You know the power of email marketing can ignite your personal training business…


More clients


More sales


…Automated to give you more free-time and less hassles


…but you want to dodge the confusion and “tech bog down” that everyone else is having. That’s why I’m giving you here the simple insights you need to use to start building a list of raving fans and creating that “engine” that’s on auto-pilot brining in new customers and clients for you.


If you’re a personal trainer, you will benefit from choosing software applications which help you to perform email marketing in a more efficient manner and one you won’t quickly out grow. However, since there are so many programs out there, you may be looking for a little advice in order to find what’s best for your email marketing needs.

To help you get the vital software support that you need, we’ve created a detailed guide which is loaded with expert advice.


Advantages of Email Marketing


When you choose to design and implement an email marketing campaign, the right software application for email marketing will save you time and energy. In this sense, the program will pay for itself over time.

Without an email marketing campaign, you will find it harder to stay in the loop with existing clients (and to woo prospective clients). Email marketing will allow you to keep clients informed and abreast of upcoming events and special promotions. It will also allow you to create targeted emails for different types of clients, ensuring you are getting the right message to the right prospect at the right time.

This segmented approach is ultra-modern and it’s designed to help you forge stronger connections, which lead to more business and more traffic to your official website or blog.

There are lots of articles about email segmentation out there. In a nutshell, it’s all about designing different types of email communications for different types of customers, such as new sales leads, VIPs and budget-conscious clients. Segmentation is the most effective way to build a personal training business via email marketing, and the perfect software program will streamline the creation and rollout of a segmented email marketing campaign …

ActiveCampaign is one popular choice for email marketing and its array of practical features will make it a fine choice for personal trainers. Now, let’s talk about what these features are.


Benefits of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing Automation Software


This software package is very easy to use and it comes with all of the features that personal trainers need, such as an auto-responder automation feature, as well as the ability to ‘Tag’ your customers based on their interests or behaviour on your site.

When you choose ActiveCampaign, you’ll be able to access an assortment of automation functions, which you may select depending on how frequently you send messages.

These functions will make it simple to Tag you customers and organize emails inside of the auto-responder setup. It will be possible to activate different auto-responder automations for a host of mailing lists and/or special promotions.

Since these functions are so versatile, they will make segmentation a total breeze. In other words, you may set up automations for individual clients or lists, based on what customers want.

Customers who are interested in a particular facet of your business, such as sale-priced personal training services, will receive targeted messages, while other types of clients will receive other types of messages. The email marketing automation features make it easier to connect with customers for specific reasons.

Another amazing feature is also the ability to track which of your webpages your contacts visit. Do you want to know if a certain one of you customers has viewed your nutrition package page (for example) and then follow them up with a special offer to close the sale? ActiveCampaign makes that easy.

In addition, ActiveCampaign features a signup form integration feature that is just so easy to use. You won’t need to know how to code or how to perform other technical feats. For this reason, you’ll be able to integrate a signup form in two parts of the WordPress platform.

Just cut and paste in order to integrate your signup form in mere seconds. You may adjust the form as needed and it may be customized with style details which reflect your own business aesthetic. If you are running a WordPress website you can also use the ActiveCampaign plugin which allows you easily incorporate site tracking and form setup into your website.

Check out ActiveCampaign Online Today

ActiveCampaign has lots of other features. We’ve outlined a few of the most important ones here in order to help you understand its value as an email marketing application.

Perfect for personal trainers, this software will help fitness pros to stay in touch with their clients and to bring new ones on board. Since it’s also affordable, it tends to deliver exceptional value to those who want to build their personal training businesses, without needing to deal with very high overhead costs.

To find out more, visit the official ActiveCampaign website today by Clicking HERE

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