Do You Want More Clients and More Freedom With Your
Your Coaching Business..?

The truth is…

Creating your own health and fitness business has never been easier.

But, recently I asked 1000’s of trainers and coaches what they wanted.

And, the overwhelming answer was “to start an online coaching business”.

Why do it? I asked:

  • Freedom. To have a business that gives you the lifestyle you want.
  • Flexibility. To do the work you want, when and where you want.
  • Income. To have the financial freedom that you want.

It’s no surprise that we want the lifestyle and financial freedom that comes along with a thriving online business.

That’s what the Coaches Cartel is all about.

If your a personal trainer you will know what I’m talking about.

I was waking up in pitch black for 6am personal training sessions – and felt shackled to the gym with zero freedom.

From the outside looking in, I was running a successful personal training business.

But it was a lie!

Charging up to $250 an hour.

Having a team of trainers work for me.

Having a full book of clients that was up to 50 hours of consultations and sessions

It was the dream I had been working towards for so many years.

But, it was when I was jumping into my car, and speeding how the Sheik Zayed road in Dubai.

There were two questions that ran through my head…“How much longer can I keep going like this?”


“Is this all there is?”

Why I Quit Being A Personal Trainer

Doing 120 km/hr racing back to get home in time too give my daughter her bottle, so I can spend some quality time with her before she goes to bed.

And when I got home, she was already asleep.

I was crushed…

This wasn’t the dad, husband and man I wanted to be.

And when I tried to answer the two questions in my head the answers were –

There is no way I want to keep running a business like this in 2, 5 or 10 years time from now. I wanted a business that allowed me to live and travel around the world. Spend quality time with my daughters and wife, and give us the freedom to live the lifestyle we really wanted. Not stressing about money or “where my next client is coming from?”.

If this resonates with you… I want to tell you its perfectly fine.The traditional personal training business model is dead.

The fitness world has changed, and its never been like this before.

From my home office here in Bali, I get to have the upper hand in seeing what’s working, and how to speed it up… It’s firstly from the mistakes and wins I have in my businesses that I can then share straight to you.

This is the real world “whats working, right now”.

That’s a big promise I know.

And I know you can have this success too, because this is exactly what coaches and trainers around the world are doing right now by simply following these steps.

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Now It’s Your Turn…

In the Coaches Cartel, we help trainers and coaches at all levels — from those just getting started to those who’ve been at this a while — to up their game, reach more people, and grow their business.

We dive deep into the exact strategies, frameworks, and tactics that will get you the results you want from your online business, no matter where you are in the process.

Welcome to the peace of mind that comes from knowing if you follow the right system, you’ll enjoy more success, more control, more income, and more freedom to live the life you’ve always wanted.

If you’re serious about building your health and fitness business, then find out the EXACT steps you need to take from today to make it happen.

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