Firstly, you can understand that the entire process that you want people to go through looks like this:

  1. Strangers – They don’t know who you are, and this is referred to as cold traffic if you are sending our marketing messages to them.  You want to be sending out high-value content to this group. In this phase, you are attracting people to you.
  2. Visitors – This is when someone does come by your ‘stuff’ and checks you out.  Your aim is to use a call to action (CTA) to collect their information, which could simply be name and email for you to further deliver great value to them. This phase is about converting people to become a lead.
  3. Leads – So they have ‘opted-in’ and are wanting to know more about how you can help them.  This is where you can use the power of email marketing to deliver great value, and then lead them through to a buying decision. This is the phase where you convert and close a client.
  4. Clients – You’ve just landed a new client, but the fun doesn’t stop here. This is where you need to maximise the experience, and you will also find that increasing the lifetime customer value is where true profits are found and exploded. This is where you deliver and delight.
  5. Promoters – This is where you have delivered a world-class experience, they have great results and are now spreading the word for you and bringing in new leads and clients for you. You build upon and extend the relationship by also having increased options for how to serve them.  This could be through an increased line to sell them, products, or services. 


The process goes from attracting > converting > closing > delivering > nurturing.  With each step having a specific purpose for how to move the right person through to the next step.  Now this comes together and turns into the engine of your business when each of the 5 steps are in place and working, I understand it’s pretty daunting looking at the above and knowing your current business is not set up like that at all, or there are holes everywhere.


Now, when I am coaching a business client, I dissect their business intensively to uncover all the bottles–necks and then work from the biggest one down so that results come thick and fast, and also so that we can uncover if there are more issues to be fixed. Though always working toward the end is that the business is humming along, with traffic coming in, clients being converted, world class delivery systems in place, and profits maximised.




One of the biggest reasons that most fitness businesses fail when it comes to building their dream business is they are not following the correct model.

Making a conscious effort to make the transition to the right model, will make a dramatic difference to the revenue you generate and the impact and freedom you have. 

Don’t panic, I will be sharing the exact model you should be following within this post.

In fact, this is the exact model that has helped 100’s of fitness professionals generate 6 and 7 figures online. 

In short, this stuff is extremely powerful, and it works like gangbusters 😊.

Now, let’s stop rambling and get stuck into this…

Before I share with you the model that works like crazy, I want to briefly discuss one of the biggest problems I see with fitness professionals today.

They are stuck in what I call the time for money trap.

This is exactly why I put Tony Robbins quote in my book “Your first 100 clients”…

Tony once famously said…

“Trading time for money. That’s the worst trade you can ever make in your life”

Why is that the case?

You see, by trading time for money, which is what most fitness professionals do when they train clients in person is that they can essentially only work with so many clients in a day.

That, therefore, means that their income is capped.

What’s more, if they take any time off to go on holiday or spend time with their family, then they don’t get paid a dime. 

Or, what if they get sick…they don’t get paid.

If a client cancels…they don’t get paid.

How about as you get older and you have more responsibilities…your income is tied to training people one to one. 

You don’t have any other source of revenue…

Okay, so now we know some of the limitations of the old model. 

I want to now discuss the new PT model…

This is where you can have a business that has you earning the money that you want, being able to actually impact the people with your passion for health and fitness, and live a life of freedom. 


Let’s now discuss the New PT Model in more detail…


The new PT model is broken up into 3 parts.


1- More Money

You want to be able to earn the money that you want you want and to be able to make a profit.

For most personal trainers, this is the most important factor when it comes to building their business. So, that needs to be a top priority.

That said, if you truly want the life you want, you need to consider other factors which I will discuss next.


2- More Meaning

You want to be able to impact the right people with your passion for health and fitness. 

So many fitness professionals spend way too long training the wrong type of clients.

You see, if you want true fulfillment out of this business, it is critical that you focus on working with the clients that you not only can get incredible results for, but also clients you love working with.

There is nothing worse than working with clients who don’t stick to what you say, or just drain your energy.

You want clients that stick to exactly what you tell them to do and therefore they get the best results possible.


3- More Freedom

You want to be able to live a life of freedom and live life on your terms. 

More money doesn’t always equate to more freedom and happiness, so it is critical that you get this right, too.

This comes back to not being stuck in the time for money trap. 

Let me give you a quick example. 

Back in 2014, I was a successful personal trainer living in Dubai.

I had a fully booked personal training business.

I worked with fitness models, athletes, politicians, and even Sheiks.

From the outside looking in, I was a big success.

I was earning a lot of money and I was working with clients I loved.

So, going back to the 3 steps above…I had 1 and 2 dialled in but I didn’t have 3.

I was working all the time, I constantly stressed and burnt out. 

I was getting up at 6am and getting back late and basically, I was miserable.

I wanted more time with my family, more freedom, I wanted to enjoy the fruits of my labour.

However, I was unhappy because I didn’t have all 3 of these factors in place.

That’s why it is critical that you focus on all 3 of these and not just 1 or 2….

Otherwise, you will never be truly fulfilled. 

Okay, so now we have focused on the 3 bigger picture things you must focus on to have the business and life you want.

Let’s get tactical now and focus on 3 things you need to focus on to grow your fitness business as fast as possible.

A common thing I notice with fitness professionals is that they are focused on a million different things at once.

But they are not focusing on the right things.

This isn’t just a case of being busy, it’s about working smart and focusing on the few things that really move the needle.

You may have heard of the Pareto principle before.

Where 20% of your efforts lead to 80% of your results.

This is so true in any walk of life but especially in business.

So, let me share with you the few critical things (the important 20%) that will result in 80% of your results. 

