERVE to be everywhere.

We put our money where our mouth is with proof. All damn day. Which is why I spent the money for you to read these words, and everything else you’ve ever consumed.

Our real-world results with clients have been built over thousands of hours, millions of dollars, and years upon years of experience to be able to write this to you today.

Embracing our role of being the best, it is our duty to make the world aware of that fact, and help as many people as possible through our battle-tested, ever-evolving war machine we call The Coaches Cartel.

And that, my friend, is exactly where you come in.

All of the above – that entire strategy – how you’ve come to read this – can and should be in your hands.

How you got here is exactly how clients should arrive on the other end of your phone,  in front of your face, or in the checkout of your solution to their problem.


Because you, my friend, are world class at what you do. Soon, all the fakers and Instagram Models will be run out of Dodge and exposed for what they really are – as long as YOU step up to the plate and embrace this new world of Online Coaching, and learn exactly how to do it, from the best in the game (us).

Redesign Your Business Model:

Now… We need to get you out of what we call the “OLD PT Model”.  Which is you being stuck training your clients 1:1, selling your most precious asset… Your time.

And into the “NEW PT Model” which allows you to earn more money and have more freedom.

The Old PT Model:

Tier #1/1: Face to Face Training (Renting Space)

Hourly Rate: $70/hr
Number Of Clients: 15
Number Of Sessions/Week: 25
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 10-20
Monthly Revenue: $7000

Gym Rental Fee: $300/week ($1200/month)

Approximate Profits With Hours Worked:

As you can see that you’re working a full week and not breaking into a 6-figure income.  The big problem most coaches complain when in this model, is that they have no freedom. Anytime they want to travel, take time off, spend time with family, get sick, etc.  They lose money.

The NEW PT Model:

Tier #1/3:
1-on-1 Online Coaching

Monthly Rate: $350
Number Of Clients: 30
Number Of 20min Skype Sessions/Week: 7-8 (2.5hrs)
Number Of Extra Work Hours: 10-15
Monthly Revenue: $10,500 /Month

Annual Income:
= $126,000

**You can work from anywhere in the world to coach your clients**

Tier #2/3
Semi Private
Face-To-Face Training

Rate Per Session: $40
Clients Per Session: 4
Number Of Sessions Per Week Per Group: 3
Number Of Groups: 5
Number Of Hours Worked: 15-18
Monthly Revenue: $10,400

Annual Income:

Tier #3/3: “The Holy Grail”

Online 1:1 Coaching — Monthly Rate: $400
Number Of Clients: 30
Online 2: Group Coaching Education Program— Monthly Rate: $150
Number Of Members: 75
Monthly Revenue: $23,250

Annual Income:


Whew… That’s a lot of numbers to digest.

Put simply, you can see how diversifying your skills and services not only has the potential to boost your income, it also allows you to leverage yourself.

With on-on-one online training, you are still capped by the number of people you can handle in a given month. This is fine – at least you can do it from literally anywhere in the world.

That issue is addressed when implementing the group and/or membership model. Things are run on a monthly recurring model, and done so in a way that would allow you to have hundreds of people paying for your services every month, if you so chose to grow it to such a place.

Again, you have the freedom to do this where and how you like.


So, let’s turn this around and talk about how we can use this exact same strategy behind how you’re reading this right now to build your brand…and engineer an actual damn business out of it. Dollars in your bank account. Clients in the books. Multiple flows of income. Complete control of your time. Masterful manipulation of your own future.


How to build a business that engineers the money, lifestyle and impact your unique, battle tested skills demand.

How each of our success stories were forged…



STEP 1: The 15 minute conversation that will change your business and life.

Behind every single one of our successful coaches – every “nah, they must be full of BS” Case Studies, there was first a very particular 15 minute call. (And you can get you’re here)


Exhibit A:  How Aaron Went From $300 A Month To Now… Over $137,000 A Month As A Personal Trainer.

This call has one purpose: to uncover IF we can help you, and HOW that help will look in reality.

See, we don’t have a sales page or checkout form. Not just anyone can gain access into the Coaches Cartel Accelerator, Academy or Inner Circle. To do that, we’d need to be running a cookie cutter course built on a one-size fits all model.

Not our game. We’ll leave that to the little fishies.

We hold a unique position in this “marketplace”, in that the Coaches Cartel has the ability to work with people from all phases of business.

From the young PT who’s stuck trading dollars for hours on the gym floor – yet longs for more.

To the experienced veteran coaches who’ve been in this game for over a decade, perhaps own a gym, and want to optimize operations to expand into the online marketplace.

