Do You Want More Clients..?

Well, of course you do… who would ever say they have enough clients?

The REAL question is – how do you get more clients?

There are an almost unlimited number of different tactics and strategies so where do you start? Where do you focus your time?

You could be writing blog posts, shooting YouTube videos, setting up funnels, taking a selfie for Instagram, running Facebook ads, setting up join ventures… and the list goes on.

See, NONE of the other coaches or even myself focus on everything.  Why? Because there is NO need.

But we’re still able to get amazing results like no one else because I’ve figured out a handful of strategies that actually get results.

Before, I share with you what they are… I want to make sure this is 100% for you.

As the truth is…

Creating your own health and fitness business has never been easier.

But, recently I asked over 9,000 trainers and coaches what they wanted.

And, the overwhelming answer was “build a successful online coaching business”.

Why do it? I asked them…

And there was 3 clear reasons:

  • Freedom. To have a business that gives you the lifestyle you want.
  • Flexibility. To do the work you want, when and where you want.
  • Income. To have the financial freedom that you want.

So, it’s no surprise that we want the lifestyle and financial freedom that comes along with a thriving online business.

That’s what the Coaches Cartel is all about.

If your a personal trainer you will know what I’m talking about.

From the outside looking in, I was a “successful” Personal Trainer.

But it was all a lie.

And it’s why in 2014 I quit the gym.

See, I had a full-book of clients. I was charging a premium rate and had a team of trainers working for me.

But I was dying on the inside, because for 8 years I was following the wrong model.

If you’re like most personal trainers working right now you’ll know exactly how I felt.

In fact, you’re probably feeling the same way right now…

I remember that day because it was one of the scariest days of my life. And one of the most exciting.

It was the usual 4:30am wake up to see my 6am client (that cancelled last minute).

Finally by 7pm I finished with my last client, and I jumped in the car to race home in time to give my baby daughter the bottle and put her to bed.

But, by the time I gotten home she was already asleep. I missed out spending time with her that day.

I felt guilty.

Like a loser.

A bad provider.

A bad partner.

A bad father.

That was the point where I got so uncomfortable that it all changed. I was tired of the STRESS. I was tired of the FEAR. I was tired of the GUILT. So, I decided to finally start building the business that I dreamt of.

Because I HAD to fix this.  I was going to figure this out or die trying.

And this is when I asked the question that changed everything;

“How much longer can I keep doing this?”

“Can I keep doing this in 2, 5, 10+ years?”

The answers was: NO.

My family was depending on me. I’d gone on long enough putting in ridiculous hours and pieces of my soul into my passion, without being able to live the life I truly craved.

If this resonates with you… I want to tell you its perfectly fine. The traditional personal training business model is dead.

The fitness world has changed, and its never been like this before.

And this is why the Coaches Cartel was born…

It was born out of necessity… because the old strategies and models DON’T work any more. And I truly believe that if you don’t make the change now… You’ll be left behind.

From my home office here in Bali, I get to have the upper hand in seeing what’s working, and how to speed it up… It’s firstly from the mistakes and wins I have in my businesses that I can then share straight to you.

This is the real world “whats working, right now”.

That’s a big promise I know.

And I know you can have this success too, because this is exactly what coaches and trainers around the world are doing right now by simply following these steps.

See What Some Of The Coaches Cartel Members Have To Say…

Now, let me introduce you to the team that’s here to give you proven plan to build your business… The tools and tactics so you know exactly what to do… And the help along the way so you don’t get stuck.

Chris Dufey – CEO and Founder

If you’re here because you have a passion for health and fitness, you want to help people and you want to build a life you love… then this is absolutely for you. Welcome!

For the last 14 years, I’ve been a Personal Trainer and for most of it, I was stuck in the “old model” that had me in the time-for-money trap… This is why I founded Coaches Cartel…

I want to give you the simple, yellow brick road to follow that is a proven system in building successful fitness businesses all over the world. Because for me, I get to live and travel around the globe with my wife and 3 daughters, and each day I pinch myself with how awesome this is while remembering how s**tty I felt when I was stuck in a gym training clients all day long.