Now, the three things all successful businesses need to do is this…

Number one, you need to be able to attract the right type of clients. 

This is where you need to think long and hard about not just working with people you know you can get great results but people you actually enjoy working with. 

The second thing you got to do is you need to be able to convert leads into clients.

You need to have a system in place to do this that you can rely on so that you are not stressing all the time. 

This is the thing that most fitness professionals struggle with all the time.

This is what stresses them out the most.

What holds most fitness businesses and businesses back in general, is that they simply do not have a predictable and reliable system in place to bring in leads and clients on demand.

This system is what truly allows you to scale and it’s one of the keys to why our students consistently make 6 and 7 figures.

You see, most fitness businesses marketing efforts are focused on random acts and hope marketing.

Most people are focused on randomly posting on social media all day such as…blogs, podcasts, Facebook challenges, using their personal profile etc.

While some of these have their place, they are not a predictable system.

You see, when working with our students, that’s what one of the things we focus on first is building out this simple funnel that brings in clients and leads like clockwork.

That means when you go to bed each night, you know you’ve got leads and clients coming in every single week…

Rather than going to sleep anxious all the time and worried about where your next client is coming from.

What’s more, even if some of your current clients leave, you know you have this predictable system in place to bring on new leads and clients like clockwork. 

It’s what separates the fitness professionals who struggle and fitness businesses that thrive.

And the third thing you got to do is you need to be able to deliver a world-class service. 

Of course, you want to get your clients amazing results.

That’s probably why you got into the fitness industry, right?

To help transform the lives of others.

It is one of the most fulfilling things you can do.

You want to be able to build your business i.e. not get stuck in the gym or stuck on a computer 24 seven and can actually live the life that you want.

Let’s next take a step back and break down these steps in more detail.

So, let’s think about the three key things that you need to be able to do when it comes to attracting the right type of clients… 

Firstly, you need to be able to create marketing pieces that separate you from your competition and attract your ideal clients to you.

The key phrase here is “attract” your ideal client, rather than chase people.

That’s what most fitness businesses do. 

The second thing you have to do is create what is called a funnel. 

This is something that converts people that do not know who you are into leads and then high paying clients. 

And then the third key is what we call microwave leads.

Because what we don’t want is for you to fall into the friendzone 😉. 

This means people are following and liking your stuff on social media but nobody is buying from you. 

It is critical that we focus on getting high paying clients and not just likes and followers.

Your accountant or bank manager never asks you about followers, or likes, they ask for sales. 

This is so so important!

Because I see so many fitness pros just copy fitness influencers because they make the assumption that because someone has a lot of followers, they must be making a lot of money.

This is NOT true!

I know a ton of people with big followings who make barely any money at all.

On the flip side, I have plenty of students with not many followers who make 6 and 7 figures.

So, the size of the following does not equate to revenue.

That’s a key mindset shift to make.

There are three things you must do to create a wildly profitable business…

And that’s why you are here, right 😉?

The first thing is you need to be able to build a tribe…

You need to be able to get people to actually know like and trust you…

You want raving fans that want to work with you because what you are offering is unique and very compelling to your audience. 

Then, here comes the next step…

Ask yourself, do you have a process, do you have a system, do you have a method that you’re using right now which is consistently turning leads into clients?

Do you?

If yes, that’s great.

If not, do not panic, we can fix that.

The third thing you need to be able to do is you need to be able to add automation. 

Because let’s be perfectly honest…there are only 24 hours in a day and there’s only so much that you can do. 

You need to be able to automate things and have systems and technology working for you, so you can get rid of the stuff you don’t want to do…

So, you’re only doing the work that you absolutely love…

Finally, when it comes down to delivering…

This is another huge mistake I see a lot of fitness professionals making.

They start generating more sales and working with more clients. 

However, they have very poor systems in place to actually service these clients.

This means they end up working every hour of the day and don’t achieve the true freedom they truly desire. 

Now, when it comes to you actually creating your coaching program…

Essentially, there are three things you need to be able to do to actually launch a new program and get clients signed on board…

First, you obviously need to launch the program. 

Once you have completed the launch successfully…

We then will offer what I call your signature system. 

This is your number 1 program where you can offer the best results possible to your clients. 

Finally, it comes down to the third most important part, which is delivery.

You need all 3 of these in place to be successful. 

This is so important because…

As a personal trainer, we can get stuck with the ups and downs of income fluctuating…

Clients can go on holiday, or some might leave you, or cancel sessions…

That is certainly a massive problem for the vast majority of personal trainers.

If clients leave…your income drops.

If clients go on holiday…your income drops.

If a client cancels last minute…your income drops.

Back when I was doing personal training and training clients in person, the emotional rollercoaster of clients coming and going, and the ups and downs of my income used to drive me crazy.

So, what you need to do is build an engine that’s going to get clients coming on board and staying month to month so that you have recurring revenue. 

Again, this all comes back to having a predictable and reliable funnel and system in place which brings in new leads and clients like clockwork. 

Okay, so if you are skeptical, I want to share some proof with you…

For example, Aaron started off doing $300 a month.

However, now, after implementing our systems at the Coaches Cartel, he just did over $137,000 as a personal trainer last month!!

Impressive, right?

Next, Adam was a professional poker player before we worked together and had to start his online coaching business from scratch!

Adam generated an impressive $12,000 just from his very first launch with pretty much zero social media presence. 

So, if you are an amazing coach and you want to take your fitness business to the next level…

And, you are fed up with going this alone and you’re sick and tired of feeling like you are spinning your wheels and not making the progress you think you deserve…




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