To “influencers” who have the content game down, yet don’t know the first (or second) thing about how to truly build a scalable sustainable, recession and platform-proof business.


Thus, this 15 minute call will break down 3 key areas.


1.Paint an EXACT picture of your three year vision, targets, outcomes, models, and everything in between. If you don’t know what’s possible within that time frame, we’ll help you gain a better understanding of the realities involved.

2.Break down your current reality. What’s working, what’s not. We need to know what raw ingredients we’re working with.

3.Uncover and define every single roadblock in your path right now.


From here, we’ll be able to paint a crystal clear picture of where you want to go, where you are now, and what’s needed to bridge the gap.

Then…we do something crazy…

We hang up the phone and actually sit down to map out a detailed gameplan…

Nuts, right? So progressive.

Plus, aside from the tangible factors, we’ll have also assessed who you are as a human being – your mental game. All things being equal, the person possessing the ability to endure, outwork and outlast will always come out on top.

Make no mistake – it’s not a cakewalk out there, and not just anyone is cut out to “make it”.

This is all to say: you need to legitimately audition and apply for this process.


STEP 2: The Oddly Transparent Strategy Call That Suspiciously Doesn’t Follow A Script…


Again, in a downright groundbreaking series of thoughts, we came up with the idea to simply break down about an actual step-by-step strategy plan directly pertaining to data collected in the first call, instead of walking you through an arbitrary sales script in an effort to make you feel bad about yourself and pressured to buy shit you don’t need.

Questions like “so, how is it REALLY going to make you feel inside your divine self to finally make this amount of money?” will not ever, ever be spoken.

If we break that rule, you have our permission to reach through the phone and punch us in the throat. We’d deserve it.

Instead, we are going to present to you the Final Solution. No “a solution”, THE solution.

See, we aren’t a marketing company. Nor are we a coach development company. We are in the business of building legitimate, scalable, multi-layered coaching and consulting businesses constructed around your developing (or yet to be developed) personal brand.

Meaning we need to summon a comprehensive approach covering ALL essential areas. Not simply how many followers you can aquire on social media. Nobody worth listening to gives a shit.

This is about dollars in the bank, clients you keep for life, and a lifestyle you crave.

Business is a game. Once you learn how the game is played, it really becomes quite simple.

All you need is the step-by-step blueprint of actions, tools and legitimate mentorship to take you exactly where you want to go.

We construct this plan contextual to your current situation.

By the end of this call, you will not ever need to ingest another blog post, Youtube video, Instagram caption, Podcast or book to uncover HOW this is done.

You’ll have all the answers, and every question broken down in detail.


Here’s a snapshot of what it may look like:



-Walk through every aspect and container of the business from attraction, to conversion, to delivery. The 40,000ft view designed to bring you up to speed on the correct and incorrect manner in which real businesses are built.


-Give you the first phase business model in plain english. No fluff.


-Walk through the progression of how each area evolves over a 3-5 year time period. Oh, yeah. Did we mention this is a long term process? You can be sure as shit we get results quickly and money in the bank – but building a business that LASTS is an entirely different game. We need both.

The Silver Platter:

-Break down YOUR exact plan in each area of lead generation, lead nurturing, brand building, sales processes, coaching delivery, recession proofing, and scaling. Your first plan will be split up into 15 months, 90 day chunks, 1 month sprints, 1 week actions, and daily steps. A 4th grader can understand this.

The Business In A Box:

-We’ll then discuss how you require ZERO prior knowledge or skill with “tech stuff”, because this is truly a business in a box. A one stop shop. Everything from content frameworks, to sales pages, funnels, video script builders, and done-for you systems are here for you. Focus on what you’re good at – COACHING – let us worry about the rest.


-Then, you’ll have some questions. We’ll answer them. Like, really answer them.

Secret Sauce:

-After, we’ll dive into how the Coaches Cartel actually functions, and bring you to understand that it’s the most in-depth, comprehensive coaching platform of it’s kind right now. We don’t do courses. We do extreme accountability and force your success every step of the way. Through six years of refinement and continual evolution, we’ve created something truly great. It’s pretty cool. You should hear about it.

The Reality Check:

-We’ll then ask you some reality-check questions to see if you understand the magnitude of what we’re discussing. You know, the whole “this is going to be the most difficult thing you’ve ever done, but also the most rewarding.”

The Phantasmal Profit Projection:

-If you pass, and are willing to step up to the plate, we’ll talk about how you’re about to make the single most profitable investment of your life up to this point. That’s not hyperbole. It’s data. In fact, across the 15 months, the only money that should ever come out of your pocket is within the first 4-8 weeks. From there, you’re profiting exponentially. By the time we get to this part of the conversation, after running through HOW this is possible, that statement will be logical to you.