Now, (I hope) it’s your turn.

Callum Robinson – Strategy Coach

Callum started as a client in Coaches Cartel, during the emergence of his own fitness career. Today, Callum is a ninja at lead generation and sales, while helping build fitness businesses with simple, painless, proven methods. He’s in the trenches with you. Having his own online fitness business thriving on the side, he’s able to give you the secrets and insights that accelerate your growth as part of the Coaching Team.

Josh Vago – On Ramp Coach

Never a dull moment when you talk to this handsome creature. He’s all smiles, flashing his white teeth, growing his hair out, and loves to sit in his most treasured chair for the past 5 years while working. Josh is one of our ball of fire who currently runs his own online fitness program. He is one of the top-performing personal trainers at Vshred, the fastest growing fitness in the world, and a certified personal trainer.

Jess Caetano – Incubator Coach

Always on the run, this mom of three pioneers her own successful online coaching business. She is a certified personal trainer and MNU evidenced-based nutritionist. She will always be your biggest supporter while also giving you the tough love everyone needs. Her passion is helping people create a balanced life of happiness and fulfillment. Get ready to align your passion with your coaching business with Jess, so that you never work another day of your life!

Elisha Allison – Coach

Best looking coach we have here at the Coaches Cartel. He’s also a coach that is still in the arena with you, building his online business, Elevated Aesthetics. He’s coached 5 years face to face and 2 years as an online coach. He’ll encourage, push, and love you every step of the way to building your business and your life the way you desire and deserve!

Chenrezig Lehner – Copywriting Coach

When you want to use words to sell, you do what Chen tell you to do… It’s that simple.

Lex Flores – General Manager

Lex is literally your boy-next-door. Oozing with talent topped with a pleasing personality, his long years of experience in handling various business functions, clients, and other endeavors make him the right man for the job. Having kept his feet rooted on the ground, Lex has strong work ethics with excellent leadership skills directing and coordinating diverse teams of both leaders and employees.

Leopoldo C. Suquib Jr. – Tech and Funnel Coach

Being passionate about technology and web advancement has been an edge for him to prove that his skills are for you to crave. He manages Coaches Cartel’s visuals and technicalities while being the key point person for all members to assist with regards to their funnels. From creating apps to coding (not to mention, decoding) websites, Leo is the best guy to provide you with the best client service experience. Outside the Cartel, he is a devoted husband and a father of 2 lovely daughters. What an amazing guy!

KF Abellar – Content and Social Media Manager

The one that got away… from the usual boring life into the ever-changing world of the high definition. A certified digital junkie and strategist, KF maximizes every freakin’ thing on the web. Her knack and passion for details made her efficient in creating content and drives people (not insane) into pursuing what they deem unworkable. She makes everybody fall in love with the Cartel and her courage to challenge you to innovation will push you to take the leap and do the impossible.

Jomarie Dagcuta – Video Editor

Expert in manipulating every video content and graphics in a way that will take the audience’s breath away, making sure he has a structured work path in order to give you exactly what you need. Straightforward yet charming, Jo goes the extra mile to provide quality content to a diverse crowd, giving them output that is beyond their imagination.

Now, Imagine that instead of getting misleading advice from people that have their heart in the right place…. But, DON’T have the proven experience –

Or just trying to “go it alone” and getting confused, but hoping for the best…

You have complete access to the step-by-step guide custom made to take you from where you are right now, to having a thriving fitness business.

How much time, money and stress would that save you?

Just like you give your clients the plans, programs and advice to move, look and feel better. I’ts time you to have the answers to finally step up to help more people and build a true lifestyle business.


Where do you start?

You hear about so many different ways to grow your business that after a while it just gets confusing, intimidating, and overwhelming?

I know the feeling!

That’s exactly where I started – confused and frustrated of working hard at so many things, but not getting the clients.

