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How To Build Your (Simple) Ultimate Sales Funnel

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Most trainers and health professionals think I’ve gone crazy when I first take them through this… They think its not possible. “Let’s create the engine, that’s going to be bringing in new clients each week for you… on auto-pilot”. The truth is… this is real, and this much easier than a lot of people think [...]

How You Cultivate Gratitude and Happiness with UJ Ramdas

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What do you want...?! Is it - happiness? We can boil down that what ever 'success' that we want to create whether its; losing weight and getting into shape, making more money, having better relationships, being in great health - It's to make us 'happier'. And building a sense of gratitude... right NOW is what [...]

Flow State and Psychedelics With Jiro Taylor

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This is episode is very personal to me... Let me be honest. There's been an itch of a question that has been consuming me. And its been; How do I become the best version of me...? truly start living and serving more. step up and stop thinking small. go through each day [...]

Fitness Business Success Principles with Phil Graham

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What are the SECRETS to building a successful fitness business..? This is a common question that gets asked... And, the truth is... There are NO secrets. And this is exactly why I had to share this interview with Phil Graham. Phil is a coach and man I highly respect and enjoy the such great quality [...]

Mastering YouTube To Have A Flood Of New Clients with Miles Beckler

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Want to see behind-the-scenes onto how to grow your following for FREE..?   AND, have them sign on as clients with you! Miles Beckler comes onto the show to break open the truths for what it is you can be doing to set up your content and sales funnel to explode your business.   Get [...]

How Aaron Broke Past $50K A MONTH As A Personal Trainer

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A lot of trainers have called the “holy grail of personal training”.? We just did a case study episode on how he… ? Just got back from a holiday and has an extra $5,000 of recurring income. ? Has 6x trainers that are nearly fully booked and doing the selling of new clients for him. [...]

How To Build Your Empire with Bedros Keuilian

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Do you deep down know that you want more from your business..? More clients, or money, or freedom..? This is why I bring on Bedros in this episode. To show you: What REALLY matters for when it comes to building your empire. How YOU being the entrepreneur need to best manage yourself. What the difference [...]

The Renegade Empire with Jay Ferruggia

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This is a very special episode to me... Jay Ferruggia,  has been someone that I've admired, looked up, respected and learnt from for many years. And this episode I get to sit with him in his studio in LA and deep dive into how he has become what I believe is one of the best [...]

Why I Quit Being A Personal Trainer

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

From the outside looking in, I was running a successful personal training business… But it was a lie. And it’s why I quit being a Personal Trainer in 2014. After 8 years as a personal trainer I woke up at the usual 4:30am. I didn’t finish with clients until late afternoon, and finally this day [...]

How To Sell $29,5000 Of Coaching In 5-Hours

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  How does a Personal Trainer go from $200 a week to $12,500 in 5 hours..? How do you being a trainer or coach move from the “old” personal training model that has you stuck in the time for money trap - …to doing $29,500 of sales in half a day? This episode is a [...]