The Money Stuff You Already Knew About:

-Of course, you’ll already know exactly what the investment is before this point because it’s one of the FIRST things we discuss…Astounding, right? We can skip over the slimy process of 10 page sales scripts by simply asking you straight up what your budget is, matching you with one of our three tiers, and THEN move forward with planning.


Starting from scratch? Not much cash flow? Cool. Accelerator it is.

Have a base of clients and looking to grow past 6 figures? Amazing. Academy is for you.

Generating six figures already and want to break past seven? You gem. Inner Circle for you.

The level you begin your journey will bring you to the next in a step-like graduation fashion.

If we had to resort to hard selling, we’d be utterly terrible at what we do. Let’s all be adults, put everything on the table, take a deep breath and make this shit an enjoyable experience.


The Gargantuan Guarantee:

-Oh, then, we’ll slap a money-back guarantee on the entire program. Put OUR money where our mouth is, and let the results speak for themselves. At the end of the day, it’s all that matters.


More Stuff We’ve Already Covered Because We Don’t Hate You:

-Lastly, objection handling.

Oh, wait. Scratch that. Every possible logical objection you could be harboring will already be shattered. Because that’s the polite thing to do.

See, there are three main objections that seemingly always arise in a traditional sales approach.

We prefer to address them beforehand – because we get it.


1-Price: “this shit is expensive…”

First, before the strategy call even occurs, we’ll already have discussed your true budget and been fortwright with the investment.

Second, yeah, this is likely the most you’ve ever invested in the development of your business. If you expected “cheap”, would you then expect it to be legitimate? Nah.


2-Decision Maker: “I have to talk to my wife/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/business partner/alternate human.”

Fantastic. Team effort.

Nope. If someone else is involved in the decision, we’ll have them on the call like one happy family. Again, it’s the polite thing to do so all parties can be fully informed. We’re all about family.


3-Need to think about it: “I need to look over my notes and think about it for a few days, I never make a decision on the spot like this.”

Totally get it. Neither do we. That’s smart.

Yet, this usually comes from a fear of making the wrong decision. Comitting, then having it blow up in your face. You’d rather have certainty.

First part – you’ll be overwhelmingly informed on every single aspect. We insist on this fact. No additional information will “come to you” after getting off the call.

Second part – since we agree, this is exactly why we have both the money back guarantee, AND our 7 day love-it-or-leave-it period. Don’t make your final decision on the call. Just try it out and see for yourself. Throughout the first week, you’ll be fully integrated into the process. You’ll befriend REAL coaches who have “been there done that”, and see for yourself if this is truly the path you want to take. If for any reason it isn’t, cool, we fully refund you and part as friends. You get a master business plan as a bonus.


At the end of the day, there are two main questions you need to be able to answer for yourself:

1- If what we say is true, if the results are real, and we can do EXACTLY what we say we can – is the investment worth it?

Well, if you’d like us to be honest, aside from the double your money minimum guarantee – the biggest flack we get from our circle is that we don’t charge nearly enough when stacked against the results we produce. That’s cool with us. Any legitimate investment should be worth 10x the amount you initially put forth.


Case Study:  Watch How Ryan Is Building His Million Dollar Gym and Online Fitness Business.


2-What proof, data or evidence do you need to BELIEVE that we are legitimate, AND will provide you with the requisite self-belief to move forward?

Easy…don’t take our word for it. Just talk to any single one of our current coaches (or all of them, it’s cool) and find out for yourself.

Or, check out the library of case studies braking down HOW some of our coaches have achieved results we’re literally hated on for.


Think this is all B.S. or just “too good to be true”?… I don’t blame you.

Watch what the coaches just like you have to say:


At the end of this strategy call, armed with everything you could possibly need to make a decision, every objection already cleared up for you, undeniable proof, a money back guarantee, the ability to “try us out” before committing, AND know full well you can’t NOT afford working with us…

We put the ball in your court.

You are left with three choices, which are entirely your own:

  1. Choose the mentorship option that best suits your start point. We have three tiers, each designed to ensure ANYONE with the right ambition and mindset can begin taking action and get quick results.
  2. Choose to take the information you’ve been give, put it into action, get results, and come back to us anyways because this shit actually works and you want MORE.
  3. Pretend the call never happened, and go on your merry way living as you were. Though, remember, we’ll simply retarget you with more client results, content and tools…So, really, you’ll have no choice but to improve. Whether you work with us or not. Three weeks down the line, you’ll end up reading this article again. And we’ll know about it.


Now, it’s time for you to choose…

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