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How To Be ‘Better’ At Everything With Jordan Harbinger

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

There is no doubt… Jordan Harbinger is is going to give you the straight up truths in this episode. Discover how not to be a douche-bag, and just develop real relationships.  Where so many people kill their possibilities to ‘rubbing shoulders’ with the elite cliques and influencers, you see first hand what you need to [...]

How To Win A $8000 Business Coaching Program

By |Ask The Pro Podcast, Personal Trainer Business Marketing|

Do you want to win a $8000 Personal Trainers Business Coaching Program? ...The "Pro Circle" and "7-Figure Program" is doubling and tripling my clients fitness businesses in just weeks to months. and you can get your hands on the program for FREE saving you $8000. The best thing is that its going to take you [...]

How To Build a World Wide Audience With John Lee Dumas

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

He’s back…   The Mr. Miyagi of podcasting is back on with me to give you the insights into how to create the freedom you want, and build a massive world wide audience. The power of having a following is at the top of what you need to grow your online business, and by having [...]

How To Create Your Lifestyle Business With James Schramko

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you want to NOT worry about money or getting to work today?   Learn why in this episode how James Schramko has built a business that allows him to surf everyday. …and how you can too. Even if surfing isn’t your thing, building your Online Business to give you the money, freedom and lifestyle [...]

How To Run An Online Personal Training Business With Gavin Attore

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

You asked for it, so here it is…   We are peeling back the curtains and giving the insights into how my own fitness business runs, and with my top online personal trainer who is a leading coach in the UK as well. I bring on Gavin my ‘point man’ to walk you through how [...]

How To Be The Best You With Charlie Houpert

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you want more confidence, charisma and the strong self esteem that impresses others?   …there is no doubt that developing ‘you’, and growing your charisma can go a long way with your business and success. From making great first impressions, having others like you, and just not being a ‘douche bag’ you are going [...]

Brain Nutrition For Business Success with Andrew Hill

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Finally, its here… The truth behind brain nutrition and supplements. Dr Andrew Hill comes on with me this episode to showcase to you the power behind making small but needed changes for boosting your brain power. From memory, to creativity and focus, you will walk away from todays episode smarter. Squashing the lies with brain [...]

Online Product Empire With Brad De Graw

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

  It was only 3 minutes into chat in Bangkok and I was blown away. And you get Brad for over 30 minutes in this interview where he showcases “how to start building your online product empire”… and this is no joke. Brad is a fellow member in a private mastermind with me, and if [...]

How To Run Profitable Fitness Retreats With Candice Strybos

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Have you thought about running fitness retreats before?   …Want to add 10’s of $1000s to your profits by delivering a top tier experience that transforms your clients bodies and lives.   I bring on Candice Strybos that will walk you through the major steps for you to add Fitness Retreats into your business, or [...]

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Designing The Perfect Sales Funnel With Chris Dufey

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

How to easily have the steps in place to turn your followers into customers...   This is exactly what I am going to show you in this episode. No more confusion about what to do, or frustration of spending endless hours and it not working and converting any sales for you. In this episode, I [...]

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