The 5 Most Dangerous Trends Of Personal Training In 2020

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If you’re like me, you’ve chosen “online coaching” for one reason… More FREEDOM. Yep… Even when I was a “successful” Personal Trainer, I was still STUCK. Stuck in the “time-for-money trap”, because any time I wasn’t in the gym training clients… I was losing money. But there’s a bigger problem right now for fitness coaches [...]

How To Go From Zero To Over $100k With Online Fitness Coaching

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DON’T be honest with me … … be honest with yourself right now. Whats your perfect life number..? How much money will it take for you to live your dream lifestyle…? I’m not talking about driving Lambo’s, popping bottles, and sniffing lines off models (unless thats your jam). This is about you living your life [...]

How To Get 10+ New Clients From Social Media (WITHOUT A Big Following)

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So, you want to build your online business... yeah? And... you want to get clients with your social media..? Now, if you're like most coaches... You're posting all the time on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and all the other platforms... ... and frustrated because you're NOT getting the results you want. And, if think that the [...]

Why Quitting My Job As A Personal Trainer Was The Best Decision I Ever Made

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https://youtu.be/DF44uB0H944 Coaches… You want more freedom, and ultimately more… income — yeah? Well, of course you do... who would ever say they have enough money? Then how come so many personal trainers struggle to get clients… much less more free time. A quick scroll through instagram shows plenty of “online personal trainers”.  And looking at [...]

Discover How Carys 5X Her Income In 30-Days

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What would having 5X MORE money come into your bank account next month, and every month after do for you..? Watch how Carys 5X her income in 30-days... https://youtu.be/QhHoWLc0Glw Would it; give you more freedom, have you a little more stress-free, or just give you the confidence that you can build your dream life..? This [...]

So, You’re A Dad And A Personal Trainer?!

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So, you’re a Dad and a Personal Trainer… Have you ever asked yourself… “What do you want your kids to remember..?” Peter did exactly this and its why we recorded this for you... https://youtu.be/JJA6R72iEEA The first time I did, was before my first daughter was born. And it scared the absolute hell out me. As [...]