How Dan sold $12,500 of online coaching in just 5 hours!


Pretty impressive, eh!


Despite this…it’s not always been like this for Dan.


In fact, before we met, Dan had struggled for a long time trying to build his coaching business…


Dan was confused as hell with all the info there was online….


He had no structure to what he should be doing day by day…


Dan is an extremely hard worker, but he just didn’t have a proven road map to follow. 

This just left Dan overwhelmed…


Because of this, Dan would try and do a million different things at once in an effort to grow his coaching business…

Dan was anxious and worried not having consistent leads and wondered where his next client was coming from.

Dan was fed up with the fluctuating income.


Some months Dan would do okay and bring on some new client and others…there was barely anything!

What made it worse, was Dan was trying super hard, he was just focusing on the wrong stuff.

At this point, Dan realized he needed help with this.


When Dan reached out to me, we streamlined his business by getting him to focus on one simple funnel and nail down his avatar.

Once he had that in place everything was so much easier because he had a proven system for getting in leads and proven system for converting them.


Finally, Dan has peace of mind knowing that even if he loses clients, he has a pipeline of new leads waiting to sign up! This is the number 1 thing I see coaches struggle with, is not knowing exactly what to do to get new leads and clients.


Want me to help you do this, too?

You can continue trying to figure this out on your own, or you can just model what has already worked for 100’s of fitness pros to earn 6 and 7 figures.

And then the best part? It does not matter if you don’t have a big social media following.

DM me so we can chat more…


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