Do you feel stuck coaching your in-person clients..?

Watch what Bruno has to say about starting his Online Personal Training business 👇👇

You’re good at it, and you get your clients results… But deep down you know you want more freedom?
If this sounds familiar… I want you to meet Bruno.
Here is what I told Bruno on our first coaching call:

⊗ Don’t be posting on IG all day

⊗ Don’t start by getting a website built

⊗ Don’t try to put together a fancy funnel

⊗ Don’t start by trying to run a challenge — especially if you don’t know how to turn followers to clients

⊗ Don’t think that you need a big following like those big influencers

⊗ Don’t waste money setting up facebook ads

⊗ Don’t spend months creating your online coaching program or app

So, where is Bruno NOW?

→ Earning over $12,000 a month.

→ 1-2 leads come in per day WITHOUT facebook ads.

→ Just hired a coach to work for him.

→ Traveling the world and working from anywhere he chooses.

Pretty cool huh?

So, here’s what I know works — as we’re working with 100’s of coaches all around the world — and this is how we have them getting new clients each week.

1 — Set up your sales pipeline first — or what we call your application funnel — this is the system that gets you talking to the right people, and signing on 8-9 out 10 leads.

2 — Then think about WHO are your A-grade clients…  The clients you love to coach?  Because we need to be able to attract them in to you and importantly, you need to separate yourself from all of your competition.

3 — You need an action plan thats made for you. You could be starting from scratch, or maybe you own a gym, maybe you’re a trainer in a  big box gym


But then think about his different goals that you might have — maybe you want 100,000 or a million — maybe you want high ticket or memberships.

Here’s how, to see for yourself

If you’re serious about growing your fitness business…

And you know it’s time to make the switch.

Then I want to invite you to what we call a “Strategy Session”.

The goal of your strategy session is simple:

  1. We go through what is working and what’s not working.
  2. Figure out the roadblocks.
  3. Figure out where you WANT to go… like what your DREAM coaching business looks like.
  4. Then we create YOUR strategy plan.

Then if you want our help, IMPLEMENTING your scale plan in your coaching business – we’ll tell you how that would work. If not… no big deal. You will have gotten some great value and a plan to work on yourself.

Fair enough?

If all that sounds good to you… and you would like to set up a Strategy Session with us… then the next step is simple. Take a minute and tell us about your coaching business here:

STEP 1: Click this link to apply

STEP 2: Schedule a call with me and my team to get a custom game-plan.


See you on the inside,



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