DM to Sale…

You’ve done all of the hard work.

You’ve went and made an awesome video about a topic that your target market struggles BIG time with.

You wrote a copy that should go on the front page of a newspaper.

You made sure the captions weren’t off.

You uploaded the post while smiling waiting for the world to hear what you had to say.

They love it…

People are liking it, commenting on it, and even messaging you in your DM’s.

One step away from getting them on a call and getting them as a paying client.

The message is there.

You don’t click on it because you know if you do, you’re going to have to reply because they can see you’ve read it.

So you read what you can on the preview.

You think of what to say.

You tell them exactly what to do, hoping to they’re impressed by your answer.

They love it, so you ask if they would jump on a call with you to chat more about it.


Elisha will teach you today how to keep this from happening when you’re DM potential prospects.

Watch this video, and when you’re ready start making successful conversations that turn to sales.

Comment “money” down below.

Chat soon.




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