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Become An Industry Leading Coach With Nick Tumminello

By |Coaches Cartel|

The results you produce with your clients is the most important factor with your business. Forget the sales funnels, social media strategy, email sequences or facebook ads... If you suck at getting results, your business sucks. This is why I bring on Nick Tumminello, who I HIGHLY admire for being a world class trainer and [...]

The True 4-Hour Workweek Unveiled With Jason Regan Part 2

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

This is Part 2:  If you haven't tuned into Part 1 Click HERE. The great feedback that has been coming in from part 1 has been awesome.  So I'm publishing this for you early. In this episode we build upon how Jason has gone from zero online experience to now travelling the world and building a [...]

The True 4-Hour Workweek Unveiled With Jason Regan Part 1

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

"Is the 4-Hour Work Week Really Possible?" Firstly, I find it funny when people give Tim Ferriss so much slack on naming the book "the 4-hour work week" when he works more than 4-hours per week.  When the whole premise was his forward thinking of testing the book name to get real-world feedback on what would [...]

Online Success At Super Fast Business With Chris Dufey

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

 Join me at the the talk I gave at Super Fast Business Live in Sydney... Big thanks to James Schramko for having a world-class event and inviting me to speak. This is where I breakdown 3 of the major steps you can start from today that can grow your business to doing $100,000 a month [...]

The 7-Figure Business Mindset with Regan Hillyer

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

 Do you want to finally build your "dream business"...?! Giving you the ability to have the success as you define it... Living the life with the freedom, earning the money you want and having the impact that truely satisfies you...   This is Exactly what this episode is all about, and I love that Regan [...]

The Sales Funnel Specialist With Russell Brunson

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

It's kind of creepy... Having a full blown 'bromance' recorded and now publishing it. But, there is no doubt.  Russell Brunson is leading from the front, and in this episode you better get ready to take notes and more importantly take action. This episode is thick with pearls of wisdom, and this is exactly why [...]

Is Personal Training Doomed?

By |Personal Trainer Business Marketing|

Do you know why I think your personal training business and career is literally doomed to fail if you don't change from the “traditional model”…   There three major problems you have, and there is a fix for each one of them - but this is not the usual, main stream advice from all the [...]

Online & Commercial Personal Training Case Study With Chris Dufey

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Do you want to have personal training clients coming to you...? This is a behind the scenes look as Sean comes on for a private (not any more) consultation with myself, and I get straight to the point of whats the exact steps are he needs to start taking to build his own dream fitness [...]

Ultimate Personal Brand Success Secrets With Kat Laterzo

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

Take the exact steps from today to build your online business with your personal brand leading the way... There is no doubt about it... Kat is someone that you need to listen to, and I love being able to record this episode for you. Get ready to take notes, and have a swift kick up the [...]

Instagram and Growing a Huge Following with Nathan Chan

By |Ask The Pro Podcast|

So you want more followers? And to turn these followers into raving fans that buy everything you have? In this episode, I bring on Nathan Chan from Foundr Magazine that literally breaks down step-by-step what you need to be doing to grow your following and especially on Instagram. PLUS… he unveils what his sales funnel [...]