Then I went out to learn from the best marketers, business leaders, mentors and courses. I spent more money than I’d like to tell my wife, wasted countless hours working on the things that don’t matter – I learned the hard way.

And these days it seems more difficult to have a successful fitness business, and truely standing out with so many others trying to do it… That’s probably why so many people want to make it happen, but don’t.

It’s just too overwhelming!

That’s why the coaching program was born.

Giving you the step-by-step blueprint that has been proven time and time again; to clear out the confusion and give you the clear path to follow.

You’re not going to get stuck with trying to figure out all the “tech stuff” or what software you need to choose, or how to put together a website or the 101 other things that are stopping you right now…

Let me give you full access to the program that is adding $100,000+ to trainers and coaches around the world right now.

And for you, it all starts with a free 1-on-1 blueprint call to find out what “exact steps you need to take right now” that you can book right here.

Let’s Be Honest, There Are 2 BIG Problems Us Trainers Face…

The Bad News:  You’re Stuck In The ‘Old Personal Training Business Model’.

From the outside looking in, I was a successful personal trainer.

Charging $250 an hour, a full book of clients and a PT business with trainers working for me.  But it was all a lie.

It all came to a flood of tears when I came home after a full-day in the gym and missed giving my baby daughter the bottle to put her to bed.  I wasn’t being the dad or husband I wanted to be.  And we couldn’t live or travel around the world, as it felt like I was chained to the gym.

The NEW fitness business model gives you the lifestyle and income you want.  You work with clients the way you want, you work from where you want and you arn’t capped with your ‘hourly rate’.

When you set it up right…

Bad News #2: Being Totally Confused With “What Do I Do Now” To Build Your Ultimate Fitness Business…

Let’s be honest…

There are more ‘PT Business Coaches’ than you can poke a stick at.

All that really matters for you is having the map you can follow, and help along the way so you don’t get stuck.

Look at it this way:

If you’re looking for kebabs, and I’m selling pizzas…

I don’t care how good my pizzas are, you’re not going to get what you want.

That’s why we need to first make sure that we are a good fit together.

SO — if you want to work with me and grow your business like the examples above, keep reading…



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Here’s What Will Happen Next

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This is where we find the ‘holes’ in how your business is running, and put together the plan to quickly get you to your 12-months goals.

At that point if you see the value in working together, great. We’ll talk and see if I’m able to take you on as a client.

If you don’t want to move forward, that’s fine too.

Worst case you would have received some free advice from my team and I which will help you generate more traffic and sales.

Ultimately this is for people who take action and know a good opportunity when they see one.

If that’s you, today is the day you step up and take your business to the next level.

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  • You’re not willing to commit to yourself and your future… I am literally here to give you the steps to follow but as the saying goes “you can lead a donkey to water, but you can’y make the donkey drink”.
  • If you’re looking for ‘get rich quick’ or ‘magic bullet’ this is not for you. If you like to play the blame game, please don’t apply. The success of the trainers that I have coached is because they have followed through with what has been given to them.
  • You’re not ready to commit a minimum of 5 hours a week to working through the program and putting into action the changes in your business.

Now, you might be asking… 

“Who Is Chris, and Why Should I Listen To Him?”

Being a trainer for over 10 years, I now run multiple online fitness businesses that range from Personal Training in commercial and private gyms, online personal training, online memberships, products programs and my own supplement label.

I’m called the ‘Fit Body Pro’ as a physique coach I get people from fitness and bikini models, actors to Arab Sheiks in great shape.

…But that’s not what this is about.

See, I used to be part of the rat race, working upwards to 70+ hours of face to face training and consulting, and I was damn good at it. But I knew I wouldn’t be happy until I broke free.  I reached a ceiling and wasn’t happy knowing that this was it.

Now I have the freedom that I always wanted to spend time with my daughters, wife and work on the projects I love, living between Bali and Australia.

The secret is…. 

There is no secret, you just have to follow what works.

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