The 7 Daily Rules For Fat Loss are the golden nuggets I’m giving you.


This one being a factor that if you take action on today, will start making better results straight away.


Get this under your belt and follow through with what I have, and you will be one of those people that are in shape all year round, no stress in thw world and just naturally going through the motions each day with a smile on your fat and a flat stomach.


It all comes down to this…


Eating Frequency & Meal Preparation



Many questions arise when coaching clients to better bodies.  After knowing what to eat, a very common question is; how often do I eat?


A big factor is this is dependant on the individual and what that person does throughout the day.  There is no one size fits all answer with this question and that’s why I find nutrition so compelling and see the need for personal coaching for optimum results.  You will gain the best results from following your own nutrition plan tailored to you.


To give a guideline to for people to start from, I believe that eating 4-6 meals or a better phrase by Charles Poliquin is ‘feedings’.  All your feedings need to be substantial, and supply your body with protein, fats and carbohydrates.


Your metabolism needs to be constant for it to be burning energy and specifically body fat efficiently.  By eating every 3-4 hours you keep your body from storing as many calories as fat because your body has a steady supply of food for energy.  There is also the thermogenic effect of your metabolism being raised from eating more frequently.  This means, that because your metabolism is raised it is burning off more energy constantly through the day.


From my personal finding working with so many clients approximately 25% of people are able to handle carbohydrates in the form of starches.  Therefore if you feel lethargic, bloated and depleted 30 or so minutes after eating a meal high in carbs, you are most likely apart of the 75% of the population that cannot handle carbs well.  Meals should be balanced with proteins, fats and carbohydrates also inclusive of fiber.  This will maintain a steady level of insulin.


Though don’t go over board with the concept.  Everything must be in moderation, and common sense.  Do not over eat, this does not give you a license to have the same portion sizes that you usually would 6 times a day.


Another advantage of eating every 3-4 hours is that you will not feel as hungry as you used to.  This will naturally help you choosing healthier snacks and foods, rather than raiding the panty to get what ever you can et your hands on.  Eating smaller amounts at a time will also help your digestion.  This will allow you to absorb the nutrients; vitamins and minerals form the food you are eating.


Start with:


  • Cook 1-2 days worth of meat ahead of time.
  • Have your food ready for the next day.
  • Eating 4-6 times a meal a day.
  • Always have breakfast!
  • Include protein, nutritious carbohydrates, and good fats in each meal.
  • Log your food with a food diary.   It will stop you guessing what you may have done a week ago, and have it ink if you have splurged or not.
  • Avoid crappy foods loaded with sugar, packaged foods, and processed foods such as muffins, chocolate bars and ‘treats’.


This is the one factor of the 7 Daily Rules that I take all successful body transformation clients through, that once you accept and start.  Will get you the body you want.


Don’t make an aexcuse, don’t even try.  I know you want to get in better shape, burn more fat and be confident in and out of clothes.


It’s why your reading this, and its what I’m going to help you achieve.


Decide right now that your going to take action on the steps above that I have given you.




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