Landing in Denpasar airport I was immediately slapped in the face with the hot air and the feeling of “I’m home”…


We had four massive suitcases packed to the brim with ‘stuff’ we were bringing back from Sydney… (even a few boxes of GF cereal for my high-carb days)

Then finally after getting back home to our villa, we ordered our “go to” meals from our fav cafe down the road being Betlenute Cafe with a quick text message, and it wasn’t long till Lauren and I could sit back, take a breath and finally chill out.


I whipped my phone out after dinner to download the next lot of podcasts that will get me through the coming week when I go for my morning walks, and there I saw it…


…”100k Abs”

The title of an episode on the ‘Sales Marketing Profit’ podcast that is hosted by James Schramko and Taki Moore… they recorded a whole episode on how I started and built Turning Pro Academy and am now growing multiple online fitness businesses.


When two of the top Business Minds with Coaching and Online Business take note of the success you have created… 

…you know you’re doing something right.


I put together the steps that will have you avoiding the mistakes I made and slowed me down, and to do build your own fitness business to earn you the money you want, and more importantly give you the freedom and lifestyleGet it here


Get the 4-Most Important Steps To Double Your Income and Clients Here


Don’t take my word for it… tune in and listen to the episode yourself to get the insights.

You can go to the Sales Marketing Profit and get the episode By Clicking Here


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