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How To Build Your (Simple) Ultimate Sales Funnel

2020-05-14T05:34:41+00:00By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Most trainers and health professionals think I’ve gone crazy when I first take them through this… They think its not possible. “Let’s create the engine, that’s going to be bringing in new clients each week for you… on auto-pilot”. The truth is… this is real, and this much easier than a lot of people think [...]

How Aaron Broke Past $50K A MONTH As A Personal Trainer

2020-05-14T05:34:47+00:00By |Ask The Pro Podcast, Coaches Cartel, How To Start A Personal Training Business, Online Marketing and Fitness Business|

A lot of trainers have called the “holy grail of personal training”.? We just did a case study episode on how he… ? Just got back from a holiday and has an extra $5,000 of recurring income. ? Has 6x trainers that are nearly fully booked and doing the selling of new clients for him. [...]

How To Build Your Empire with Bedros Keuilian

2020-05-14T05:34:47+00:00By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you deep down know that you want more from your business..? More clients, or money, or freedom..? This is why I bring on Bedros in this episode. To show you: What REALLY matters for when it comes to building your empire. How YOU being the entrepreneur need to best manage yourself. What the difference [...]

The Renegade Empire with Jay Ferruggia

2020-05-14T05:34:47+00:00By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

This is a very special episode to me... Jay Ferruggia,  has been someone that I've admired, looked up, respected and learnt from for many years. And this episode I get to sit with him in his studio in LA and deep dive into how he has become what I believe is one of the best [...]