If you want to get out of the “time-for-money trap”…

You can copy the exact same steps, just like –

? Callum that sold $39,000 of coaching in just 2-days.

AND… has 11X his month-to-month income in just 8-weeks.

? Dan that sold $12,500 of Personal Training in 5-hours.

? Aaron that went from $300 to now over $20,000 a month.

? Nyree, that sold $9,000 of Personal Training in just 1-day.

? Polvsen that in just 3-weeks from starting will now break the $100k year.

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Now, if all these results seem pretty amazing –

Let’s be honest…

1. You can’t stay in the OLD business model that has you “stuck” in the time-for-money trap.

With you training and consulting with clients 1-on-1.

You don’t have the ability to live with the freedom you want.

You’re selling your most precious asset and thats you’re time.

You can only see a certain amount of clients in a day, which means the amount of people you can help AND the amount of money you can earn is LIMITED.

Plus… you’re chained to always being in the gym, training clients.

Callum for example just went on his first holiday (snowboarding trip in New Zealand.

And with just a 2-hour window was able to do his client work.

And NOT lose a cent from going away.

This is what NO ONE is talking about, when it comes to the broken “PT business model”.

But, then this brings us into the second big problem…

2. Trying to figure out “what to do?”

You could be:

* Shooting YouTube videos.
* Running Facebook Ads.
* Posting on Instagram.
* Building a Facebook page or group.
* Running challenges.
* Building out Sales Funnels or a website.

…or the 101 other things that the ‘gurus’, coaches and PT schools are trying to get you to do.

But the truth is –

ALL of the coaches that you see building 6-figure (and multi 6-figure) fitness businesses are ONLY doing 1-2 key strategies.

And just like a weight loss client needs a personally designed diet and training program for the best results.

You need to ONLY be doing the few key actions that best suit you and the ultimate business you want to create.

If you’re serious about your business and future –

Then watch the $100k Coach Plan…

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This answers the important question…

? “How do I get more clients?”

Let me know what you think ??