It only really just struck me…


Having been interviewed on EO Fire and recently on Starting From Zero, I had to unveil and think about everything that’s happened in the last couple of years.

I’ve been so head down with running now 3 companies, and with our second baby on the way that ‘chaos’ has been an understatement.

You never know how interviews will go, what will get taken out of context and the response you will get from it, though my view has always been just let it all out and don’t hold back…

…but then I saw the headline: Million Dollar Personal Trainer Chris Dufey

You can listen to the episode here –


My first thought had me going back years ago, to being a personal trainer waking at 4:30am getting ready for the day ahead and thinking “how the hell am I going to earn more money”. At the time I was doing OK, especially in personal trainer’s terms, but I wanted to travel with my now wife, and didn’t want to be held down by having to be in the gym everyday.

The other factor that I talk about is the ‘time for money trap’. I was, and you probably are now, selling your time for dollars, which means you can only see a certain amount of clients per day, and can only earn so much per day. Your success is capped.


So how did I go from stressing out then, to now being called “the million dollar personal trainer”?

Pretty simple…


The truth is though, I made a ton of mistakes along the way, and wasted a lot of money. Do I regret it… No. Its gotten me to where I am today, but it could have been a lot easier, cheaper and faster.

I learnt from multiple businesses, mentors, industries, books, seminars, courses – every piece of advice I could use, put to the test and grow my business. I took what was working in the whole business world, and brought it into the fitness industry.

The whole reason I wake up each day to show other trainers how to fast-track their own success is because I see so many other struggle, and even never get there. Ditching their passion because they aren’t making ends meet, or sick of the weekly fight of trying to get new clients and earn more.

When I see clients like Jack that adds on top an extra $150,000 per year to already what he was doing, or Bek that can literally quite being a face to face personal trainer and move overseas to follow her dream and build her online fitness business, this is literally life changing.


“How Do I Do It?”


This is what you should be asking yourself right now. And the fact is its exactly like the weight loss clients that both you and I have dealt with before. We can write up the best diet and training protocol, but if they don’t follow the plan, aren’t willing to invest the time and effort into themselves… they will never achieve what they want.


This is exactly the same for you…


You can have the exact steps to follow, the guides, advice, templates, training and know-how given by me… but if you don’t follow through, it wont happen.

Its not going to be a walk in the park – if you want to achieve big things, get ready to work for it. You want to double or triple your clients, you want to start a fitness business from scratch, you have to do the hustle.

But I do promise that if you follow the facts of what works when you want to build and achieve these things, the exact steps I want to give you… then it happens.

Why am I so cocky about saying this?


…It’s not being cocky, its just the confidence and knowing of what works. I do it myself with 3 companies, I’ve gone through the gutter and hard times, and now I see coaches and trainers around the world doing it 10x faster than what it took me, without the confusion that I battled with.


So now its up to you…


All over this site and every other site I have, I give tons of free information away. My best advice I give, and its because I know if you’re ready to step up, you can use it and get results.

You can click to facebook and procrastinate some more, or you can dive deeper, either choosing what you want to learn and use that’s here for you and doing it.

Looking forward to seeing what you choose…