Losing your belly, butt, thigh and hip fat is easier than you think, but it’s not all about…


…Consuming less energy than you burn.


If this were the case then stubborn fat, would not be a problem, and if it were just a numeric calculation, there wouldn’t be so many dramas about getting in shape.


What else is in the recipe of fat loss?


Having the right hormonal responses through proper training, nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle choices that are all geared towards you getting in great shape.


If you are a guy chances are you struggle with stomach fat, lower back and your love handles.


If you’re a women, then chances are you are struggling with your belly, butt, hips and thigh fat.


What can you do about it?


The burning, or using of fat you want to produce chemicals known as Catecholamine’s. They travel through the blood to attach to fat cell receptors, with then trigger the release of energy form the fat cell.


There are two types of receptors for catecholamine’s. Beta-2, which mobilize fat to be burned, and Alpha-2, which hinder fat mobilization.


Fat that has more beta-2 receptors than alpha-2, is easier to lose.



4 Tips To Help You Lose Stubborn Fat


Chances are that you’re a women reading this article (boys, you will still learn a lot) because females have it harder in the realm of losing fat.


If you have the basics down with a good diet, meal frequency and training, you should be able to get in good shape. However, if you still have done this and are looking for better results, here are the answers to losing stubborn fat.


So you know, I don’t have miraculous genes for getting in great shape. However, by using these tactics and tips, along with patience I got in, and stay in shape year round.


Here are the answers:




My number 1 pre workout supplement for weight loss. Caffeine is great at stimulating the catecholamine’s that I talked about above.


This increased fat mobilization for use during your training.


Caffeine sensitivity can vary widely, as 80mg say from 1 cup of coffee can have someone wired all day and even feeling anxious, I know some training partners that can down 500mg for a great workout and have no side effects.


I recommend you start at 80mg and build up. There is no need to push the envelope with this.




A substance found in Pausinystalia yohiumbine plant, it acts as an alpha-2 rival in the body. This means it interferes with the function of the alpha-2 receptor of the fat call and helps speed up fat loss.


0.2mg per Kg of body weight is my recommendation for pre-training.


I also usually recommend this to be taken along with caffeine for morning, fasted training to have the best effects.


Important:  This is not a year round prescription.  Fasted cardio is only best used in short stints in the overall scheme, and especially when your eating and weight training is being followed properly.


Green Tea


The Catechin found in green tea supplements has been shown to help accelerate exercise induced fat loss and reduce abdominal fat.


600-900mg of catechins per day, which I recommend to take in two doses, say morning and lunch, which usually results in 2-3 capsules of the general potency of Green Tea supplements.


The Kicker


My next tactic is only given on one rule, that you must agree with me first.


Rule: You have a proper diet, eating adequate protein and good fats, and not over eating carbohydrates. Your training 3+ times a week, and not half assing it. (YES, i repeated myself from above, its because its important)


If you meet this rule, you can use this next tactic.


Fasted Training


Training in a fasted state, first thing in the morning can be a powerful change to routine that brings about fat loss, especially for the stubborn areas.


Your insulin levels are rock bottom because its been 9+ hours since the dinner the night before, and can heighten your bodies ability for burning fat.


In my Stubborn Fat Fix and Online Physique Coaching I use this method to bring about great results.


This is usually done as energy usage work, and what I mean by this is, that you are focusing on just expending energy through the workout. The cardio can be slow and steady. For example, when I have use this myself to prepare for fitness model shows and photo shoots, I usually make use of the time and listen to podcasts and take notes. So its not strenuous work.


My recommendation: Take 5-15g of BCAA before starting your fasted training so that you don’t burn muscle as energy.


Why I am so strong about making sure you just don’t jump into this technique without getting all the basics down with training and nutrition is that I find the benefits of implementing this are not scene if you don’t nail down the rest.


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